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  1. Has anyone seen the same excursion at two different prices with two different languages? This is for a sailing on May 16 Copenhagn Adventure. I wonder if this is common or if it's a glitch...this is the excursion I want because getting a temporary visa on my own for one day is well over $300, and that's not worth it for one day in port. EDIT...Oops...the Spanish says no incluye almuerzo (no lunch)....kind of interesting not having lunch on a nine hour excursion....
  2. I subscribe to a few airfare alert services and know the approximate price I want to hit, and will book when I see it. I set it for airports near the cruise destination as well. For example, for a Baltic cruise next year from Copenhagen, I am looking at CPH, Amsterdam + train or EasyJet, Hamburg + train or Easy Jet...that kind of thing.
  3. I'm wondering if we are going to see off site terminals where the cruise lines bus passengers to the pier according to the assigned schedules. That might discourage the bunching up of people in one location...other than in busses...I think there is going to be a lot of micro management in the beginning.
  4. With all the speculating about what cruising will look like once it returns, I am wondering if Royal will enforce the "suggested" boarding time when things start up again. I see several YT channels making this assumption and wonder if anyone on this forum thinks our ability to board as early as possible will start to be enforced.
  5. I hope this thread gets closed down soon. It's lost it's usefulness.
  6. Three posts all within an 11 minute period...interesting...some posters seem to hold a company going through the most traumatic period in its history to an impossible standard based on the Refunds thread. I hope that person gets their money and finds happiness where they seek it.
  7. If cruising isn't going to happen by July, I worry about the cash situation with these companies, and whether they are going to start thinking Chapter 11...bookings may be safe, but if you have stock...that's another issue. The Motley Fool article on the blog is red flag like.
  8. You see it from time to time on some ships, and it is very good. I saw it on embarkation day in the Windjammer on Brilliance and in the Windjammer a couple times on Allure.
  9. My first take upon seeing this post first thing today was..."that's a no from me" Seeing all of the comments about it, lead me to more of a thought that there is no way to protect ourselves adequately from any germ short of doing the most common sense thing...and that is wash hands regularly and thoroughly. The Spanish flu eventually went away, and this one will too. We can all be personally responsible for our own hygiene knowing we can't be 100% safe from anything, anywhere, ever. Personally, I worry about obsessive focusing on sterilization and sanitation to the detriment of
  10. I would say that we are biased because we have had great experiences and know that the risk of getting sick on a cruise is greatly lower than on land... I love Billy's article at Cruise Habit about this: https://www.cruisehabit.com/one-step-you-can-take-avoid-norovirus-take-cruise
  11. Really good point, but I had to see what she was saying so I could voice disagreement on Twitter.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see Royal do something similar, but Carnival just announced cancellation of all sailings of North American itineraries through June 26.
  13. I don't wish to have a debate about opinions when there are deleterious and passive aggressive judgments in them even when I respect yours, however, from my view, I see a disproportionate response, and I ask you to respect the opinions of others.
  14. in light of this situation perpetuating itself, I hope all of us google those in our respective governments on all levels and send messages asking for the lockdowns to be ceased.
  15. Judging by the effect on stock prices today, Wall Street doesn't seem concerned...RCL is priced about as high as it has been since all this started...my take is to remain calm and hopeful people will stop taking the CDC so seriously given how much their modeling has been off.
  16. I completely agree with this...to me, it is unconscionable that the South American cruise ports that affected the Zaandam, Rotterdam and Coral Princess and the plight that the people on those ships were put through only to pawn it off on the big ports in the US is completely ridiculous. I think this needs to have extensive maritime law review, and the governments in the disembarkation ports held strictly accountable for the buck they passed to others.
  17. I've seen a couple YouTube videos about this, but searches on the CDC site don't bring anything up that is this draconian. It seems very poorly thought out if this policy is the case. Has anyone seen the actual policy? Once the situation settles, and cruising starts, I don't see this policy prevailing especially once it hits the courts and there are temporary holds placed on the policy. This thing spreads in hospitals...what are they going to do with people who exit those buildings. Cruising is getting a really bad rap through this and is being made a scapegoat.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a movement to mandate HEPA filters on cruise ships despite the statistics that show that the transmission of viruses and diseases is much more likely on land. The bottom line is if you act like an idiot and expose yourself, not wash your hands and take measures anywhere, you'll get sick.
  19. @Scrumps Thanks for posting that. I just started the process on a cruise that just cancelled.
  20. Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer is one of my favorite books telling the story that included Beck Weathers and everyone else who was on the mountain that year -- back when I was fit enough for some hiking/mountaineering...there are LOTS of videos on YouTube documenting it, and when there's time to kill while we are stuck at home, it's a nice break from watching PTZTV of Port Miami and Port Everglades. I hang on every word Beck Weathers utters when he is interviewed. He is a good man.
  21. It's a catch 22, and I wish the CG would make a recommendation to send ships to Jacksonville, Charleston or elsewhere up the coast where the population density isn't as high. I am certain those HAL ships are small enough to fit in those harbors. I think the HAL ships are flagged in the Netherlands, and I would think the closest port that would even consider them would be Sint Maarten, which I bet couldn't handle a lot of critical patients.
  22. While I think pricing is close to bottom now (it is certainly higher than where it landed a couple weeks ago), I made a purchase a couple days ago and will resist watching it every day...it is a long term consideration for me, and I do want to test the stock holder benefit on a sailing or two...the $100 credit seems nice, but is worthless if you end up selling for a loss. I also picked up some Carnival, because that stock is really hurting right now, and I think they have such brand diversity that they will end up recovering eventually.
  23. I follow a vlogger who has been in contact with crew on board Oasis...I thought I would share the latest video featuring the captain's announcement regarding that and some other things...I am keeping the crew in my prayers...
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