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  1. I didn't want to shell out for VOOM, so I couldn't live blog during our trip on Ovation a few weeks ago, but I figured I'd share my thoughts and pics from our excursions, as that's what I took the most pics of. I'll split it into 3 or 4 multiple posts - one for each excursion.
  2. Total price. All those random discounts and credits from when you originally booked won't apply.
  3. My guess is COVID shipping delays with it being a new ship. They still had the "heavy" ornaments on Ovation a few weeks ago.
  4. It sounds like an issue with the terminal based on our experience on Ovation a couple weeks ago. We weren't Star Class, but they ushered us right to the front of the line when they saw we had a toddler.
  5. Even if you *aren't* Star Class, don't be afraid to ask the staff for accommodations, especially when it comes to kids. My daughter was so jet lagged and tired from the initial travel go Seattle for our Alaska trip that she had a full blown meltdown in the MDR the first night. I took her out (of course we were seated in the very back corner) and tried to get her calmed down. Once it became apparent she wasn't gonna settle, our wait staff quickly offered to have our whole meal sent up to the room so we could eat and she could get in bed.
  6. Yup. I asked our waiter on Ovation, she said everyone gets tested a day or two before the end of the cruise, and then I'd imagine there's a decent amount of random testing as well.
  7. I know the current plan is to have Ovation come down once the Alaska season is over, but they still haven't gotten confirmation yet that they'll be allowed.
  8. No, not trying to get the crew to see it, just like spreading the word about good crew members so people know who to look for on their trip.
  9. No kidding. The only good thing about having to wear a mask at work is that customers can't read my face as well when they say/do something exceptionally stupid.
  10. Oh, I definitely did, as well as call them out on Royal's Twitter page.
  11. Shocked there's not a thread for this already, if there is and I missed it I apologize. Figured we could use a thread to give shoutouts to specific crew members that you've have go above and beyond for you. For me, our most recent cruise on Ovation was extra special thanks to a couple specific restaurant / dining crew members. Our waiter, Mega, realized quickly how much our 2-year-old daughter loved grapes, so she had a serving of cut grapes waiting at the table for us every night at dinner. Our daughter looked forward to going and seeing her every night, to the point that we even dropped by after one night when we ate in Coastal Kitchen just to chat with her for a bit. The last day of the cruise, our daughter was having a rough morning, but we were able to stop by the host stand where Mega was working for breakfast to let her say goodbye and help cheer her up. The other was James down in Sorrento's, our daughter's "pizza buddy". We'd stop by for a slice or two late night after the shows or for a mid-day snack and he made a point to chat with us and her every time. The last night of the trip, he made her special heart-shaped mini pizzas and a paper rose. *This* is the kind of service that keeps people loyal to Royal.
  12. This site appears to have it out from cruise lines. Even if there's some truth to the article, the numbers have been clearly inflated. Also, different line, different country, different protocols. Both referencing the same "outbreak" on the Carnival ship. Again, different line and different protocols. Right after that was when lines started requiring negative tests to board, which has given an added layer of protection.
  13. I don't know about the rotation, but I do know we were in a JS on Ovation and did Coastal Kitchen a couple of nights. We booked those ahead and didn't have to do day-by-day reservations, but obviously YMMV depending on the ship and capacity.
  14. The airlines haven't seen COVID numbers because you're on a plane for the duration of the flight and then leave. There's absolutely no way to contact trace anyone who gets COVID on a flight and prove it was the direct result of the flight and not contracted in the airport on either end, on a shuttle to/from the airport, before the flight, somewhere at your destination, etc. I'd love links, as I have yet to see *any* true "outbreaks" as defined by the CDC since the Diamond Princess fiasco at the start of all this almost two years ago. There have been cases, sure, but nothing reaching outbreak levels. Indoor restaurants had so many tables blocked off that you were never directly next to another dining party. And sure, no one's wearing a mask at the pool, but outdoor transmission isn't typically a major concern anyways.
  15. Definitely! We were the younger couple with the very social two year old. Other advantage of the ship being so empty? Less people to crash into every time the boat rocked.
  16. We did not, but our waiter said she knew some people who managed to see them the week or two before us on the night we left Skagway. It's just like any other night sky phenomenon - so incredibly dependant on weather and cloud cover, unfortunately.
  17. Allure (and Oasis class in general) have more options with the current vax restrictions. More open air space, more shows, etc. Just my personal thoughts. I've loved both Quantum class ships I've been on, but right now a lot of the activities are suspended due to COVID, so the experience isn't quite the same.
  18. My wife went to Labadee years ago during another period of unrest, she said the military in helicopters with rifles didn't exactly make for a relaxing time. Separate from the main island or not, it's still Haiti.
  19. @WanderPam Looking at your profile picture I feel like I may have passed y'all on board at some point. Was a great trip with great weather, looking forward to going back when our little one is a bit older so we have more options for excursions.
  20. Then do an Alaskan cruise. All US ports, no *technical* international travel... win/win.
  21. Nope, you're still gonna have to wait either way. We had the same issue with our sailing a few weeks ago.
  22. It was working on my sailing (Sept. 10th) - I think they had to close it a few days due to high winds though.
  23. The wife and I did Anthem a few years ago - actually did a mini road trip up there from GA instead of flying. Port was nice and easy to get in and out of. Anthem's a great ship, plenty to do onboard - iFly and North Star are definitely worth snagging spots for. If you're into the shows, they were doing We Will Rock You back then, if they still are it was worth the watch.
  24. I might reach out to C&A staff and inquire - I wouldn't be shocked if there's a full vegetarian menu at most of the specialty restaurants (other than Chops, obviously).
  25. YMMV with the restaurants. We just got off Ovation last week and I don't think any of the restaurants were vax-only. The only thing we really couldn't go to was the theme nights because there wasn't enough room in 270 for them to have a separate area for un-vaxed during those.
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