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  1. Unfortunately, you can't find out until someone actually goes through such an event. I would guess that 2.0 is to service the current social spacing requirement early cruising will have to implement. Believe a more traditional muster training method could be adopted post-C19.
  2. I think its viewed as a test run. We'll need to see what happens 2 weeks after the first cruise.
  3. That is most unfortunate. Really wrecks the intimacy of the dinner experience - must have been really noisy too.
  4. Ouch - disappointing. What was nice about the other location was the privacy. It was a very good sized area and our dining party had it all to ourselves. I booked CT next year on Oasis so being in the CK will make it a little less private for sure. We did on on Liberty several years ago and they actually held it in a cordoned off area on the Windjammer. Food was very good, but the location put the ice on us booking again on that ship (its since moved).
  5. Anyone been on a chef's table on the amplified Oasis? Curious on location. Pre-amplification, there was a dining area that you entered through a nondescript door in the library. I recently saw a TA Youtube tour that looks like its now in the Coastal Kitchen area. Anyone know for sure? Thanks,
  6. Would not think the business case would support building a new ship. If they could show they generate enough revenue from those special car stops, they could purchase or lease from another line culling their fleet. Would imagine there will be a lot of that in the near future. Look at the ships that sail the Galapagos , highly specialized small ships, but high price tag (100 or less passengers). They're forced to have low loading due to Ecuador's rules in minimizing environmental impact. But they're one trick ponies.
  7. I'm a big fan of just enjoying the ship when tired of a port stop.
  8. This is a good test case. Allows a line to evaluate emerging sail health and safety protocols. Some will be effective others not, but it needs to happen.
  9. I think RCL does a good job with Sorento's. I like the ability to have the "custom" pizza's made.
  10. I wonder if the author ever cruised or just dislikes the industry .
  11. We were on the Summit pre-revolution upgrade and some of the officers noted that items in Michaels club (suite lounge) were being offered to the concierge crew. But they needed to remove when they departed the ship. One of the items up for grabs was a piano.
  12. We were on the revolutionized Millennium, in a Sky Suite. Room upgraded, but noticed the walls had a covering (we think for noise abatement) that inhibited us using our magnetic hooks and clips except on 2 small panels near to and including the door. Anyone else notice that nuance. We just use the clips to keep the dailies and cards we don't want to misplace off the horizontal surfaces.
  13. Anyone know when the second half of 2022 will be published? (CCL and NCL is out)
  14. Would be pretty cool to pull off the Viking lounge in one piece as a shore bar/grill. RCL HQ parking lot.
  15. Very interesting. I expect there will be pictures of the progress. Curious about the salvage process. What happens to furnishings, artwork, dishes etc. Is there a "market" for all those extras out there before selling off all the metals?
  16. On Royal, Diamonds and above have a club area with evening reception. Celebrity does not have a separate area for Elite and above. Instead they'll host a special cocktail party for Elites and above in the Captain's club. On ships without a club area they'll do it in a bar/lounge area.
  17. Celebrity will get the new Muster 2.0 also. Bars won't have to shut down - good news.
  18. Just thought of another benefit - they won't have to close the bars so you'll be able to have your drink while running through the Muster drill.
  19. I've requested it on cruises arranged by TAs and ones I kept directly with RCL/Celebrity. When with the TA, I received note back stating that I would need to forgo any TA OBC to get the $100 shareholder OBC. In that case the $100 was far less than the OBC I was receiving from the TA, so wouldn't take it. In the case booking with RCL directly, I've had 100% success, and the $100 was posted within hours.
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