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  1. Have read in some travel articles, 4 months prior is the sweet zone; however, I book earlier. I also find the cruise line sponsored flights can be pretty attractive especially with disruptions. They really work to re-route and keep schedule if possible.
  2. Even if it were to start in Nov/Dec, can't imagine all the original port calls can be met. Do not think all the original ports will be open to tourists. Guessing any itinerary will be greatly abbreviated. At this point, completed payment process for the FCC. It will be used.
  3. Was able to check into our (expecting to be cancelled) 22 Nov Edge cruise today. Printed the boarding passes.
  4. Apex is just meandering off the coast of the ship yard. 2020 is done - probably some short cruises to get a few ships spun up in Q1 of '21. Kept our Edge reservation - expect FCC bonus and will put against one next year. Lack of progress is frustrating.
  5. Yes - you're correct. I read some erroneous itineraries on one of my travel sites. The next day, they were off the list. Actually wished they were true. Maybe someday when the terminal gets upgraded in a few years and we see Oasis or other class of ship in Galveston.
  6. AMEX operates the Centurion club in the larger airports also. If you use all the benefits like Uber credits etc, it dilutes the annual fee. I live near DFW and have high status with American Airlines so I'm wed to their platinum card. But if I were to relocated to a non-AA hub, I'd go AMEX.
  7. Carnival also holds a number of resort properties through Holland and Princess in Alaska. All the lodges were closed over the summer. They also have their own trains that are not operating. (under Princess and Holland)
  8. My wife and I keep "guessing" on the cancellation dates. Will Nov be cancelled and Dec retained? Is 2020 toast? Will we see things slip a week or two at a time. My guess - Nov gets dropped and they keep the Dec folks on the hook for an extra month then cancel Dec. But end effect is 2020 is toast.
  9. I'm within 91 days of our Edge cruise, the the cruise is actually accessible in the app now, but seeing what you're seeing.
  10. We're within 91 days of our yet to be cancelled Edge cruise. I went into the app and instead of getting the usual "check back later we're working on your fun", the cruise itinerary partially came up. Doesn't show the port calls or many activities. Trying to get our hopes up before pulling the rug out.
  11. Tell the waiter they really will work to meet your needs.
  12. Good way to test the protocols. From embarkation, port call, and return - hope for success.
  13. Heard a family "broke the bubble" and were not allowed back on.
  14. Could it be they did it to keep the cost lower (even though you didn't request- assuming you wanted the lower cost)? That happened with me when I had a refundable deposit and moved to a later cruise - it was re-booked as non-refundable and I didn't realize under a few days later when I received the invoice.
  15. Wondering if we should have a pool on what day the next set of cancelations are announced.
  16. Guessing not enough pier space on company property and there has to be a daily cost of staying in a port. Sailing keeps the machinery working and allows for continued training opportunities for the small crews on-board.
  17. It was still part of the fleet at earnings call. Just need to ink the deal after the call.
  18. Anyone playing power up points? 10 power up point = 1 Captains Club point. We signed up and think we're on our 4th power up opportunity. Started with just a survey now there's a offer for 50 - Power up points = 5 Captains Club points if you book a cruise. Its nice being able to plus up an odd point or 2 that could put you over a level threshold down the road. I thought they should also look at allowing additional Captains Club points for some dollar amount spent on-board also. Thought that would help with on-board revenues.
  19. Omlettes are eggs, but you can get them made anyway you want. Waffles, cereals (hot n cold) and pastries are also options. In my opinion, I would agree that a "brunch" menu isn't available, but that's addressed in the Windjammer. There are times I have the feeling the lines would like to further reduce the MDR sit-down options (but now with health safety protocols, the MDR may end up with expanded service because it can be better controlled)
  20. Thanks and great. I have a November cruise we fully expect to be canceled and had the same question, My TA told me I could not get refund , If and when the cruise line cancels I’ll address directly with the insurance company.
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