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    CruzOnBye reacted to Matt in Skiing of the Seas - Still Another Not a Cruise Live Blog   
    I haven't left the state of Florida since February 2020, but that's about to change as I'm taking my oldest daughter skiing for her first time.
    As a kid, I'd go skiing all the time.  But I haven't gone skiing at all since I think high school, or maybe college. So it has been about two decades since the last time I hit the slopes.
    Earlier this winter I had looked at going skiing up in Vermont, but quarantine rules make that kind of trip impossible.
    Then, I saw a Facebook post from @AnnetteJackson's family of a ski mountain in the western hills of North Carolina and I knew I had a chance!

    After doing some research, we're going to take the 10 hour drive up to Beech Mountain, which is outside the thriving metropolis of Boone, North Carolina (less than 2 hours from Asheville).
    We're going to do a long weekend over President's Day weekend, since my daughter gets 1 day off of school and I convinced my wife to let me pull her out of school for one day before the weekend begins.
    I managed to find a ski condo about 20 minutes from the mountain.  Rentals went very quickly in the days I took to decide what to do, but I think for us it will work quite well.

    I also spent a lot of my credit card points on Amazon purchases for the necessary cold weather clothing we need.
    I was also able to rent our equipment and get lift tickets via the Beech Mountain website.
    The only thing left are lessons, which are available in person on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the lesson. I guess we will be getting up early to lock in those.
    My hope is my daughter will enjoy skiing as much as I did at her age, while also hoping I remember how to ski. It can't be that hard to remember how to do things, right?

    Besides injuring myself in a classic case of "Matt, you're not 20 years old anymore", I'm also slightly concerned my daughter will find the cold and windy temperatures too much and want to stop.
    Plan is to go after school next week and stop half way in South Carolina, and then get to the mountain the next day.
    Basic approach should be:
    Thursday: Start drive up Friday: Arrive at mountain. Check-in, get equipment, provisions, etc Saturday: Ski! Sunday: Ski! Monday: Drive home bright and early
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    CruzOnBye reacted to CHRIS WONG in Good Luck Quantum Of The Seas   
    So it looks like Windjammer is still there, but crew will be serving food now.
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    CruzOnBye reacted to CHRIS WONG in Good Luck Quantum Of The Seas   
    Good luck to all my fellow crew members who are currently on Quantum Of The Seas.
    Lets prove to the world that cruising can be done in a healthy and safe way!
    Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I get asked to rejoin a cruise ship, and head back to work. I'm amazed at how much love for the cruising there still is, and it's people like you that will keep this industry alive!
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    CruzOnBye reacted to RWDW1204 in Fun Post - What's Your Cruise Day Like Drinkwise   
    To always have one in my hand. LOL
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    CruzOnBye reacted to princevaliantus in CDC Conditional Sailing Order   
    Just got tip: RCG will be making an announcement real soon as to those cruises that are longer than 7 nites, and from what I've been told, one avenue that is definately being spoken about is taking a longer cruise (i.e.: 9 nite) and splitting it into two cruises, a 4 nite and a 5 nite. I like it!!! B2B2B2B2B HERE I COME!!

