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  1. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about Wonder of the Seas naming ceremony? I am assuming that since Beyond just had their ceremony, something will be announced soon about Wonder's. Has anyone been on a naming ceremony cruise before? What are some of the things that they do on it other than the official cracking of the bottle on the hull?
  2. There is a chance that Ovation is is being chartered the week of July 12th and as such public bookings aren't available.
  3. Thank you very much @Neesaand @KristiZ! @NeesaI agree completely about the Chops Holiday menu. On Cruise Planner the sample Holiday menu looked the exact same if not less options than the regular menu. Guests are being charged the $99 pp for the bottle of champagne. At least the Giovanni's sample Holiday menu had some new options just for the Holiday meal. I still don't plan on spending $95 pp for it though.
  4. Hello, my husband and I are regular cruisers, but we booked our first holiday cruise on the Serenade (December 24-31). We booked the Unlimited Dining Package as we normally do but I have some questions about specialty dining on December 24 & 25 as I know those are the Holiday meals. Are we able to dine in Chops and Giovanni's those nights but get the regular meal without the champagne or in order to dine in the specialty restaurants those nights will we have to pay the holiday meal prices ($99 & $95) on top of what we paid for the UDP? When we purchased the UDP months ago, the courtesy dinner reservation was made for Day 1 (December 24th). Fine print on cruise planner says: · Not valid for premium experiences including: Wine Pairing Dinners, Taste of Royal, and Mystery Dinner Theater. · Holiday Celebration Dinners are not included with this package. Looking on Cruise Planner, the Chops Holiday menu looks to be the same as the regular menu, while Giovanni’s does appear to have some different options on the Holiday menu. On another note, for sailings that start on December 24th, how does the Diamond Plus BOGO work if you can’t dine in specialty dining and BOGO is only for specialty dining on Day 1 and 2?
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