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  1. While it certainly is odd that RCCL reps would share current capacity numbers, it is even more odd that they would commit to capacity of cruises weeks or months out. Even if a sailing was at 50% as of today, the coming weeks could see that changing drastically as closer to sailing bookings are made. We've sailed three times this year and had no idea how many passengers were sailing until we got to the pier to board. The RCCL website makes no mention of capping capacity and the news (and this wonderful blog) is full of stories of demand for bookings and high percentage capacity sailings. Depending on when you booked, you might be able to cancel under Royal's Cruise With Confidence program. On a positive note, in our experience Royal has been doing a wonderful job of providing a safe and enjoyable environment. Good luck with your decision.
  2. Oh that's good to know....thank you for sharing. When I called to inquire I was told absolutely no holidays but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask once you have a specific sailing date in mind.
  3. My understanding is you can choose a 7 night itinerary anywhere in the world on any ship (other than Wonder until early march when she completes her first full year of sailing). Cruise cannot fall over any US holidays.
  4. I just spoke with a C&A rep to straighten out a double points issue. After it was straightened out I asked if anything relating to the C&A parent/child relationship status for points has changed in the last year and was told no. She verified that if a parent reaches diamond or diamond plus and they have children who have a C&A number and have sailed at least once prior to their 18th birthday then they would retain their diamond/diamond plus status but their natural amount of points earned would be what shows on their profile once they turn 18. This is how we've always understood it to be. Hopefully you can get this straightened out with one more call. Good luck.
  5. The only way I can think of why this would have happened would be if one of your passengers originally qualified for the Kids Sail Free promotion and when you changed their birthdate then they no longer qualified for that promotion? If that's not the case then I would definitely contact customer service.
  6. I simply meant when a ship docks for a day the idea is to get people off the ship and onto enjoying their day in the port. It would be a huge undertaking to be monitoring who does and who does not have their ArriveCan completed.
  7. Yes, that appears to be what the current rules are. I suppose the rules are different for the arriving by land/arriving by cruise ship because there is control over who leaves the airplane and where they can go/not go but it would be a huge undertaking to try to set up same parameters for say a one day port stop from a cruise ship. As you know, the "rules" change constantly so perhaps things will change to make it not necessary to complete ArriveCan for cruise ship passengers.
  8. I took a quick look at the travel.gc.ca website and this is what it states as of today: Vaccination and testing requirements for Canada To board a cruise ship that will dock in Canada, if you’re 12 years of age, or older, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with very few exceptions. Note: many cruise lines require vaccination for children 5 years and older. If you’re entering Canada to board a cruise ship: you’re required to use ArriveCAN prior to boarding your flight or before entering Canada by land and you may be selected to take an arrival test if you’re entering Canada as part of an excursion during the cruise, you won’t be selected for arrival testing Before boarding your cruise ship: all travellers must submit their embarkation test information into ArriveCAN within 72 hours of boarding a cruise, including Canadians and those who just used ArriveCAN to enter Canada: in another country for a cruise that will enter Canada in Canada
  9. We have upcoming sailings on both Symphony and Allure. We have sailed Allure years back. We specifically chose Allure this time for the itinerary (Aruba and Curacao) and because we wanted to sail her again before she gets amplified. Nice to walk the boardwalk without the Ultimate Abyss slide; still has the donut shop amongst other things that could change when amped. We booked Symphony afterwards but if choosing one, right now, we would choose Allure.
  10. Ours were loaded last week too. One thing I did find - I earned prime with 2500+ points but my husband earned his with the lower requirement of 1500+ points. I had to call to have his status updated as it didn't happen automatically. If that is perhaps your situation you should call Club Royale and have it checked.
  11. Even though it is stressful when flights are cancelled/changed by the airline, there are advantageous to not have to rely on a TA to deal with it. We were set to fly home from FLL in January. We did our online check in around 1AM and when we woke at 6AM we had an email saying our fights were cancelled and rebooked for 2days later. I certainly would not expect a TA to be dealing with flight changes at 6AM. By 8AM I had us all rebooked out of MIA and still got home that night. Yes it's a headache and lots of wait times but if an agent isn't making any money on that part of our holiday I would not expect that service from them. I also prefer to have the control to make decisions on any changes rather than going back and forth - in the end that just takes longer.
