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  1. Hi, can anyone advise where in Civitevechia, i can find the departure point for Odyssey of the Seas. Is there a Terminal or Gate to where I can tell my Taxi driver. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply and confirmation, yes it is as per example. Looking forward to getting onboard.
  3. Hi just a quick follow on question. I have visited pharmacy's in Rome and the Testing certificate states Immunoassay as the type of test. It does not state Antigen though the pharmacy insist that it is. Does anyone know if this is acceptable to the cruise line. Thanks again
  4. Thank you all for your informative replies. Does anyone know if there is an Iron room available on the Odyssey of the seas? I've heard from a friend tbat some ships provide such facilities. Thanks.
  5. Thank you all for your informative replies.
  6. Hello. I am travelling on the Odyssey of the seas in a few weeks time. Does anyone know if a Travel Iron is allowed. Also what sort of electric sockets are on the ships? Are they all US type or European type? Thank you for any replies. Regards Dude
  7. Hi all, Thank you so much for your replies and useful info. I'm feeling a lot less stressed now than before.
  8. Thank you for that Patty. Are the Antigen tests the same as what are generally referred to as LFT? I'm in the UK so terminology tends to differ and also why I'm unable to get the eMed kit. Thanks
  9. Hi all. Does anyone know where in Rome I can get a supervised PCR test with an English certificate? I am departing from Civitevechia and intend to spend a few days in Rome prior to embarkation. Havent found any facilities through searches as yet. Any help much appreciated, Thanks in advance. Dude.
  10. @SunnyDays Glad to hear you had a pleasant time. where did you get your PCR test? I will need to do a PCR in Rome for embarkation. much appreciate any advice you can offer, many thanks.
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