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  1. Question...Does anyone know if the ships have started to allow passengers to fill their own cones or is staff still manning the station? Doesn't really matter to me but I was wondering....
  2. I got the same email late last night regarding my bid on an Owner’s Suite for this weekend’s cruise so guess we’ll see what happens! Stay tuned!
  3. Leave it. You should get the approval email today or tomorrow. If you get nothing by Monday morning then I would definitely call! LOL sorry I just realized you already replied and got most of the approvals back!
  4. Decided today will be the day for testing. My daughter finally tested negative yesterday and so did I. Why not just get it over with since we are just 2 days away now…right? UPDATE: Two negative results! We are good to go!
  5. You got a good deal! I was thinking about getting it on my upcoming 5 day cruise but the difference was $10/day per person and I didn't think $100 was worth what little else I would use it for. Should I ever find a nice deal like yours...sure, why not?
  6. I am totally following your blog! I absolutely love your sense of humor/ writing style! You had me giggling from the start and out-right laughing as I read along so I know I will appreciate this read.
  7. Sounds like fun! Thanks for this info
  8. You can purchase the KEY on the cruise planner. It provides priority embarkation as well as a special lunch from Chops Grille…served in the MDR. You get VOOM Surf and Stream for one device with it as well as the opportunity to drop off your carry-on bags to be delivered to your room. I believe priority VIP seating at certain shows is one of the perks and a disembarkation breakfast. Each person in the stateroom (age 6 and over) must purchase this and the cost is sometimes pricey…and it’s per day pricing. But sometimes the price is just a few dollars more than the VOOM price so that is when it probably makes sense.
  9. I sail on Saturday and received my approvals on Monday night email. I had actually called the toll free number last week and was told it would arrive within 7 days of sail date. So not too far off since my email came 5 days before.
  10. Thanks for such a great explanation of the sights to see. I will be there Monday and Tuesday so plan to take your info with me. What is the best way to get to Horseshoe Bay? My daughter and I haven’t booked any excursions but were thinking about purchasing transportation tickets at the dockyard for the ferry? I believe someone mentioned somewhere on this blog that it’s easy to do that. We were also considering renting mopeds somewhere? Thoughts?
  11. I sail this Saturday and just got my approval Monday night.
  12. Ok getting a little nervous about the testing for this Saturday’s cruise! We plan to wait until Friday afternoon to do the official proctored one. However, I am going to try my own home test on Thursday just to hopefully feel relieved that Friday will go without a hitch! Nervous because as of yesterday my daughter was still testing positive even though she is feeling fine and it’s been just about 2 weeks since she got sick! Darn Bermuda for still requiring negativity!!
  13. OMG!!! It’s gone for all my cruises! And I hadn’t added my husband’s card to our September cruise yet!
  14. Absolutely love Blue Hawaiians frozen or not! And for @Pooch when we were on the Freedom in April…my son made friends with a bartender working the bar at the pool. That bartender introduced him to the BBC and we all drank them for the rest of the afternoon! There were 6 of us drinking them so perhaps we emptied out the supply of banana rum? 🫤. Sooo delicious!
  15. Sorry I should have posted last week when check in opened up…on the 3rd. Hope you got an ok time!
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