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  1. For the Voom question, each Diamond Plus person is eligible for 2 free nights worth of discount off the voom package when purchased onboard. Typically that is ~$52-$54 per person off the full voyage plan, as long as you each get single device plans. if you get two device plan, you will only get one $$ discount. For me, I always wait until at least morning of Day 2 for the internet, because I don't like paying full price on embarkation day. I am pretty sure there is no diamond plus discount for the UDP/Voom combo while onboard. You just get the 30% off UDP per person, and the separate Voom discount mentioned above.
  2. I agree its a trivial effort, but my issue has more to do with need to give my personal medical information to a foreign government. I did it, because i wanted to go to Alaska, but I was not happy to do so. I will be happy when they drop it, and I will not be going back to Canada until they do.
  3. Calls grow to ditch ArriveCan app now that COVID-19 travel mandates ending | Calgary Sun This would be nice. The system seems pointless at this point seeing Canada is dropping vaccination mandate for domestic and international travel (for Canadians). Hopefully this comes just in time for the Alaska trips and fall east coast trips.
  4. We used the Diamond Plus free Wash/fold on our last Radiance cruise in May. We asked the room steward for a wash/fold laundry bag, and he provided us with the plastic version mentioned above, and the wash/fold form (also above, not ala carte pricing form). I would estimate that the plastic bag is about 5-7 gallon bag. Royal returned the clothes in the paper bag. I think the plastic bag is frequently (always?) hanging in the closet, so as long as you are using the wash/fold form, I would have no problem using that bag as well.
  5. For 14 days, I would typically pack this standard attire plan (including sleepwear and bathing suit). I plan to wear things like jeans and sweatshirts multiple days, but plan for clean underwear, socks and shirts every day. Anything that can get wet, I make sure I have additional items to allow time for wet to dry. I would also plan for a couple pairs of shoes/sneakers/boots. As for ship laundry, we do use the wash and fold service for underwear, socks, shirts, shorts (maybe jeans). It costs $35 per bag (discounted or free for Diamond/Diamond +). Not sure of the cost for other laundering services. Your other option is laundry off ship after 7 nights. If this ship goes to Seward, the laundromat is about 1.5 miles from the ship and there is free shuttle service. Call it a shore excursion .
  6. I suppose that is true with the 'Always included' booking option. As I look at the booking options, there is a cruise only booking option where the Elite tier benefits might be of value. The premium drink package is more extensive on Celebrity, but it seems more comparable with the Royal drink options. 11_24_Beverag-Flyer-Branding-update.indd (celebritycruises.com)
  7. Yes, you can drink at Playmakers, but the food is not complimentary.
  8. When we did our crossing from Seattle into Vancouver, the border agent did not ask to see any ArriveCan information. My mother attempted to show the agent, and was told 'I already have that'. The real question around the ArriveCan is if people do not have it, what will the agent do at this point?
  9. As a beach alternative. Last time we were there, we went to Warwick Long Bay beach. It's a very nice beach similar to Horseshoe Bay, but it was not nearly as crowded. Further, there are paths/trails that we walk back toward Horseshoe Bay and saw the other smaller beaches on the way, which was fun also. My recollection was the walk was about a mile beach to beach and while uneven paths, it was not bad at all and I'd definitely do it again. We also took the boat/ferry from Cruise port dock to St George on other side of island. The boat ride can be rough, and there are instances where the ocean conditions cause them to cancel ferries. We took the town bus back to the port. In fact, the town bus is very easy to use for transportation around the island and you can get an unlimited pass.
  10. We have a suite on Oasis in August. As this will be a first time for us, we are planning to go to CK as much as possible to try it out. As always, we will preview the menu and go on nights that interest us. MDR will be there next time.....
  11. We were on Symphony back in March while at CocoCay with Independence. While at the floating bar, the bartenders also just asked for cabin number. There was nothing preventing a person from picking a random cabin from either ship. If the cruise line is not going to require the card every time, then they should have given you the benefit of the doubt from the very beginning. It's surprising and disappointing that guest services would not make it right, because they typically do.
  12. Depending on when you get to Seward, you might want to consider one of the Kenai Fjord boat tours. We did one after our northbound to Seward couple weeks ago and it was well worth it. They generally leave between 10a-12noon, so it might not fit into your timing before all aboard, but if you can do it, I recommend it.
