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  1. Exactly, every ship I've been on, both Brand X and Royal, has both. It's just a matter of how many of each. NO TRAVEL IRONS ALLOWED.
  2. Now, this is the way to handle an issue.
  3. If protocols work(ed) so well, why don't the work so well?
  4. I read an article, don't remember if it was in the actual CDC website or written by a CDC official. But, as far as MOST Caribbean Countries are concerned, that countries don't have a CDC type department that is capable of it's own research and public safety decisions. So, the mirror what the U.S. CDC does/says/declares. So, I wouldn't think it is going to be long before the majority of the smaller Caribbean countries start changing their protocols to mirror ours. Especially if enough of the Cruise Lines threaten them with going elsewhere if they don't change. Many Caribbean Countries, their economy is totally dependent on tourism of which cruses are a major part of. So, stay tuned and watch as the dominos start to fall.
  5. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/07/18/cdc-ends-covid-19-program-cruise-ships BTW, I know this is brand new. But, I just looked into Royal's FAQ and nothing has changed. You'd think that they would be ready to go with this kind of change and just tap a computer button and there it is, their new policy/protocol that was probably written up days, weeks, months ago.
  6. The cruise lines will have to come up with their own protocols. We'll see!
  7. Got to Facebook, which I don't visit anymore, and type in John Heald. He is, or at least was the Brand Ambassador or Brand X Cruise Lines. I think he does a great job for Brand X but, Brand X shoot themselves in the foot, way to often. But, that's a whole different thing.
  8. Yep, we've been on 2 Quantum class ships, that's about as small as I want to go. Oasis Class is always my goal/desire.
  9. Our next booked cruise is on the Harmony in Jan 2024. Oh Oh, my wife is looking for something sooner. I feel extreme happiness coming on.
  10. When I was in Barefoot Beach people were climbing over the rock/concrete wall to get in. The good news, the employees were very responsive and escorted those individuals out of the exclusive beach. Man the people that got caught weren't happy at all. A few of the authorized guests within Barefoot Beach were applauding the employees actions, me included.
  11. Really! I haven't heard of that. Thanks for the most valuable info. Any suggestions for an alternative?
  12. Okay okay okay, I found it. As stated earlier, I use duckduckgo as my browser through Chrome. Well, I just went into chrome without using duckduckgo, I put in the address bar "chrome.com", typed in royalcaribbean.com then drop down and "desktop site", and what do you know, the real desktop mode with logout capabilities. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR EFFORTS!
  13. This is not a wise guy comment and I do appreciate your attempt. I just want it known that in Desk Top mode or Mobile mode, there is nothing there. My name, nothing shows up on the top right where you would expect it to be. In fact, there is less there in Desk Top mode than Mobile mode, there isn't even shown the "MESSAGE BOARD" banner at the top. I am perplexed.
  14. Ya, on one cruise I was walking through the Promenade and saw a guy that I almost dropped to the floor laughing so hard at. It turned out the crew was moving huge mirrors around. Can you imagine how sorry I felt for that guy?
  15. Just looked at their availability map and it doesn't make sense to me. I guess it does if the intent is for the rural areas to get it first. But, there are a lot of major metropolitan areas that don't have service, yet. I would think that at start-up they would concentrate where the masses and money is to help pay for the expansion. But, my name isn't Musk.
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