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  1. My first stop after breakfast is usually Cafe Promenade to get an Adult Coffee and if you go somewhere for breakfast you can get something at the table. I will say we just got off of Symphony and we love to eat at Park Cafe, on previous ships at least Oasis had a coffee bar inside of Park Cafe where they could make you drinks with adult beverages. There is no such bar in the Park Cafe on Symphony.
  2. I am cruising Wonder for Thanksgiving so please do come back to your thread and let us know not only how your first cruise goes but, review your Wonder experience. Cruising is the best!
  3. This is a great question and all of the answers seem appropriate it is really a feel thing. For me I usually do UDP so I have paid for all of the dinners in advance. That being said I know that the staff works their ass off. Just for me I usually tip 10$ if I am having lunch somewhere with my wife and then at dinner I will leave a $20 unless we were to eat at Johnny Rockets. It may seem like a lot to some but usually my only onboard room charges are tips at the restaurants and is less than $200 for the week. I usually take $200 in small bills for tipping other folks like a dollar a drink and stuff like that but I am even thinking that on my next cruise in November I might just take more cash in $20's to leave cash just to make it so the servers don't have to wait for it on their paycheck. Whatever you leave them regardless of amount I think they will appreciate it and it is great that you are doing it.
  4. Royal has always had issues with their Apps and Websites unfortunately. I don't know if they outsource it or what but the functionality can be spotty I have always found. On the same cruise I was referencing about the planner showing up properly the day that we boarded, my app was the only one you could not access the account feature. So everyone could look at their bar purchases and such and mine was not even a button in the app it was just gone. Good thing it is just an app for convenience on vacation so I usually just leave my phone in the room and let my wife do the planning.
  5. Everyone is spot on. About a week before we sailed people in our party got excited and where looking at the planner and then I pointed out that it was showing things for Fathers day which had already passed. I am not sure the rhyme or reason when it starts to show you the things in the calendar but they are usually not correct and very hit or miss. The day we boarded everything showed up in full detail.
  6. My Wife and I just completed cruise number 6 together and she had her first instance of the mattress not being comfortable for her. Our steward threw on a mattress pad and she said it improved some but was not great. I think it would very much be a ship to ship thing. Good luck on your next bed!
  7. This is how I would approach it as well. I would think it would depend the ratio of DX to non folks that you have. If it is about even or there are more DX folks I would say you have a good chance but since I think you can have 8 people if 2 had a DX and the remaining did not it might be watched closer. Good luck and please return to the thread and let us know how it goes.
  8. Over our 4th of July Cruise was the first time my Wife thought the bed was too hard on Symphony of the Seas. Our room attendant was able to put a mattress pad on for us when we asked and I believe it was actually just in a storage bag underneath our bed. So you should be fine if you just ask them to throw it on there.
  9. I agree with all the commenters. I always prefer the closest I can get to the elevators. When we sail Oasis class this usually means close to the elevators on 8 because we like being close to Central Park and on Voyager class we like to be on the first floor with balconies that is close to the promenade because we just like to be able to walk up and down to the promenade in the evenings. Essentially we will shoot for next to an elevator first and then a floor that is close to things we will use a lot so that we can skip the elevators if possible. While most of my family prefers being up high on the ships as someone that only utilizes the pool for short stints each day when I have had rooms like 12 and higher I feel like you ride elevators all week because you have to take them to get down to everything in the evening and afternoons!
  10. I would think that it is probably just standard 5 year dry dock where the ship is inspected and gets a new coat of paint and is more of a mechanical check up and not amplification. They have yet to announce any resumption of amplification for ships.
  11. They will usually have football on most of the TV's around the ship. They usually even have TV's in the Pub that can be on football. We were on Allure during NBA finals years ago and watched it in the pub one night. As long as there is not scheduled entertainment at that time they will usually have the sound on as well. Also they played NFL games out at the pool on Sunday and even Monday Night Football as well. You can watch the games from the hot tubs that have TV's. There really is a decent amount of places that will have the game on.
  12. No brainer for me: Favorite - Chicago on Allure Least - Cats on Oasis But looking forward to everything on Symphony in 2 weeks.
  13. No worries not booking onboard. I can hear Matt saying it now that if you want to book another cruise... "do not wait for a sale." just book it as soon as you can and then watch the price and reprice it if you see it go down. If you are fine not being on Oasis class I would say that we went out of San Juan, PR for a cruise a few years ago and we loved it. It was on Freedom Class and getting to visit Puerto Rico on the front end of our vacation made for a mini-vacation before hand. Also we went over Thanksgiving and the city was decorated for Christmas and was amazing. Cost of flights to PR is usually not much different than South Florida and usually you can find the Southern Caribbean Intineraries that include 5 stops and get you to Antigua and Barbados. Hope this helps.
  14. So while I can relate to the time that it takes to get a drink in certain venues. I for one as a DPB person have always thought it is the right amount of time and perhaps they are told not to rush making drinks. If you haven't had a drink all day and you are waiting on your first drink at dinner I bet it feels like the full 15 minutes or so. But I think for the rest of the folk that have imbibed all day it is not as long. Not saying it is right but I have been at the bar midday, morning, and afternoon and there is 1 speed. I think it is to only serve so many drink in a certain amount of time. No one is wrong on this thread..
  15. Definitely everyone has mentioned the All-inclusive nature of cruising. Additionally I love that you can do the multigeneration while appealing to different family members budgets. When we do land based vacations with 20+ family members and get like a big beach house or something I know that it can put a strain on a lot of people that attend and the additional dining costs and entertainment. Not to mention that we are all usually under one roof so you tend to get a bit too close for comfort.
  16. First couple of cruises I was not a lanyard person but with just a bathing suit on most of the time I found myself at guest services like twice a week getting a new room key. Have used a lanyard for the past 3-4 cruises and haven't misplaced any keys. Also agree with the having a few dollars in the lanyard for tipping. Wife doesnt wear a lanyard though she just has me lug both keys around.
  17. We are set to board on July 2nd and after a few weeks ago reading that someone had a terrible experience I am glad to hear something to the contrary.
  18. That is true, I guess you cant have the 90 year old die hards, actually dying of heat stroke while they smoke their heaters. But I would probably just go up and have my cigar at night haha.
  19. Jeeze, the fun goalies on this thread I am surprised that it hasn't been closed to comment yet. As a previous smoker I am not a fan of smoking indoors but dont have a problem with it in Casinos but wouldn't care one way or the other if it was eliminated and could understand it. But as someone who likes to have a cigar when on vacation I don't think I could see it being no smoking up on the pool deck when you are outside. I am actually surprised that they don't move that smoking area up one more deck so you are not directly on the physical pool deck and then our smoke would be even less noticeable.
  20. For real until reading this I was not aware that this was bad behavior. If I am somewhere near the top or bottom of the ship I will always hop in and ride a floor down to head back up. I'm gonna have to do some research to see if this is commonly frowned upon.
  21. That is a great price on a 7 day for two people! About $100 a day that will do.
  22. Well that makes me feel better that it is not a mistake.
  23. Well that makes me feel better that it is not a mistake.
  24. So just a heads up to anyone to check your cruise planner. This showed up for my Wonder of the Seas cruise for Thanksgiving this year. I have not seen this price in forever! Has to be a glitch I feel like.
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