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  1. I'm getting tired of these cruise ships stopping and helping people in "need". It's ruining my CruiseMapper experience. I'm asking for NOT on board credit if this keeps happening.
  2. My planner now has gone from "voyage canceled" (Voyager) to the new/changed itinerary on Adventure. (same cabin)
  3. Adventure now has Port Canaveral itineraries for sale for spring of 2024. They were selling stuff out of Galveston for those dates before the switch announcement. I'm not concerned as 2024 is a long ways away and either itinerary original or potential new is fine with us. EDIT: Shipmate has now updated Adventure to Port Canaveral and the NEW itinerary that I see is available for booking at RC. Nothing been updated on my side either in the planner or the app.
  4. My 3/29/2024 Voyager cruise that is getting moved to Adventure shows a different itinerary now for that date.. (if it is being booked as a new cruise) I know our email said the ports would stay the same but that doesn't seem accurate as this is a new listing for Adventure.
  5. Yeah it's strange, but I did confirm that it does say that. Not sure what's going on. I wonder if it has something to do with the amount of unvaccinated carnival will start allowing to cruise? EDIT: One of the more knowledgeable posters said it was changed last night around 10:30. Not sure how he would know that but he is a decent poster as FB posters go.
  6. Carnival has amended the short cruise testing protocols to now include the Bahamas as one of the itineraries/places that will need to have a test regardless of cruise length.
  7. We were on the March 29th 2024 Voyager cruise. Right now when I look as if I'm doing a new booking the itinerary is different then our original one. The original Voyager was to Aruba, Bonaire and Labadee. The Adventure one they are selling currently is to Labadee, St. Thomas, St Croix and the Dominican Republic. My TA seems to think they just haven't updated the system yet. The wording in the letter seems to indicate that it should be the same itinerary, but who knows. I'm pretty sure these are new listings as she was supposed to be in Galveston at the time. No biggie either way we like both of them. Although we haven't been to St. Croix or the Dominican yet. EDIT: Also looked and our cabin is not available so we might of already been unofficially moved over.
  8. My March 2024 Voyager 8 night out of Port Canaveral just got moved to an 8 night Adventure out of Port Canaveral but with a different itinerary (maybe). So looks like going from Lauderdale to Canaveral at some point.
  9. I've been an insider for awhile but just saw this thread. o/ Love the content and discussion.
  10. We often get cabins near the stairs/elevators and have never had a huge issue with noise. Occasionally you'll get a loud bunch getting off and walking by the cabin but it's always been minimal.
  11. We're also considering Celebrity for our 30th anniversary cruise in 2025. I'll be Diamond after the 2024 cruise. I kind of want to take advantage of the Diamond drinks though so might stick with Royal for that cruise. Edit: Seeing that drinks, wi-fi etc are included with Celebrity depending on upgrade package (I think I knew that but forgot) I did the math and for comparable cruise on an edge class ship compared to something like the Wonder it cost's pretty much the same after the Royal cruise planner extras.
  12. The Wife and I will be with you guys on this cruise.
  13. The plan is for me to be Diamond before our 30th anniversary cruise in 2025 (TBD). I was trying to finagle a way to get Diamond before our Voyager cruise in 2024 ((I'll have 73 pts before 81 after)) without having to take another cruise but numbers wise or $$ wise or a combo of both ( jumping up to JS on one of the long ones) doesn't look doable. Oh well, Diamond after Voyager it is.
  14. Thanks for the answer, I was looking again and found that same answer on cruise critic. I guess I got confused by the triple part and didn't realize they did the points different for suites.
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