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  1. I heard on the news this morning (not that I believe much of what I hear in the news on television, anymore) that there were no survivors ON the island. It didn't say anything about folks who may have been in a boat nearby. I sure hope this is wrong information. So very sad and an also fascinating at the same time. Mother nature is still in control !!
  2. I so enjoyed your blog. It sounds like your girls' trip was a great idea. I'm glad it worked out. If it's of any consequence at ALL, Dan and I are already booked on the 6 December 2020 Oasis....hint, hint....
  3. Yes, Sabrina is right ! Izzy has incredible reviews. That means you WOULD have had Joyce (Izzy is taking her schedule)...you couldn't have lost, either way !
  4. Sorry to hear that your Thanksgiving dinner disappointed. I have found it to be a complete disaster. Maybe they will up their game for Thanksgiving but it seems to be going from bad to worse.
  5. Oh no ! So sorry to hear about this. I hope she is doing better very soon.
  6. I am so happy to hear that she got back in touch with you. I just love her to death. She will get you all squared away.
  7. I loved Star Class on Anthem. I know you are going to have so much fun. 11 nights ! Woohoo ! Deck 8 is super nice. There will be so much for your son to do and having the Genie to assist is going to make it very special.
  8. Yes, I did. The casino was such a madhouse on this cruise...I felt bad for the whole casino staff. Chris was overwhelmed....and the early closing of the casino last night didn’t help. He was trying to close out everyone’s points count all at one time. I hope to get a second chance for him to make a first impression.
  9. We did get home safe. Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy your cruise on Oasis
  10. Thanks, Sabrina. I am really looking forward to meeting EVERYone eventually. It won’t be long, hopefully
  11. Right back atcha ! Your blog has been a hoot !
  12. You are very welcome. I hope you hear something very soon. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Disembarkation day was waaay more manic than I expected. B’fast in CK was ungodly slow. As a matter of fact, since I am on the topic of CK, I will take this opportunity to mention that my skepticism about the CK was reaffirmed on this cruise. The menu is just not that interesting to me. I repeatedly had trouble finding something that even sounded appealing (b’fast excluded here). We ate dinner there 3 times (twice more than I had intended) b/c we kept getting bad intel on which night was lamb shank. I am partially responsible here, as Joyce sent me the entire menu lineup well ahead of time and had I referred to it, I would have avoided these errors. So I am now firmly in Club #CKonlyonfiletnight. Not only were the menus unappealing, but the service was truly slow every time. This morning was the final straw. Yes, I realize that b’fast on turn-around day is manic by nature but there were just too few servers. It was as simple as that. Back to disembarkation. We got out of our suite right on time (0700) and went to the CK for b’fast (already discussed). Joyce met us on the Lounge side a bit after 8:00, as pre-arranged. She escorted us, and another family, off together. Her big blunder was to put us into an elevator that did not recognize her Genie badge (which provides exclusive access and will not stop on any other decks). Apparently there is one elevator bank that is exempt from her badge, for use in case of emergency, and of course, she managed to put us on it. So, consequently, the elevator proceeded to stop every freakin deck and fill up with non-SC riff raff (just kidding !). Oh, the inhumanity ! 🤭🤭. Then Joyce lead us all the way out and halfway down the gangway, where we said our goodbyes and she turned us over to a Terminal escort who’s job was to take us to get our luggage and then escort us all the way to the taxi line. During this trek, we cut lines and bypassed the CBP lineup (which was much longer than I would have thought). We went straight to the face recognition queue which is where my good luck ran out. I guess I must have won the immigration lottery as I was chosen to go chat with a Customs Officer. Oh, happy day ! Of course, our Terminal escort never even turned around. She just high-tailed it outta there and left my a** behind. Ok. Now in a long line waiting for a CBP Officer to let me out, I suddenly realized that Dan had my passport. The line agents had rushed Dan away, saying he would have to wait for me, outside. Panic. In the most unladylike-like and quasi-hysterical squawk I could muster, I SCREAMED for Dan to stop. Somehow he heard me....as did everyone else in the Terminal... He handed me my passport and after a fairly uncomfortable zig zag through the CBP line, I was finally hustled out of the line, free from retention. We proceeded to where the taxi line was and realized it was LONG (Joyce has warned us it would be). Happy Dan transformed into Resourceful Dan and hijacked a cab that had just pulled up in front of us and let out some lucky cruisers who were just arriving to go ON their cruise. (Mother-scratchers were probably the villains taking our Suite !). We never looked back. We just jumped in and told him to take us to MIA. Yes, it was wrong. Too bad.
