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  1. Personally, some of the best crabcakes I've had recently came from a place known as Shannon's Pub .... it's on Route 40 (Baltimore National Pike) just west of Rt. 29 in Ellicott City.
  2. I've tried it.....not bad. It's also good on Corn on the Cob, Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken Wings, any type of Mixed Vegetables, in Beer, Potato Chips, Popcorn, French Fries, Stir Fry, just to name a few things.....oh, and on Cicada's since they're in season.
  3. Not when you know where to go..... I'm not a fan of the overly commercialized places like Phillips, it's the more traditional, smaller, "mom & pop" operations that have insanely good crabcakes.
  4. That's a cab ride over to Greenmount Cemetery --- not exactly in the best neighborhood.
  5. The entire Inner Harbor area is excellent for strolling and people watching. You might want to see who's playing at the Pier 6 Concert Pavilion.... last time we were downtown, we saw Boston.
  6. Ok --- this is very rudimentary, but I think it gets the job done..... ... From Left to right ..... The CY is Camden Yards.... The L is Light Rail .... The S is the Sheraton .... The IH is the Inner Harbor
  7. The light rail is right against Camden Yards on the east side of the stadium.
  8. Yes, it's literally between Camden Yards and the Inner Harbor area. Very easy to access both with "foot power". If you're flying in, it's probably a good 15 to 20 minutes from the airport (non-rush-hour). If you pull up a map, it's at the intersection of S. Charles & Conway Streets.
  9. Wow ---- I can hardly wait to hear what the future has in store for her ...... and for you Joe.. "Proud Poppa Moment"
  10. Please remove my October 27, 2022 sailing on Explorer and replaced it with August 28, 2022 on Explorer. Thanks, Mark
  11. Nope --- its' a Gang --- @Sharla approved it, that makes it so ......... But then, what about a Fleet?
  12. In regards to the eMuster ..... even for those ships that don't have the app, like Explorer and Grandeur, isn't it equipped so that you can watch the video's on the Stateroom TV's as an alternative?
  13. State of Flux ...... yep ..... People on Oasis (out of Florida) in November have things populated on the app ---- yet, those of us sailing on her out of Bayonne in September still get the "We're working on the fun" box ..... We can supposedly start the check in process next Monday (the 21st) --- we shall see.
  14. Very interesting .... thank you .... I like the Gift Card idea .... we're still in the process of using credits from canceled flights in 2020.
  15. Supposedly, the mayor of Bayonne says the port will be open in August ..... which works out well since the first sailing scheduled now is 9/5. With the latest post by Michael Bayley (that Matt just shared on the home page) --- I find very interesting he specifically mentioned Oasis immediately after the ones due to start back up over the next few weeks --- it tells me that getting something sailing out of the NYC area is a top priority ..... good. Crazy thing is that he didn't mention Baltimore at all for Enchantment.... that terminal IS open now. I guess it's a matter of prioritizing the crew and ships as they get back and get vaccinated.
  16. We're September 19th ---- certainly well within the 6 months. I'm curious if once we get past final payment date (June 21st), if that'll trigger any changes.
  17. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it .... nothing .... all joking aside, you may be right in them putting the plan together. I guess I'll keep trying. I will reach out to the group and ask that those with iphones to give it a try..... who knows.
  18. Very interesting that you were able to bring the sailing, I'm one of the "hopeful's" going on Oasis out of Bayonne in September, and I'm still getting the "We're working on the fun" screen. Of course, I have an Android which could be one of the issues.
  19. Welcome aboard this unique sailing that will be visiting BOTH Private Islands
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