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  1. Thanks everyone for the good information. Matt, I opened the link you posted and it was very helpful. I was talking mainly about checking my emails on yahoo,which I can do on my phone. We may want to send a text message but will not need to use the internet much at all. We will have our phone mostly in case someone needs to get hold of us and can check emails at each port. Thanks again
  2. Leaving on a cruise on Navigator of Seas on Sunday, wondering if internet package is required to send message on phone? Does Navigator have internet stations to check emails, and if so, how much? I am trying to decide if the Internet package is worth the price. Seems hefty to me. Thanks for any help.
  3. Michelle, Thanks a lot, some good points. I got my birth certificate, it is a certified copy, but does not have the raised seal. Sounds like I will be ok but going to try and get my passport expedited. Not sure I will have enough time, but will give it a try. Houston has a passport center and some say they walked theirs thru in a day. If not, will take a chance and just use my birth certificate and D.L. I will have my wife take a pic of her passport, as you suggested. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks, by luck that is the 2 nights I have reservations for the specialty restaurants.
  5. NickyNewark, Thanks for the information. We also have reservations for Chops and Sabor, not sure if they are on formal nights or not. Do you know which nights are formal nights? We will just plan on doing something else on fromal nights instead of going to the MDR. Sounds like Windjammer is my kind of place, so may eat there a lot. I will be packing a lot of shorts and t shirts, not a suit, for sure. Maybe we will see each other on the cruise. Have a safe drive in.
  6. Thanks, I am all set, cant wait.
  7. We are leaving on a cruise in 2 weeks on Navigator of the Seas out of Galveston. I have read all the posts here and they have been a big help. This is not our first cruise but has been about 10 years since we have been on one. I am not a fromal type and do not care to dress up on the cruise. Shorts and tee shirts are my cup of tea, wore suits for 35 years while working, but now retired and gave away all my suits. Sounds like the Windjammer or Promenade is where I will be eating most of my meals, but I do want to try Chops Grille for sure. Will dress slacks and dress shirt (with or without tie) be ok for dinner at Chops? I have already made reservations, and from what I read was planning on taking a sports coat. If I do not need it, it will just save room in the suitcase. Also, will slacks and dress shirt be ok for dinner at the Main Dining room, except on formal night , of course? On formal night, does the dress attire only apply to the MDR or also to the specialty restaurants? Reading the policy is a little confusing. Thanks for any help.
  8. We are leaving on a cruise, on Navigator or the Seas, in 2 weeks. My wife and I both applied for a passport. She received hers but due to a problem with my birth certificate, mine has been delayed. I had to request a new birth certificate from the county I was born and it will be in tomorrow, but don't think I have enough time to get it back to the passport center and receive my passport before we leave. I called Royal Caribbean and they said I would be ok with my Birth Certificate and Drivers License. I feel pretty sure I will be ok but just seeing if anyone has had a similar situation. We are leaving out of Galveston, Tx, cruising to Caribbean and back to Galveston. My understanding is if you leave and return to the same Port, the Birth Certificate and D.L.' is all I need. Can anyone assure me that is the case? Thanks.
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