  14. I know. I’m not real happy about it but I trust Joyce that they will be ok. I’m keeping my carry-on with me, though. I have my valuables in that one and it doesn’t leave my sight. Period.
  15. Yes, that is true. This sailing was FILLED with deviant gamblers ! Oh wait....I’m talking about myself ! Don't tell anyone, but I am secretly glad that the casino is closed. Now I can spend ONE quiet night outside of that loud, obnoxious smoke-filled den of iniquity. 😉😉🤫🤫
  16. Disembarkation : Booooooo.. Such an unpleasant topic but since I am unable to gamble in the casino, I will preview the disembarkation process of Star Class out of Miami. First, the bad. PoM still does not have Luggage Valet. That’s unfortunate. LV is such an awesome service. You give up your bags on the last night and don’t see them again until you deplane at your final destination. All of this is complimentary for Suites. However, with that bit of bad news out of the way, we can chat about the positives of SC disembarkation. We will NOT put our bags out tonite. We must put them out tomorrow morning between 6:30-7:00 AM. They will be taken directly to a special SC holding area until we pick them up. Those of you who have followed my travel blogs for a while are familiar with my somewhat newly-acquired aversion for giving up personal control of offboarding my luggage. This is due to an unfortunate incident last summer in Galveston where one piece of our luggage just disappeared, never to be seen again. But Joyce has given us her personal promise that our luggage will be safe. I trust her. Ok. It’ll be out there at 0630 tomorrow. We will then go out to the Coastal Kitchen for our farewell breakfast where Joyce will escort us off the ship at 8:00. Our flight is at 12:07 out of MIA so we will have a bit of time to pass in the Admiral’s Club. That’s fine. Their Clubs are nice at MIA. We are alongside the pier. We’re home ! (Almost).8:05 PM
  17. Update : Due to a medical emergency, the ship did double time getting back to Miami (24 knots !) so that the affected person could get prompt medical attention. Therefore, it is 7:33 PM on Saturday night and we are already inside the port area (but not tied up quite yet). The affected person will be able to disembark immediately (with their family, presumably) but the rest of us will be spending the night alongside the dock. No one, except for patient, will be allowed to disembark. I don’t see how this will negatively impact anyone’s cruise with the exception of those of us who would otherwise be gambling. The casino closed at 6:45. I imagine that bumping we are feeling is caused by the casino staff doing their happy dance. They are off for 24 hours ! In other interesting news, our Genie brought us a letter indicating that we would be receiving a 20% FCC based on the price of this cruise. This is due to the “inconvenience” caused by our “noise” issue. Obviously, we neither initiated nor expected any kind of compensation. Good grief. It wasn’t like we stepped out of our shower into a pool of sewage (I’m looking at you, Twangster). It was a very thoughtful but entirely unnecessary surprise. So, here we are, pulling into port. It will be interesting and very different to spend the night on the ship in the Port of Miami.
  18. You will, most likely, not hear from the Suites’ Concierge if you are in Star Class. That job is superseded by the Genie. You absolutely should have heard from the Genie by now. I recommend you reach out to them. Send an email to OA_GOTL03@rccl.com. That is my Genie’s email address (Joyce). While she will definitely NOT be your Genie (she leaving on vacation next week) she can get the comm started with whomever will be your Genie. You definitely need to have some pre-boarding comm. There are lots of things that need to be coordinated. Good luck. You will love Oasis. She is gorgeous
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