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  1. FOMO got the best of us! I could hardly stand the thought of all of you having the exclusive BRAGGING RIGHTS of being on the first Caribbean Sailing in a year! So we are now Booked, Paid in Full, and airfare is ticketed - for this sail date. For the first time ever, we will be arriving "day of embarkation" which makes for a little anxiety, but the excitement factor is currently prevailing! #getmeonboard
  2. We are pretty flexible and can even wait to book on board if preferred.
  3. Thanks for sharing your journey. I just booked a 5-day Bermuda Cruise out of Baltimore on Grandeur in July! If you want to watch my LIVE SCOPES, FOLLOW ME @Rich_Triplett
  4. For those still curious, we completed our sailing after completion of the early May 216 "refurbishments"; I can now report that the refurbishments were primarily of a technical nature and had little to no effect on visible guest areas.
  5. Any update on a planned/preferred Chef's Table event? Should we reserve date on cruise planner in advance? or schedule once on board?
  6. We always bring two 6" USB fans for each side of the bed :-)
  7. Tammy and I would be interested in joining the Chef's Table Group ... pretty much any night - but indeed Italian in the MDR is one of our favs too. By the way, I wouldn't assume the Menus will be the same order as previous embarkations.
  8. Wow! I'm sorry to learn of the mishaps. Hopefully things will continue to improve. Nice to hear you won the $300 OBC offer - that's great! Kind of concerned since we will be boarding on Friday in Seward. I know what you mean about things listed in the Compass (i.e. drink mixology, sampling, etc.) I've attempted to go to a couple of those and the "mixology" sessions never seem to materialize. When you ask, there is always a lot of puzzled looks -- like "the cruise compass says what?" And I hate when I've planned my activities only to have them not be accurate.
  9. Always read the terms and conditions to be sure to fully understand exactly what (and what not) any insurance policy covers. Many travel policies only cover limited - definied - reasons for cancelling.
  10. I prefer to shop on land - where I can easily get back to the store to resolve any disputes in person. My cruise time is for imbibing spirits, gorging on food, and seeing the sights and relaxing occasionally :-)
  11. Does anyone know Uber's access ability for pick-ups at Port Everglades / Fort Lauderdale Port? I will be disembarking on Sunday and want to Uber to MIA.
  12. My wife always brings her own pillow. She puts it in a space bag and squishes the air out so it is pretty tight and compact. I don't mind the RCI pillows.
  13. Just rememebr ... Matt is a BIG SHIP guy, so of course he prefers NAVIGATOR :) . I like all the Radiance Class (including Brilliance) ... of course kids are not a consideration for us ... I go with a balcony on the aft.
  14. According to the Cruise Planner, looks like Radiance OTS will have VOOM installed by our May 27 2016 Alaska cruise! Great news for Periscope Peeps!
  15. I just looked at the Cruise Planner for our May 27 2016 Alaska cruise - it shows VOOM internet as available ... guess that means VOOM will be included in the "more to love" refurbishment! This makes me happy!
  16. We started cruising in January 2013 ... been on 20 cruises with Royal so far! Everyone has been an enjoyable experience.
  17. We've enjoyed over a dozen Chef Tables experiences on multiple class ship ... ALWAYS an enjoyable event in and of itself. Sometimes they "include" a gift like the Recipe Book or a Chef's Apron (although it's been more than a year since we received either), and they almost always include a galley tour.
  18. I live in NOVA and Baltimore is my closest port. We've enjoyed cruising on Lady G many times, but I would infidelity support more alternatives for cruising out of Baltimore. I especially like the idea of a Radiance Class sailing from Baltimore! But I agree with whats been said ... mainly the lack of available destinations for a 7-day cruise itinerary limits options. While many would not mind simply going out to sea, that plan probably would likely not fill ships consistently.
  19. I agree with the others: Each planned Periscope Broadcast should be posted as a single thread with a Title Format of "Ship Name - Sail Date" or similar (but standardized). I recently added my next planned scope under the existing thread, "periscope peeps" . One concern is that readers have to sort through and read all posts in the thread to find the various planned scopes. [btw, follow me on periscope @Rich_Triplett to watch my upcoming sailings]
  20. Found this post today from a passenger just getting off Radiance: Posted by: cassamanda On: April 6th, 2016 06:56 AM Just off Radiance. She will dry dock at Portland after her repo from Sydney to Vancouver. Standard 5 year maintenance checks plus renewing carpets, furniture, pool clean etc. no mention of upgrades, not to say they wont. Would be good if shower doors were fitted. No probs with JS as shower is over bath. Next cruise sales office has already been moved from deck 12 to deck 5 next to Cafe Lattitudes. Nice and bright but takes up some seating space and very noisy being close to Centrum activities. reference http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=49632755#post49632755
  21. Arrival and parking are a little different in Baltimore. Once you enter the port facility, they will direct you to drive to a luggage drop off station (be sure to have your pre-printed luggage tags or else they will direct you to an intermediate station to fill out tags), then you drive to the next station to pay for parking, then they direct you to wherever they are parking for your sailing (usually next to or in front of the terminal). You can not enter the terminal without setsail pass - so really you will have to meet your party in the parking lot or outside the main entrance. It's all actually very easy ... it's not a huge port.
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