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    CruzOnBye reacted to RBRSKI in CDC Conditional Sailing Order   
    Where do I sign up to be a test cruiser?  I can be at Port Everglades in 20 minutes
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    CruzOnBye reacted to RBRSKI in CDC Conditional Sailing Order   
    In my opinion, Royal seems to have planned for this day and start this process as soon as TODAY!!!!!   From all the stuff we have been reading on how they established protocols for COVID19 bring it on!!!!
    And to be honest, I really don't care what the whole document says, just give them everything they want and sound the "horn" in the channel.
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    CruzOnBye reacted to michelle in CDC Conditional Sailing Order   
    Well this is very exciting news, because its more positive news !!!  bring on cruises
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    CruzOnBye reacted to monctonguy in News About NAV Staff   
    Seems like there are some trickles of good/positive info coming out regarding some crew starting to get ready to head back from various sources ...
    Any positive news like this we will take at this point!!!
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    CruzOnBye reacted to Melodyjn in CDC statement 😕😕😕😕😕   
    I think this is put out because they are going to lift the no sail order and are trying to warn people not to go.. I will not be one of those people.. LETS CRUISE!!
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    CruzOnBye got a reaction from Neesa in CocoCay Pools/Water- Heated?   
    Update 12/30: So we just returned last week from our amazing cruise on the Mariner! Day 2 we arrived to Cococay (about 77 degrees that morning), and my husband and I were the first to arrive to the swim up bar (like kids in a candy store). My hubby went right on in, and I was barely tip toed in and wasn't sure I could make it. The bartender, laughing, was like "Come on in! I'll warm you guys up with a drink when you get over here!" I threw myself in all the way, and swam to the bar where a nice stiff shot and a CocoLoco was waiting for us! Incredible experience. The water was cold, especially until the sun came out not long after. It ended up being a beautiful, warm 85 degree day! The island is truly incredible and very well done. We were excited for the return back on day 4, unfortunately, due to the weather we were unable to dock. I can't wait to go back soon! 
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    CruzOnBye got a reaction from Ogilthorpe in Mystery Onboard Credit   
    No surprise obc for my February '21 sailing 😢
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    CruzOnBye got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Mystery Onboard Credit   
    No surprise obc for my February '21 sailing 😢
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    CruzOnBye reacted to princevaliantus in Oasis of the Seas - Can't Wait !!   
    @WAAAYTOOO, @nhilding10, @PPPJJ-GCVAB, @Frogfanatic, @bhageerah non-facebook users, and everyone who wants to shake their bootie, turn up those speakers!!  Here is the video!  ENJOY & REMINISCE!

