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  1. Anyone else having trouble booking thru the website this morning, or is it just on my end? eric
  2. I guess I dodged a bullet. I was booked on this sailing but had to cancel earlier last week. Eric Reeves
  3. The “sale” price is the normal price. eric reeves
  4. The “sale” price for anything, anywhere, has to be >= the cost + labor + reasonable profit. If it is not, said business will not be around very long. This goes for a sale at Walmart, Home Depot, Carnival, cruise line, or Royal Caribbean.
  5. The number shown for points only shows slot play, it doesn’t include the tables. eric reeves
  6. Thanks for the reply. I’ve never been to that area and wasn’t sure about traffic on a Saturday. Eric
  7. Doing my 1st Bermuda cruise Labor Day weekend. I’m wondering how long it’s typically takes to get from BWI to the cruise terminal. eric reeves
  8. I have done option 2 and enjoyed it more than any other cruise I’ve been on. I’m dying to do option 1 next with the ABC islands. I suspect you’ll enjoy both equally well. So, all things being equal, pick the less expensive one. The airfare to San Juan can be pricey. Eric Reeves
  9. I paid $39 before the 18 % gratuity about a year and half to two years ago on Liberty. It’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it and I doubt it will ever be that price again. eric reeves
  10. I stayed in one on Liberty once that was a last minute booking for a guaranteed inside cabin. It was more than double the size of the regular inside cabin. I’m not sure on harmony, you need to check. It had plenty of room for four people: a large bed, sofa bed, 2 bunk beds, a walk in closer, lots of drawer space. I’m sure it’s similar on harmony, but I would their website for square ft. On sq ft. Eric reeves
  11. My mistake guys. I was looking at the New Years sailing for adventure next year along with the other 7 night Galveston sailings. Right below it was the Bahamas sailings. So I guess I transposed the ships. Eric Reeves
  12. Just saw this for Adventure out of Galveston. There are 4 Bahamas dates for June and July listed, including stops in key west. eric reeves
  13. Can’t wait. I like the the voyager class ships. It will definitely make the 4 and 5 night Mexico cruises more appealing from galveston. eric reeves
  14. I was on liberty 2 weeks ago. The captain brought the ship back early to beat the fog. We arrived back at Galveston about 11 pm Saturday night. The only thing that changed was the casino closed about 10:30 the last night. eric reeves
  15. What a great couple of videos. It's always great to see someone living their ideal life. eric reeves
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