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  1. Hello! You all helped me a month or so ago when I postponed my cruise that my husband and I were supposed to be on this past week. We are planning to reschedule with our credit for next spring. A few questions for you all: April or May? Leaving from Seattle or Vancouver? Serenade of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas or Quantum of the Seas? Keep in mind. We are both in our 50's and don't care a lot about go carts, big waterslides, etc. The ship doesn't have to be fancy but..... we don't want to be an a ship that is run down either and.....we like to eat good food. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Thank you all for your advice. For several reasons, we used the Cruise with Confidence option to obtain cruise credit and will be planning our Alaskan adventure in the spring. I’ll definitely be teaching our for help and advice from you all then!!
  3. I have one more question for you guys! After much discussion, we are thinking it may be wise to go another time. My husband has some health issues and I’m just getting a little alarmed with the increase in cases of COVID. I just tried to call Royal but their offices are closed. Is the “cruise with confidence” option something you had to pay for at the time of booking. Since I booked after the final payment date, I didn’t pay for anything additional as far as cancellation, now I’m afraid we might not have that option if it was something extra to buy at the time. I’m feeling sort of dumb right now. I planned this on sort of a whim and that wasn’t smart!! Nevermind!! Just found the Cruise with Confidence info and another 24/7 phone number! On hold now!!
  4. Thank you all for your feedback!!!
  5. I think we are going to have to try it! I am hoping that the early direct flight will work in our favor! I can’t skip out on my play! Some big agent might be passing through Glasgow, KY that day and discover me! ?? If we do anything, we will just have to cancel and Reschedule later. From a money perspective, I couldn’t afford to cancel and rebook and pay for the one the next week. May need to reschedule for next spring if I get too scared....which I sort of am! ??
  6. No understudy. Just a small community theater. Haven’t gotten that famous....yet! ? I really hate to reschedule. I’m sure I would hate missing the ship worse! Don’t know what to do!
  7. Sooooo......I’m a pretty avid traveler but somewhat new to the cruise world. I have even been a Disney travel agent in the past. But... I planned a last minute trip for my husband and I on Serenade of the Seas out of Seattle to Alaska on Sept 20. Before intense research and seeing Matt’s many warnings against this, I had already scheduled our same day flight from Nashville on Alaskan Airlines. We are scheduled to leave Nashville at 7:15 am and arrive in Seattle at 10:15 am. We have a direct flight. Now I’m somewhat freaking out. I have looked for flights out on Sunday night before but......I am in a play that day with a matinee performance on Sunday afternoon and would be cutting it waaaaayyy close to get to the airport for the last direct flight out. I have gone to the lengths of contacting Royal to try to go on the next cruise to Alaska later that week so we could fly to Seattle a day early but they said that we couldn’t change our dates after the final payment date. Any thoughts or suggestions? I am kicking myself but don’t really know what else to do at this point but to pray and hope that a direct , early morning flight with no layovers will work out! I’m a huge planner and have let myself become pretty anxious about the whole situation!
  8. Heading to Alaska in just over a month! So excited! First time on Royal and first time there! Celebrating 30 year Anniversary! Anyone else on this sailing?
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