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  1. Not sure what airline you're using, but some offer 1 or 2 free bags if you sign up for their credit card.. Some cards are free others have a small fee. Just so the math to see if it makes sense. Alaska is tougher to pack because of the swings in weather. Pack clothing you can layer. You can save volume by getting light weight (roll able) rain slickers that you can wear other clothing underneath.
  2. They updated the app and you can see a few new options like "for you", "cruises" , "videos" - but the safety icon is not there (-yet). It will show up closer to your cruise.
  3. No change. Same menu on-line from when we sailed last year.
  4. I believe you're correct, but the savings have withered in recent times. As you paid gratuities, it still simplifies when your "checkout" when dinner ends. All paid and you don't necessarily get the puppy eyes for additional (and a little quicker).
  5. Similar to how the credit card incentive works for OBC. I thought that might work to boost on-board revenue, as you mentioned, maybe you get 1 point for every $1000 spend on-board. It could be attractive for those on the cusp of a new loyalty tier. Celebrity awards loyalty points for participating in "Power-up" activities. Taking quizzes on cruise line related marketing activities, participating in webinars, or booking certain cruises can allow you to pick up 1-10 points depending on the activity. It was spawned during COVID to keep people engaged. It's been scaled back, but they're still offering power up point opportunities. I mentioned revenue point boosts for on-board sales (as you suggest for RCL) to Celebrities Captains Club VP, and she didn't say it was a bad idea and worth looking at. But that's Celebrity and they run a different type of program. I don't think that's in RCLs DNA, but seems like it could influence spending behavior if C&A points can be had.
  6. So the Ben and Jerry suite goes away also? Would have to replace the cow with something, maybe a polar bear?
  7. On Edge class (pre policy change), we had a butler and a stateroom attendant (now the Retreat host per his card). Under new operation, the butler is reserved for upper suites and the stateroom attendant (Retreat host) takes on duties that the butler would take on. So if you want reservation - your attendant (Retreat host) can address (inexperienced attendants may not be comfortable with those tasks yet). However, you can always go to the Retreat and have the concierge team address reservations and special requests. On solstice class last month, we only saw the attendant - Retreat host. The butler left a card in the cabin but stopped by the entire cruise. The attendant (Retreat host) took care of housekeeping as well as address any special needs like reservations. We didn't notice an assistant attendant so he really worked - but still very attentive. We felt no need to provide additional tips to any of the Michael's club (Solstice class) concierge - just didn't interact. We have one more Solstice class trip booked. If you want the "legacy" service experience, you have to book a Celebrity suite or above on any of the classes; however, the Edge class ships seem to have more robust Retreat staffs than the other class ships. I'm sure what I'm describing may be a little different on various ships. Sailed Apex (pre policy change) this year, Beyond (post change), and Eclipse (post change). Reduced service was definitely noticeable on Eclipse.
  8. We sailed just before the change from butler to retreat hosts. We observed service on the Edge class Sky Suites is better than last month's Solstice class Sky Suite with "host". Retreat on Beyond (and other Edge) "up" the experience on the ship.
  9. We're booked on a PDCC trip Oct 2024 and the balloon was on the cruise planner, in fact, there was a 50% discount during Cyber Monday. Could be playing games, or maybe the unit needed a full up inspection/replacement/repair??
  10. Just returned from our 8-day Eclipse Mexican Riviera trip. The destinations were very enjoyable - I thought the Mexican port cities of Cabo, Puerto Vallarta , and Mazatlan . I enjoyed the offerings - nice change from east coast port cities. The ship was alright, but in need of the revolution upgrade. We were in a Sky Suite and experienced the reduced "butler service" - and found in noticeable. Not that the room steward didn't do a great job, but it was nice when the concierge butler would show up and asked if you had any need during the week. Some of the touches with afternoon snacks and ice deliveries weren't there and you had to hunt down the overloaded steward to get things done. After sailing Edge class ships, the I can't continue to appreciate the old Michaels club and it limited service. We also noticed a pretty weak menu in Luminae which pushed us to other restaurant menus. Nice vacation, but not the Celebrity I'm used to.
  11. In some of our local restaurants, I've seen a tiered tip rate - from 15% to 25%. In other regions, I've seen a rule of thumb of 2x the sales tax. I've been in the 18-20% level since Covid shutdown.
  12. This might be dated, but I heard the walkout could happen on Nov 17th, IF AA didn't not provide a counter offer to the FA position. The "lack" of a counter would trigger a next step by the union. I think a counter offer was presented, but I don't know where negotiations sit. I do know it's not settled yet. I too have flights during this tenuous period.
  13. It will be interesting to see. Every Edge class ship has been able to incorporate some "lessons learned' from the previous ship in the class (within design reason). We found Beyond to have fixed nits on Edge and Apex.
  14. Excellent price. Some friends just upgraded also for $6.99 on Reflection Nov 24 - ABC itinerary -
  15. Publicly traded companies have an obligation to increase the value of those companies to the stockholders - yes the mass marketed lines can increase the bottom line by increasing efficiencies through technology and automation, reducing personnel costs. If the service / experience become negative to the point of losing a customer base, then they adjust the other way. Those of us who remember a "better" days of more attentive cruising are not the new market lines are positioning to capture. They're setting up for the next generations that don't have the same expectations (experience) we may have had. They'll expect technology and experiences over the personal service touch. If you like cruising, you don't have to necessary adapt. There is also the option to go to a premium, inclusive experience line. We're being nudged that way. We'll see what things look like after getting through the planned 2024 bookings.
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