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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions. Pls understand that I had done research before booking, having checked out some of the same sources cited. Just saying that most, if not all, my gripes wouldn't have been that much of an issue had things been handled differently. - If there had been more - any - RC personnel at the pier. - Like concert/show venues where there are seats, obstructed view seats, and partially obstructed view seats if this stateroom had been marked as such then it would have been my choice. Yes, there are many resources out there. There is a whole business of resources for cruising. And yes, some of the things I mentioned may be commonplace. But that doesn't make it right. Nor should I/the sailing public in general feel that I/we couldn't expect better.
  2. Yes, saw scenery like that before I booked. And like I said, not an issue on sea days aside from not much natural light. But here's an example of our view on the days that we felt it really mattered.
  3. Thank you all for your responses. Have been on a handful of cruises compared to the experience/number of those that have replied. But my other previous cruises had gone much better. Maybe just lucky. But having spent a fair amount of my professional career in management, customer service, and hospitality I still feel there legitimate issues. - I had done much research before booking the stateroom, online and thru travel agents and other sources. Purposely did not book the lowest class of cabin. Picked what we though would have been a good location. And not classified as an obstructed view. Guess the definition of obstructed view is subjective. Maybe just an expensive lesson to learn. But definitely adversely affected our Alaska cruise experience. - Not blaming the madhouse at the post only on RC. But fully believe it could have been handled better - regardless of people showing whenever they feel. Airlines have agents that patrol the terminal to assist/direct passengers. The situation could have vastly been improved if there was signage and RC personnel present. - Was not looking for a handout when told guest services that our sailing was for our anniversary. It was mentioned in context that this was a special cruise for us, that we didn't want it lessened. Understanding they can't just manifest a room out of thin air to change us to I wanted to just register that there were issues. BTW, in my time in hospitality not recognizing a special occasion - no matter the gesture - was a wasted opportunity. And I don't mean a wasted opportunity to just sell an upgrade. - Maybe I didn't understand the compensation they offered. I heard 20% off the base rate of a future cruise. What I received was an email stating that compensation was $336 ($168/person). And it had to be used within a year. Just on this cruise I was able to get more of a savings than that just by doing research. Maybe the things I experienced are not uncommon. But that doesn't make them right. Maybe I just expected more/better or that I've just been luckier with my previous cruise experiences.
  4. Apologies in advance for the long narrative (inhaling deep breathe). It started right at embarkation. Arrived just before my designated time assigned by RC. The pier was complete bedlam. People and cars all over the place. No signage or personnel to help or direct cruisers where to go, where to drop luggage... This pier was not only for RC but several other lines as well. It looked like there were people and luggage willy-nilly all over the place. Finally approached one of the baggage handlers - believe he worked for the pier, not RC - asking where should luggage go. He basically stated to drop it anywhere on the side of the pier we were at. No warm fuzzy feeling there. Not feeling safe about that or secure that the bags would make it we lugged our bags around with us. Now had to figure out where to go as no clear signage nor was there a single RC personnel to direct people. So you know those ridiculous lines at Disney that just snake back and forth? Well starting at the terminal building visually followed the line that snaked 4 times basically about 3/4 the length of the Ovation of the Seas itself and asking several people if they 'were the end of the line' to find where to queue. After about 2 hours and snaking back and forth finally saw an RC personnel. She said that it had basically been like that all day, that the RC assigned embarkation time window 'meant nothing', and had no explanation (or apology) regarding the lack of signal or personnel, or the chaos. Frankly she looked as haggard as she sounded so didn't press her. But when flights are delayed some airlines have trotted out snacks and/or water to try to make the waiting more accommodating. Luckily I had a water bottle. But there was much grumbling from people that didn't. After almost 3 hours - yes, that is correct - was aboard and very much looking forward to getting to our stateroom and sitting down. When booking our stateroom 2 main factors were that it had to be a balcony and an unobstructed view, especially sailing to Alaska. Upon entering 13600 there was a balcony but the stateroom was tucked into - we called it the armpit - of the deck overhanging above. So much so that the view was only straight ahead and the balcony and room didn't get much natural light. Reported this and our embarkation experience right away to guest services. Was informed nothing they could - or would - do. While at guest services I also informed them (and had done so also ahead of time when booking with RC directly) that we were sailing for our anniversary. They happily tried to sell me additional packages. But when i declined I was told to let the wait staff know at dinner and they could maybe bring us some dessert. But isn't dessert ALREADY included? In light of this being for our anniversary tried to make the best of the situation. But found out later that the lack of natural light was a bummer and definitely not conducive to making use of the balcony. And though there was not a life boat blocking the view you could not see anything above the horizon. Maybe OK if was the Caribbean or while at sea only. But when cruising Alaska where the scenery to quite straight up, especially in the fjords or when closer to land, this is an obstructed view. If the scenery was, say, 100 stories high we could only view the 1st story, ground level. We felt we missed out on quite a bit, had to go up top to really see anything (and get more sunlight), and didn't get the full enjoyment of the balcony stateroom. And by extension, a big aspect of the cruise itself. Brought all this up with RC's customer service when got back. Was told they would have to look into it then get back to me. After no response I had to follow up. Was told they could offer me a 10% off the base rate on a future sailing. I stated that I did not want to discuss further business until this present business was dealt with so asked that the matter be escalated. After not hearing again I, again, had to follow up. Was offered 20% off a future cruise. I again stated about no future business vs. dealing with the present business. And all the rep would do was keep repeating that I could either take the 10% off or the 20% off. After her literally saying this about 5 times or more I had to ask her to stop saying that because (1) of course, anyone would choose the 20% off but that (2) I felt very insulted that this was put that way and the way she was/kept saying it. So as I cannot seem to find satisfaction - or even a sympathetic ear - I feel I have to go corporate (exhaling again finally).
  5. Thx for the welcome, SPS. I did address my complaint while on board. But was told nothing they could do about it. Hey smokeybandit (I got one - a 1980 turbo Pontiac Trans Am). Calm now typing here. Was 'less' calm having to make multiple phone calls following up when I was told I would be contacted but never was. And after exhausting the usual means first I find that I do have to escalate this to corporate, if able. Not only not satisfied with what they called an offer but insulted by the way I was spoke to. Definitely wasn't so calm then.
  6. Thank you for the speedy reply. Saw that on a cruisecritic thread as well. Believe the current CEO is Jason Liberty. Was going to try [email protected] Funny that on that same cruisecritic thread someone else was also looking to contact corporate because they didn't like the way they were talked to using the usual channels first.
  7. Hi. New to the group. Could use your assistance. Already cruised but had complaints. Went through RC customer service then their post cruise department. Did not find their resolution satisfactory. Also did not appreciate the way I was handled. Would like to take this further. The post cruise department stated that there no 'further' as their department was the final decision. Would like to contact corporate. Google search showed (305) 539-6000 in Miami. But the auto answer system doesn't allow live contact. Could really use any assistance or direction in taking this further. Much appreciation in advance. Thank you. Allen
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