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    CruzOnBye reacted to HeWhoWaits in MEI TA Recommendation   
    I have never used an MEI TA, but based on what I've seen posted on this site the answer to your question about an MEI TA to recommend is:
    They're all that good.
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    CruzOnBye reacted to WAAAYTOOO in MEI TA Recommendation   
    Michelle Cunningham is in VA if it matters.  She is really good....but I have not heard anything but positives about all of the MEI agents.  They REALLY earn their commission (which is paid by the cruise lines...not us).
    [email protected]
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    CruzOnBye reacted to PG Cruiser in Cancelled through November 30.   
    WHAAATTTT??? My Inaugural Odyssey sailing is canceled???
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    CruzOnBye reacted to Jill in Interesting account of TUI experience   
    A few questions answered by a TUI passenger: 
    ‼️Hi again! Today I read through your questions about our recent cruise onboard TUI Cruises - Mein Schiff 6! I will start to provide answers to 9 questions:‼️
    What did we have to do before the cruise?
    - informed about travel cancellation and health insurance with corona protection
    - reserved excursion
    - reserved seats on the plane
    - reserved on-board entertainment
    - completed the Greece entry form for the QR code
    - filled out the Helios Hospital data protection 
    form and made an appointment for the test
    - filled out the TUI Cruises health questionnaires before driving to Munich Airport
    Did you have to do a COVID-19 test? 🧫🦠
    TUI Cruises is requiring that all passengers test negative for COVID-19 before boarding. The test could be taken at one of 86 Helios Hospital locations in Germany. The test's cost was included in the cruise fare. We had to drive 1,5 hours to the next Helios Hospital. They did a nose and throat swab test. Our results were sent directly to TUI Cruises. 
    How was the flight?✈️💺
    To get to the cruise ship was only possible with a chartered flight by TUIfly from 6 German airports (Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt). No individual arrivals. No public flights! Only access to the plane with negative COVID-19 Test.
    How was the boarding procedure?🚢
    At the check-in counter of TUIfly we had to show the TUI Cruises health questionnaires and the valid QR Code for entry to Greece (received at 11pm the day before). After arriving at Crete we had to show the QR Code to the Greek authorities at the airport. Randomly other flight passengers were chosen for another nose and throat swab test - but not us. We got our bags and were then shown to the TUI Cruises Bus and driven to the cruise ship. To decrease the amount of people inside the cruise terminal we had to wait for ~30minutes inside the bus, until we were allowed to proceed to the cruise terminal. First we had to present our health questionnaires form, then we got our temperature measured with a digital thermal imaging camera. After the security check we went directly to one of the check-in counters, which were fitted with plexiglass screens. We had to show our set sail pass and passports through the plexiglass screen. The employee made a picture of our passports, then we were allowed to take shortly off our mask for our „ship picture“. Afterwards we could walk straight to the ships gangway, where we had to show our set sail pass for entry and for a short moment our face without mask. 
    How was the Muster Drill?
    Onboard we went straight to our stateroom, where our sea pass cards were in a sealed envelope at the door. We put our hand luggage inside the stateroom and walked straight to Deck 5, where the muster drill took place. We were shown to our designated area. By that time we were the only ones there. So the two employees made a „private muster drill“ just for us. We could ask questions and were finished within 5 minutes.
    How many people were onboard?
    TUI Cruises operates their ships at just 60% of their regular capacity. Mein Schiff 6 regular capacity is 2534 passengers - on our cruise we were in total 922 passengers. TUI cruises canceled all their cruises until end of October - the Greek Isles cruise was released on August 13 with the new regulations. TUI is only selling balcony staterooms and suites at the moment! No inside or window cabins are sold! 
    Did you have to wear masks?😷
    Yes! All guests and crew members are required to practice social distance of at least 1.5 meters in the public areas of the ship. Wherever this distance cannot be maintained without hesitation, wearing a proper mouth and nose mask (masks NOT allowed you will find on the picture) was compulsory. This applied to elevators, stairwells and cabin corridors, for example. Whenever we were talking to crew (guest services, bars, towel station) - we wore masks. Also on the Pool Deck, when we couldn’t keep the social distance - we wore masks. As soon as we sat on our sun lounger/chair -  we didn’t have to wear a mask. At the restaurants we wore a mask until we sat down at the table. When we stood up to get more food - we wore a mask! By arrival at our stateroom we found 5 masks per person on the bed - in a sealed package. You could get more from housekeeping.
    How many people were inside the elevators?
    Inside the elevators were allowed 4 people!
    On the floor of the elevator were marked spaces, where one was allowed to stand. If the elevator was full, we had to wait for another one. Thankfully everyone respected these rules! Before the elevators were placed hand sanitizer - so after touching buttons, we could easily sanitize our hands before and after our elevator ride.
    Did you get a temperature check?🤒🌡
    Everyone had to have their temperature measured with a digital thermal imaging camera. This was repeated every morning between 9-12 inside the disco (which was closed anyways). We had to sanitize our hands and then walk in front of the camera. It took less than 2 minutes. 
    I am aware that there are many many more questions, which I will happily answer tomorrow!🚢🇬🇷🌊
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    CruzOnBye reacted to Matt in 12 crew members test positive for COVID-19 on cruise ship sailing in Greece !!!   
    Good news that some have tested negative now
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    CruzOnBye reacted to S.Marie in Cruise Planner Deals for November/December 2020 cruises   
    @Neesa I really wanted to do the thrill and chill too! If Oasis is not one of the ones that will resume sailing in November, but Mariner is, I will likely be switching over to Mariner 🤗
    These cruise planner prices, especially on the cabanas at Perfect Day, are just too good to pass up!
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    CruzOnBye reacted to Neesa in Cruise Planner Deals for November/December 2020 cruises   
    I went to town and purchased everything we wanted at these amazing prices. Thinking positive. I know the refunds do come so I did it! We will hopefully sail a 4 night on Mariner Thanksgiving week 2020. Just going to the private island 2x so feeling just maybe....

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    CruzOnBye reacted to S.Marie in Cruise Planner Deals for November/December 2020 cruises   
    Hi all! I don’t want to jinx things but I am feeling slightly encouraged that the 2020 holiday cruising season may actually happen. 😅 

    The new cruise planner sale has some really good deals but I am hesitant to buy anything (and have a bunch of $$$ tied up) until there is some indication that cruising (though limited) will resume in November. I plan to be on the 2020 Oasis thanksgiving cruise.
    I foresee that if cruising does restart, many of the cruise planner items are going to go up in price and/or be sold out pretty quickly once the news is announced regarding cruise resumption. On the other hand, I don’t want to wait (and wait and wait) for a refund if the 2020 holiday cruises are cancelled. 
    Are any of you planning to YOLO purchase cruise planner deals for your 2020 holiday cruises or are you holding off until we have word that cruises will resume in November/December?
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    CruzOnBye reacted to Baked Alaska in Matt, I love what you've done with the place!   
    @MattJust a short post to say the Boards look FANTASTIC on Chrome! Love what you've done with the place!!
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    CruzOnBye got a reaction from cruisellama in Untouchables on MDR menu   
    I forgot about those rolls!!!! Those are the BEST. By night 3 the waiter gets the point and makes us a special basket with just those LOL
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