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  1. Found this out from someone who just got off the Freedom of the Seas. Originally each child was allowed 4 hours per day in the kids club, but it has been reduced to a single slot per child for the entire cruise (confirmed). Of course RCL isnt actually telling anyone this, they find out when they get on board, but plenty of people here think RCL is transparent, who need to look up the definition of the word.
  2. Yep, they have no problem telling their customers that only a certain number of people are allowed in the pool at a time, or that they have a specific limited number of slots to use at the kids club on the ship. RCL cant manage to do that apparently, but they are transparent according to people who have no idea what the word transparent actually means!
  3. Funny how other cruise lines are able to predict this, I wonder why. Oh wait, its because RCL is transparent! LOL!
  4. Ive been following very closely and other cruise lines have no problem telling people what to expect before they sail. Apparently Royal DOES have this problem but for some reason people think they are being transparent.
  5. Ok, so what should we expect in two weeks? since you know Royal is being transparent in your opinion. How much time will my kids get at the kids club? Will they be able to use it one a day? Once again, since you say Royal is being transparent, this information should be available, that or you dont understand the definition of the word transparent...
  6. I dont see any transparency from Royal, quite the opposite. When I booked my mid Jan cruise I was told the kids would get 4 hours each per day. Someone just got off the Freedom of the Seas and said the following: "Attached is the kids club schedule for a recent Freedom cruise (4 nights). You were only able to book one session (2 hours) per child. However, you could see if space opened up throughout the cruise." If we are only allowed one session per child on the cruise, that is pathetic and a flat out ripoff! But no one can tell me what I should actually expect for my cruise in 2 weeks, I fail to see how that is transparent.
  7. I did re-read your post and am still confused as to what you are angry about, that is why I am asking.
  8. Ok, several of my daughters friends have had COVID over this year and I wouldnt be surprised if both my kids have had COVID. What does that have to do with making you angry that crew members are being frustrated by lack of mask compliance? Dont they have their own channels to escalate issues?
  9. I mean legally it is, its just the CLIA is trying to play nice with the CDC. If the CDC did something brash like try and shut down the industry, they would get slapped down. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/18/us/cdc-covid-cruises.html
  10. Considering the courts (in FL) have ruled that the CDC really doesnt have a whole lot of authority over the cruise industry, any attempts to shut them down again would not end well for the CDC.
  11. Are there still going to be vaccinated only areas if the benefits (i.e. no mask wearing) no longer apply? They say this is until Jan 5th but with the current case trajectory, I would be surprised if they did not extend this policy.
  12. This. pre-pandemic there was no limit on going into a pool or sending kids to the kids club or other things. I experienced first hand on a Disney cruise what it looks like when they pack the ship as full as possible and dont loosen restrictions, it caused us to ditch Disney indefinitely, hoping to not have the same poor experience on RCL.
  13. I strongly recommend waiting until after these restrictions are lifted before trying DCL. They price point is incredibly high, and we went on a cruise in October and were miserable due to Disney packing the boat but not adjusting capacity limits. Highlights included waiting 30 minutes to use the pool for 15 minutes, waiting 20 minutes in line to get a bowl of fruit, and waiting 30 minutes in line to drop my kids off at the kids club (they give you limited time in the kids club and don't care how long you wait in line).
  14. Awesome, thank you! One last question, we are in a grand suite, would concierge be able to take care of these reservations for us beforehand or when onboard. I assume the answer would be yes but hate assuming anything.
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