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  1. Birthing is part of the load, but they also have to accommodate "life raft" space for 9000+ - as well as all the other "hotel infrastructure" for that bump.
  2. I notice the "aging" more after being on one of the newer or more recently upgraded ships. Ah the smell of fresh deck primer
  3. https://www.dailywire.com/news/see-it-biggest-cruise-ship-ever-built-could-be-scuttled-before-it-ever-sails?utm_source=wnd&utm_medium=wnd&utm_campaign=syndicated Can't figure out who would invest in a $1.8B supership with no home. Its a 9,000 passenger super ship that's almost complete with no place to go but scrap!
  4. That's the kind of insight I was looking for. I have some neighbors claiming SL can beat the weather (which I have problems believing; given the operating band.)
  5. Yes, but SL satellites are in a lower orbit than legacy systems so wondering if its performance is noticably better. I have noticed diminished performance with existing systems in heavy rain. Curious if the lower orbit with larger constellation overcomes the precipitation issue. Of course, can only tell if we encounter heavy precipitation while using that system. Will be a "qualitative" observation only.
  6. The Royal app has become pretty useful which means I keep my phone with me. We always get the internet packages so we can continue connectivity with the family. I'm very curious to experience Star Link service first hand. My previous experience with other other home satellite internet providers was not impressive due to signal loss when there was precipitation. Granted the ships can move out of the weather, so that should make things better.
  7. There so are many variables/dimensions to compare. You have to find an apples to apples comparison. Need to pick similar ship classes, pick similar itineraries at same time of year, pick fares at the same cost basis (inside, outside, balcony etc) so you can evaluate the "value" contained within each dollar. Things can get skewed with loyalty levels because they offer different perks.
  8. Bring small denomination US bills for street food or souvenirs. Or you could charge at larger establishments/larger items.
  9. So if you self test with a non proctored test, do you bring a photo of the test? or the actual test stick?
  10. For us it makes sense. We try to cruise every quarter, and more if there's a pop-up opportunity, but we also travel outside cruising, to various vacation/family spots a few times/year (air, car, hotel etc). Annual policies cover all travel over the covered period. We used to purchase cruise line or travel agent offered plans, but found the an annual policy to provide wider coverage for far less premium than numerous single trips, la carte line or travel agency policies. Since we have to possibly deal with medical issues, it provides peace of mind. You'll have to research the coverage options and weigh cost for your individual situation, but in our case it costs less for a broader annual policy.
  11. And if you like them, order early in the cruise as they're fresh and can run out towards the end.
  12. The number of "new" is very healthy and encouraging. Nice bow wave of new business. Someday will be gold and beyond.
  13. Been to all but one, but I found every step we took, could be a picture. Beautiful and historical.
  14. I uploaded my vax record 2 ways. At first I scanned the cards. Then I discover I could upload the VAX proof OCR from my doctor's office. The OCR was getting approved almost immediately, whereas the cards could take a few hours or couple of days. Either way, still had to do the terminal visual inspection of them. I'm fine with the terminal check.
  15. Found that frustrating. You uploaded your cards, they approved them, then you still had to carry it for inspection before boarding. Guess they may want to add vacs card to travel docs if they hadn't already.
  16. Excellent - my wife goes to the Park to get one as soon as we board.
  17. Prime time Windjammer can easily be overcrowded. We avoid it for primary meals (prefer sit-down venues) - we'll use it "off" primetime for snacks and desserts.
  18. Saw those a while ago. Its worth it to some people, others its not. To each his own. Everyone has their own opinion of value and price point for some value. "Is it worth it?" can only be answered by the person asking the question.
  19. Did you go to the casino cash desk? You ask to charge your room for a play ticket (min is $20). You can't pull credit from the machine.
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