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  1. Awesome! I will keep checking the link. I appreciate all the great information.
  2. We booked with BOGO plus 25% of guest #3 & #4, reduced deposit, and $300 OBC. It cost us $186 more than the 30% off but we came out better due to the OBC. We haven't cruised for several years and this is the first OBC that we have ever had.
  3. So if I read this right - as long as Hubby & I are in all the photos along with daughter, son-n-law & 4 grands then I can pre-order when available?
  4. Do you know if MOS has photo packages that can be pre-purchased? There will be 8 of us going for our 40th wedding anniversary and would like some family photos and it would be great if I could prepay and have that out of the way before we sail. Thanks in advance.
  5. You are probably right on that. My two oldest Grandsons (20 & 18) won't care if they can't have big slides anyway. But my two Granddaughters (10 & 8) will be excited.
  6. My son-n-law called RCI checking something on our sailing. He told them that we were disappointed in not having the waterslides and DreamWorks for the kids. They told him that the waterslides will be there but not DreamWorks. I just now pulled up RCI MOS on the website and sure enough - there are pictures of the waterslides and next to the picture is says "NEW Splashaway Bay Aqua Park." I'm not going to tell the Grands about this just in case they aren't there. I hope they are and let them be total surprised.
  7. Do the free-style machines have just plain (un-bottled) water? The Coke free-style machines here at home have it. My 8 YO granddaughter usually only drinks water. There is no way she will drink even an entire bottle of water in one sitting.
  8. If we are told no then we will just make do. Who knows, maybe will be get lucky or maybe I will have the two little ones (8 & 10) ask with those puppy dog eyes! :P
  9. We will ask our cabin steward if they can be opened up. I really hope we can but it won't stop up from having an awesome time. I love the blog - very informative! Thanks!
  10. We have booked 3 Jr Suites (1080, 1082, & 1084). Can they take down the dividers be removed so that we all can be together on the balcony? Hubby & I had a balcony before; however, this is the first time bring the rest of the family.
  11. We are currently booked on the Majesty for August 1st; however, we are having to change to July 18th sailing due to son-n-law's job (he just got a promotion and they have him traveling then). We were thinking of getting Jr Suites instead of the large oceanview cabins. When my son-n-law called RCI, they said only 3 to a cabin. I wonder why as it is suppose to be bigger.... Is the price difference worth it from the large oceanview?
  12. I was going to ask about the bottled water also. My 7 year old Granddaughter only drinks water and the occasional sweet tea. There is no way she can drink that much water to get her monies worth so I guess we will just pay as we go for her. I'm tempted to bring a small package of 8-oz waters in her carry on.
  13. It is like Dramamine but I like it better. It is Bonnie. I get it at Walgreens. You chew it up so you don't need water.
  14. I get motion sick somewhat so I just take a "Bonnie" brand of motion sickness medicine at bedtime. Only take it once a day and it lasts 24 hours. It makes me a little sleepy so taking it at bedtime is not an issue. I usually take one the night before I cruise so that I have it in my system. Using this method, I have never gotten motion sick and was able to enjoy every minute of my cruising vacations.
  15. This is awesome information! This will help in planning our trip.
  16. Thanks for this information. I'm sure it will come in handy for us. We are considering an Alaska cruise in 2017. Did you see any of the Northern Lights while there?
  17. Yes, it is a private island. We have been there twice and love it. Food and drinks are available. They hadn't started the (adult) drink package yet when we were there but I would think it would work the same as on the ship.
  18. I just read on a Cruise Critic message board that the Majesty of the Seas will not be getting the water slides and DreamWorks Experience. I am so disappointed as we are booked for August 1st and taking our 8 & 10 years old granddaughters and they were so excited to have those features. Why did they elect to leave those off of the upgrades?
  19. We booked thru a travel agent with the BOGO but now they have added on board credit. We called our travel agent and she got the on board credit added and we kept our same rooms.
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