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  1. Looks like there’s another cruise planner “sale” starting tomorrow, however, looking at the first sentence in the fine print, the offer is only for new bookings made during the same sail window. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Promotions/Snapshot_of_CruisePlanner_Offers.pdf
  2. Thanks for this. Realistically I don’t expect the speed to be great, especially when you consider how many other people are sharing the same Wi-Fi connection. I’ve read the Wi-Fi on symphony is pretty good so I guess we’ll see. I just wanted to see if using FaceTime was possible with just surf. Hopefully the kids won’t want to talk too long lol
  3. Thank you. I'm only getting the internet package so we can facetime the kids. I have no plans of streaming or doing much surfing.
  4. Hello. Taking my first RC cruise in a couple of weeks on Symphony. Has anyone had any experience with the Voom Surf package and using Facetime? Just wondering if it's absolutely necessary for me to pay extra for "Stream" just to use this function on my iPhone. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Jon and this will actually be my very first RCL cruise. I have been on two cruises previously, one as a teenager and another in 2010. Both were on Carnival. My girlfriend has never cruised. I was originally scheduled to do this cruise back in 2020 but we all know what happened. I just wanted to get this roll call started and introduce myself. I look forward to seeing everyone onboard!
  6. Hello! First time RCL cruiser. If I have the unlimited dining package, can I make reservations on the app once I'm onboard?
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