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  1. I have reached out to RC via phone and emai on this subject and I am still confused. I cruise on HOTS on October 30th for a 7 night cruise. I have an eight year old who is not vaccinated (please do not judge). Can I have her take an at home test kit for COVID and simply take a picture of the result and show that at time of boarding? Or does it need to be through a physician? I have not received an email back yet and I asked a while ago and the lady I spoke to did not sound like she knew the answer. I just want to make sure I have her take the correct test and have the correct test results for boarding. I did look this up on RC FAQ's and it's confusing. Anyone sail with kids recently that had to take a test 3 days before boarding? What did you do?
  2. I have an upcoming cruise on October 30th on Harmony and I have not been on a cruise in about 15 years. I will be going with my parents and 8 year old daughter. Since it has been so long, I like to do a lot of research on everything. Where can I find video's to scroll through to see which ones would be helpful to me? Are there any here or do I have to go on you tube? They can be on anything, the ship, cruising with kids, travel to and from hotel/port, activites, islands, etc. TIA
  3. So we need to register our kiddo at AO when we first board right? But then we can drop off and pick up whenever? Do not need scheduled times? Going on Harmony on October and also cannot find any info on AO for this yet.
  4. I am cruising in October 2022 on Harmony of the seas. I have read some blogs about kids and testing and how that works but I also read about the 90% required. Does this mean that if I get to the terminal and they are already at 10% unvaxxed that my child can be turned away and not be allowed to board? Is this common? Also, is there vaccination reuirements for St Kitts that anyone is aware of for kids? Any information or tips about traveling with kids is also welcome. FYI, my daughter is 8. I have been on RCCL before but not in over 10 years. Thanks in advance
  5. I am sailing on Harmony of the Seas in October 2022. I am flying into Orlando. What is the best way to get from the airport to Port Canaveral? Taxi, Uber, Other??
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