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  1. Our adult daughter will be with us on Allure, Oct 3rd. She wants good chocolate cake for her birthday (during the cruise) . Is there a specialty restaurant that have really good chocolate cake? thanks Bob
  2. I am going to wait a few days and see if something official comes from RC before my happy returns ?
  3. I just called RC and they haven’t cancelled the Oct 31 TA (yet?) was going to move to 2022 but they said it isn’t cancelled on there end
  4. Yay ? I am happy that everyone will be vaccinated
  5. 24 hours , I am not sure of the process, I think it is a TA ability
  6. I booked an AirBnB in Barcelona that had free cancellations up until mid October ?
  7. I just purchased some shore excursions for the cruise right before this (before they sell out) still looking positive that Harmony will sail from Barcelona this year. Not sure of the status of the port of Barcelona’s closure to cruise ships and if they are waiting for something specific. Most of the web searches return 2020 data. also, is there a roll call for the transatlantic? Couldn’t find it. thanks Bob
  8. That is very encouraging ?. I might be getting a little excited for our October 24th then the October 31 transatlantic ??
  9. We usually just park on site, but we only live 30 minutes away
  10. Did the 16. Night Radiance south end of Australia with NZ. Amazing cruise. NZ was cold in the sounds when we went (Nov) but beautiful. The Cadbury Chocolate tour is a must if they still offer it. If you are visiting the north Island go to the Shire if you are a LotR fan (kind of a pilgrimage ??)
  11. Watching the Love and Marriage Game show, always hilarious ?. Watching the Quest is fun, though one time I got to close to the action and ended up being the Queen of the Empress ???
  12. We have the cruise before and the transatlantic books (moved from 2020) hopeful that this sails as just booked AirBnB room in Barcelona prior to the trip i was worried that the transatlantic was no longer on RCCL web site, good if the answer is it is booked. (Not sure how that plays with capacity mandates) , it still shows as being in Port Canaveral after (though the week after arrival doesn’t show up, not sure it it is also sold out or they are holding that week to switch markets
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