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  1. No pre-booking shows on the cruise planner since the restart. You can only book shows once you are onboard/connected to ship's wifi and using the app.
  2. Deck 5 on the day you embark from the terminal Deck 3 when you get on/off at ports
  3. Looks like the aqua show on Wonder is ready and no longer an "aqua showcase" https://www.instagram.com/p/Cd7i7uEKg7z/
  4. I've also heard of getting access to the helipad on Oasis class ships if you do the all access tour, but it's not guaranteed.
  5. Here's a blog post: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/11/30/i-tried-the-taste-of-royal-lunch-experience Not sure about the location on Allure though.
  6. Something cool is Britt Lenting (3rd in the photos) sung the French National Anthem during the delivery of the ship. https://www.instagram.com/p/CaNZOkSJm-5/ (Also proof that those singers are actually that talented and there's no lip syncing)
  7. If you plan to get a drink package, get it now. You can cancel packages up to 48 hours before your cruise to get a refund. If the price drops, simply cancel it and repurchase.
  8. Don't forget the highlighter so you can highlight activities on the paper cruise compass.
  9. Yes, just tell your stateroom attendant you would like it that way and there should be no problem. It might even make their job a little easier since they don't need to lift the trundle up.
  10. You can also search your email for the cruise docs. It should be an email called "Your Guest Vacation Documents are now ready" and the luggage tags are on the last page.
  11. As of now, no hairspray. It has to do with restarting the show from the beginning as well as legal stuff.
  12. As long as someone isn't positive, just answer no to everything
  13. Just go to guest services and they will replace it for you. You can also go there if your card is damaged or is starting to peel.
  14. Shoppers Drug Mart ($40), Rexall ($30), Walmart ($20) and Costco ($16) all work for pre cruise testing so there's no shortage of options
  15. The only salt water pool is the beach pool (the one that looks like a beach and has water going up to the lounge chairs). The others are all fresh water.
  16. If you want to be extra sure you're not being charged, you can just take your sim card out entirely.
  17. I would say it was pretty good most of the time. There were 2 wifi outages during the cruise, but they were probably just ironing some stuff out. The speed was around 3mbps so you should be able to run a zoom with no problems: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-Zoom-system-requirements-Windows-macOS-Linux#:~:text=3.5 or higher-,Bandwidth requirements,-The bandwidth used
  18. Yes, I did Walgreens with a group of 5 people. You do need to book individual appointments with different time slots, but you can all show up at the same time in one vehicle and they'll just test everyone at once.
  19. From Matt's blog today: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/#:~:text=First Royal Caribbean ship to reach 100% capacity So, this could all change due to the higher capacity.
  20. Yes, drinks with 2 shots officially count as 2 punches, but it really depends on the crew member serving you.
  21. Totally forgot about this thread, but we used Costco and no problems at all. Also since it's part of the pharmacy, no membership required.
  22. Virtual room tours are now up on the booking page
  23. They should really make those and sell them onboard. Each ship could have different ones like the scuba divers on symphony or the telescopes on oasis
  24. I’ve been having the same issue as well. But, they should have sent you a PDF copy by email as well.
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