  13. Here is a link I found for the Celebrity benefits. https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a54eb4aa#/a54eb4aa/1 I'd say they are comparable to the old Diamond/Diamond Plus benefit for RCL. The drinks are unlimited for 'happy hour' from 5-7pm.
  14. The announcement is perplexing, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Keep in mind that many places have 'no refund' policies, but do give store credit. it just means you cannot get the money back. It would be interesting to know the reasoning behind the change. Maybe it is related to the fact that they dropped expiration on FCC and want to limit them going forward. I would like to see royal Caribbean, go back to showing the refundable pricing option on their website. I hope with this change they do so. (though I doubt they will).
  15. When we drove to Vancouver, the border agent didn't ask to see it but instead said 'I already have it', so you are probably right.
  16. As Diamond, D+, and Pinnacle, on your first Celebrity cruise, you get an equivalent status on Celebrity (Elite). Then you start acquiring points from zero on Celebrity. Higher levels than Elite must be earned with points on Celebrity. Further, points obtained on Celebrity do not increase your Royal Caribbean status. That has been the limitation that I haven't gotten past. That said, I am also interested in trying Celebrity at some point, but not sure when that will be.
  17. This is a risk we all face traveling abroad for cruises and having to fly back. The fact that testing is required to come home via plane, but not via car or ship just shows how arbitrary it is. At the very least, all citizens should be able to freely travel back home without need of testing. At least with Canada, you have the option to rent a car or take a bus to get back to US. Then once you are within US, you are free to travel by plane (covid or not). In Europe that would not be the case of course. One can argue the ethics of doing that or not, but I have no doubt it happens everyday. Hopefully the cruise and travel lobbies will be successful in convincing the current administration to drop it (at least for citizens).
  18. Wow that is pretty sketchy that a 3rd party website would try to get people to pay for the arrivecan forms.
  19. Not sure of the entire beer listing, but I've not noticed any reduction in availability. Also, on the Radiance of the Seas (20May2022 sailing), the Quill and Compass Pub was fully open and had several beers on draft including Newcastle Brown Ale. I saw the standard beers available, Heineken, Amstel Light, Miller Light, Bud Light, Fosters. I am sure there are others that I cannot recall. I would expect similar on Serenade of the Seas.
  20. Quick follow up on this topic for those who may be interested. We entered Canada via the ArriveCan on 20May2022 to board Radiance of Seas for one way trip to Seward. We used the cruise terminal as our address where we would be staying in Canada. Canada Place Cruise Terminal 999 Canada Place British Columbia, Canada V6C 3T4 We got on the ship (after a ridiculously long delay) and off we went on our Alaska Adventure, leaving Canada on same day 20May2022. Three days later (23May2022)... I received an email and telephone call from Canada Health Authorities stating I had been selected for the mandatory PCR test and their records showed I had not done so within the required 24 hour period. This was the first I had heard about it, 3 days after leaving the country. Border agent did not say anything about it. Anyhow, with all the threats of fines and quarantine facility transfers, I decided to call the general inquiries number provided in the email (1-833-784-4397) and a helpful representative walked me through the steps to change my contact information and certify that I had already left the country 3 days prior. After it was submitted, I got the email that I was off the hook. My wife got the same messages the following day.... Anyhow, figured I would share the experience in case it happens to any one else entering Canada for cruises.
  21. When we entered Canada from Seattle (by car) for our Northbound trip last week, we put the cruise port address: Canada Place Cruise Terminal 999 Canada Place British Columbia, Canada V6C 3T4 If I were on the southbound, I would do the same.
  22. Radiance canceled the Sitka stop on the May 20 sailing and going to Icy Straits instead.
  23. If you are looking for a similar experience, last July we did this. Onboard Experience - Royal Caribbean International The ATVs are two person vehicles and overall I think it was good excursion.
  24. This is where I saw it. Onboard Experience - Royal Caribbean International This is the generic description of the excursion on RCL website. If you look in 'Important notes' it says 'parties under 3 guests will share a jeep'. If it doesn't say so on your cruise planner booking, maybe that is no longer the case.
  25. If I recall correctly, I think the excursion description states that that Jeeps are shared if less than 3 people.
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