  12. I did ask this question when I booked using the discount and they did advise that the best price guarantee was still in place. I suppose we won't know for sure unless we see any reduction in fare.
  13. On our January and February sailings we were provided with the vaccinated bracelet. In March, they had stopped giving them out.
  14. When I called to book our Annual Tier cruise a few days ago, the person I spoke to mentioned that Wonder could be booked in mid-late March as it's one year in service would be completed. If that time works for you I would call as soon as you can as I'm sure lots of people will be jumping on that.
  15. You can call the casino number and ask if they can be moved to a casino booking linked to your profile. Depending on what rate your family received when booking it may or may not be advantageous to move it because it will be priced based on current rates. Good luck!
  16. A few weeks ago, I was able to apply a $500 certificate to a cruise I have booked at the end of the year. The sailing did not qualify to use a complimentary certificate, however, Club Royale transferred the booking to a casino booking and the $500 was applied. My final payment date remained the same. When booking any complimentary sailings, we've been asked to pay full upgrade and port fees & taxes. This is all new to us so but this has been our experience thus far.
  17. We just redeemed our annual tier credits today and booked cabins for friends and yes, it amounted to about a 5% savings with our Prime discount. We were told each tier credit redemption is allowed to book one additional cabin with the discount.
  18. We had this happen one of our sailings this year. We had two cabins and I called our TA to switch 2 of our party between the cabins. Long story short, there was an FCC attached to one of the parties and when they moved cabins their FCC fell off and the cabin now had a balance owing. The problem was - neither our TA or Royal advised this was the case. I only found out because the booking disappeared from my app. The cabin was no longer available and Royal was still capping the sailing. Royal would not deal with it as it was a TA booking but thank goodness our TA pressed on and got our booking back -in the original cabin. Royal insisted that we needed to pay the current fare but in the end they honoured our original booking. The cruise planner items were lost but with Royal's math and promotions it didn't really impact us as we just re purchased during the next sale. So, my advice is to have your daughter's TA work with Royal's resolutions dept to get this sorted out. Sounds like the TA gave incorrect information so they should be willing to try to fix. Ideally, she would like the original reservation number reinstated which should then identify her as having being booked during CWC. Good luck
  19. You will be so glad you had this additional time in Vancouver. There is so much to see and do. Testing can be booked right at the Vancouver airport so if you can confirm testing can be done 2 days prior to sailing, you can test when you land and then be done with it. I believe antigen tests are $79.
  20. I believe you can still book antigen appointments at the Vancouver airport through CVM Medical. The cost is $79 and results take approx 30 minutes. If you are arriving 2 days prior to cruise and can confirm that the test can be taken 2 days prior in order to board the ship, this would be the most convenient and likely cheapest option.
  21. I think you are bang on with all of that!
  22. That absolutely could be the case but as a business, why risk it? The sailing capacities continue to increase so in the short term it's not really hindering business - at least not enough that the cruise lines are willing to take the chance. At some point the protocols will go away .... we just can't say when.
  23. I think another important consideration is that the increase in capacity which we've seen over our past three cruises since January is occurring with vaccine mandates and testing in place. RCCL could risk a decrease in demand should these protocols be done away with as many people are choosing to cruise because these protocols are in place.
  24. We sailed a back to back on Jewel a few years ago and absolutely loved it. So easy to navigate the ship. The glass elevators - views were incredible. The crew was outstanding and we felt there was more than enough entertainment to keep us busy. That being said, the itinerary included a port day most days so we really only had time to enjoy the ship in the evenings. The main reason I would not choose a smaller ship would be if travelling with kids or teens who would be bored without flowrider, waterslides, ziplines etc. The bigger ships are definitely more of a fit if travelling with kids imo.
  25. You can absolutely head to any of the bars and order a drink. You just need to provide your cabin number. Enjoy!
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