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  1. We used Cruise Control Shuttle Service. Inbound & outbound. A seamless process overall. I'm so glad we didn't dick around with driving ourselves or trying to find an Uber. They upgraded us to a Suburban on the first leg at no additional cost. But both vehicles were clean and comfortable. Will use again.
  2. We cruised out of Port Canaveral in early August & disembarked on a Friday morning. We had an 11:00 am flight and a private shuttle to the airport (which I highly recommend). It was nice to get off the ship and just not deal with traffic at 7:00am. We checked bags, have pre-check & made our Delta flight without any problems. We probably could have made a 10:00 am flight if we didn't have to check bags.
  3. Just off the Indy yesterday. Double wall cups are readily available.
  4. Was on Explorer May 8 for 6 nights. Experienced delayed boarding....but learned that was actually due to reduced staffing at the port, not the ship's fault. Having read the reviews, we did not elect MTD, and experienced absolutely no issues with respect to late night seating in the main dining room. Most crowded night was, of course, lobster night, but that was it. Also spent a lot of time in the bar/lounge areas (no judgment please) and became friendly with the bar staff (no surprise - - I'm a bartender myself). Yes, they were out of a lot of liquor, but the dedicated staff would go "borrow" from other bars as they could. Supply chain problem for sure (just look at the dining menu). My restaurant suffers from it too. As far as staffing, well I can't comment on the underlying issue, but I did see virtually every staff member work exceedingly hard and most definitely dedicating themselves to the guests - night & day. There were several times I just wanted to jump in and help. Happy to see the guest count up, but if you're living in the real world, the expectation needs to drop a notch or two, or the patience level needs to increase a notch or two. We'll get there again...just takes time.
  5. The app is super helpful no doubt. Love the communication feature when onboard (though it doesn't always work). But I'm old school, and have a nightly ritual of reading the next day Compass before I turn out the lights, however late that may be. And yes, I'm the one that brings a highlighter...mostly because I can't remember (or see) like I used to.
  6. I'm on the May 8th Explorer and promise to post all the publications from my cruise. So helpful, even if it's not the same ship - - there's much to be gleaned from the general patterns of food, beverage & entertainment operations. Thanks to everyone who submitted previous Cruise Compass docs!
  7. Dogs know....they always know. It's like the umbilical cord is about to be cut....
  8. I will be on this cruise w/my sister. This will be a 3rd punt attempt from May 2020. It will be so good to be back in the Caribbean again. 11 days & counting !
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