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  1. 2 hours ago, AshleyDillo said:

    If it is on the same exact ship, I suggest you go with the Barcelona embarkation.  There is a practice called interporting that Royal Caribbean does for these sailings where passengers get on either in Barcelona or Civitavecchia (Rome).  It's more confusing to get on in Rome since they consider Barcelona the official Day 1 of these cruises, so if you get on in Rome all of the schedules and compasses refer to Day 4 (or whichever) when it's really your Day 1.

    I was looking at the same Itinerary. It's on Symphony. I was wondering if they had just not taken down the Rome sailings yet, but this makes more sense. Glad I booked the Barcelona one! Thanks.

  2. Swim wear outside is fine, just cover up inside.

    There are plenty of food options around the pool deck that wetness doesn't matter as much. you could also be a bit damp, not dripping, to go to windJammer and eat outside back at your lounger if you get one. Definately be fully dry for MDR or specialty lunch.

    I've never been to a beach port so can't help you with that. From what I've seen on YouTube you should be fine with swim wear on, just maybe put some shorts on if you wear a european style swim suit or bikini/one-piece.


    I've only been on a few cruises, but am well versed in the virtual cruise via YouTube. 

  3. I have tried looking, but RCL FAQ's are all about packages.

    I assume that payment for a specialty dining venue is similar to land, like a black folder with a bill inside?

    If you have more than 1 cabin dining together, can you charge it all to one cabin?

    I will be traveling with family in seperate cabins, so no potential financial stress with who pays for what stuff.


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