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  1. There’s one that started today and in my opinion there really have not been great deals in quite sometime including this new one.
  2. Just booked this cruise and cancelled my September 11th on Oasis. Received an email today for a special offer when booking the Allure and what a super deal it is! This makes my unhappiness for #1- having to cancel my March Anthem cruise...#2- moving it to September Oasis...and #3- ending up with this sailing completely worth it! The price for this 8 night Southern Caribbean is the cheapest of all 3 sailings and even though we will now need to fly to FLL and book one night hotel...the price will STILL be cheaper than the price of the Oasis! So...anyone else find a great deal for this one?
  3. Booked this cruise last night as a result of having to cancel my upcoming March cruise (not COVID related). Anyone booked on this one? UPDATE - I am no longer on this cruise!
  4. I agree 100% about feeding the cruise addiction. Ughhh I am so mad right now! My husband came home today stating his co-worker (we are both retired but he picked up a little part-time job recently) told him today that he planned a vacation from March 1-10! Because my husband waits 'til the last minute to let anyone know anything...he now says we have to change our sail date! Soooo, Why am I mad? #1 - a sale ended just last night and not sure when the next one will run! #2 - I have been sooo excited about this particular cruise since I booked it in December! #3 - I had the best price ever AND I have bids in for a JS or GS...which I now feel like I will probably miss out on with a rebook! #4 - I hate when he puts himself last and lets everyone else get what they want...ummm, that apparently doesn't include me LOL!! Luckily I can use CWC and hopefully book the March 20th cruise (bigger bucks right now!)...and I will just remind my hubby that because he waited to let the other driver know about our planned vacation, the extra cost isn't my fault! There...I feel better now!!!
  5. Interesting that they haven’t asked you to report later than your scheduled boarding time like many others have noted. I am on the March 6th cruise (which I believe you are as well) so we will see what transpires for that one. I am getting pretty excited about this cruise!
  6. Royal Up doesn’t include the extra points, isn’t that correct? But even still what a great upgrade for paying peanuts!!
  7. Ok I just did some googling and found this: www.holiday-weather.com and it provides the forecast for CocoCay. Also Royal apparently uses Underground Weather to provide current info for CocoCay. See blog post from August 2021. https://www.holiday-weather.com/cococay/
  8. Do you have a link for that? I just tried to search for coco cay, Bahamas on the weather channel app and only get Nassau as a result. TIA!
  9. I bought the Beach Club day pass for my November sailing. Price was cheap enough at $72 and I had never been to Coco Cay so decided to check it out. I was truly not impressed and would have been pretty upset had I paid anywhere near what the price has been lately! My upcoming cruise will be spent relaxing at one of the other beaches…eating at included dining venues…and just enjoying the day for no fee!
  10. Seriously doubt that is going to happen! My cruise is March 6th and I am full speed ahead with all plans! BTW welcome to the forums!
  11. I would definitely get out no later than Friday early afternoon! Heck if it was this weekend for my cruise, no doubt about it and if Friday isn’t working for a flight then Thursday would be even better! The storm is coming up the coast so hitting the “travel lane” before it hits the actual Northeast coast!
  12. Hi all! I am anxiously awaiting the April Health Protocols...which should be announced perhaps in late February but could be early March?? So I would like to request from this very knowledgeable group the following: Would someone be kind enough to post here as soon as they become aware of these? I would so appreciate this...and of course...I will also post as soon as I find this info out if no one has already done so!! Have a great day!!
  13. I loved the breakfast (and lunch) selections at Solarium Bistro. Sorrentos totally for late night sometimes afternoons too! And after Sorrentos always headed diagonally across the way for luscious sweets from Cafe Promenade.
  14. All checked in...11am report to ship. UPDATE - January 27th - Unfortunately had to cancel this upcoming sailing . Moved the cruise to a date later in the year and I will start a Roll Call for that one soon! I was totally looking forward to spending a week on the Anthem so this will remain as a future goal of mine! I'll be thinking of everyone on this cruise EVERYDAY during the week of March 6th!!!!!!!! ENJOY!!
  15. I got my Royal Up email at least 2 weeks ago and my cruise is March 6th! This is the first time I have been able to try for a larger room! But with still so many days to go...it's making it a very LONG wait to find out!!!! LOL
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