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  1. Highly advise spending at least two days in town That's what I thought too. I will be in New Orleans Nov 24th and I'm spending a day down in the quarter and I'm also going to take the trolley up St Charles, enjoying the beautiful homes and getting off at the Garden District, where I am going to walk down to The Commander's Palace for lunch. I've been there twice before and consider that the ultimate in "specialty dining"; a must-do.
  2. I will be on The Radiance of the Seas starting Nov 26. My hotel is on the trolley line. Because I am coming to New Orleans on Amtrak, I will not have a car. I WAS going to Uber from my hotel on St Charles to the port but are you saying that I could just hop on the trolley from my hotel and end up at the port? .
  3. Hey folks, I'm so excited! I have just booked a cruise leaving out of New Orleans on November 26th. I cashed in some Amtrak points that I have and will take the train from Birmingham to New Orleans in a private room FOR FREE. Then, when I arrive, I will be checking in to a very nice Best Western, also for FREE. (I cashed in points with them too). The next day will be spent in the French Quarter. I do want to take the trolley up St Charles and get off at the Garden District where I plan to walk down to The Commander's Palace for lunch. I've been there before and going there is a trip in and of itself! Then, I will embark on Saturday, the 26th. POINT OF THIS POST: If you are reading this and you have been to Cozumel, which would you recommend as far as an excursion: the "selfie" tour of Cozumel or the Reef explorer semi-sub? Or neither? And, for Costa Maya, I was wanting to visit the ruins but I fail to see HOW to book it. Any help would be appreciated. If you are going to be on that cruise too, It would be my great honor to meet you and yours while onboard. Thanks, Al
  4. Thanks, SpeedNoodles!! I appreciate the link and have looked at it. Thanks for replying
  5. Hey folks, I've just found this blog and joined and was just wondering if Royal Carribean offers cabins for one, at a price FOR JUST ONE? I enjoy Matt's videos and if he's covered this already, I apologize for overlooking it. Thanks, Al
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