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  1. When we were on Freedom in April we did NOT dock at Havensight.
  2. I love both the OS and CLS. I am not a fan of the stairs so all things being equal, I would choose the OS but being on deck 17 has is own special perks - especially if you plan on spending much time in CK. I think, with the teenager, I would go with the CLS b/c you will all have more privacy and she will have her own bathroom.
  3. The BOGO deal does not exist anymore unless you are D or higher C&A
  4. Welcome to the blog, Scott and thank you for your military service. You are fortunate, indeed to have received a military discount from Royal Caribbean. They are, unfortunately, very rare. It’s one of the few disappointing things about Royal Caribbean. In all of our years of cruising, We have only received a military discount once and that was on Carnival, years ago. They required that I fax the “proof” to them when I booked. I really have no idea how Royal handles it but I would certainly take either the 214 with me or a military ID or something. No sense in having utter chaos ensue at the port by not having some kind of paperwork with you, just in case. As far as tipping goes, it’s completely a personal choice. You are already tipping the room attendant by virtue of your daily gratuity so an additional tip, should you choose to give one, would be on top of that. We always tip our attendant extra but it is not required or even expected, from my experience. I’m happy to hear that your somewhat disappointing first cruise hasn’t spoiled you from the chance to try again. You certainly picked a great ship. Allure is a beauty. If your wife is uncomfortable in crowds I will offer a suggestion regarding the muster drill. That is the one and only time I ever feel crowded on a ship - any ship. Let’s say the muster drill is at 4:30. At around 4:00, go to your muster station and find the person who is scanning Seapass cards and have that person scan both of your cards. Then tell that person that your wife is claustrophobic and that you are going inside to have a seat. Go to one of the bar areas (but not at the bar itself) and have a seat. That is where people who are in wheelchairs or have other physical limitations will sit through the drill. If anyone says that you must go to your muster station, just tell them that your cards have already been scanned and that you are going to sit where you are for the muster drill. You will find others will come and sit there as well. One of the staff will perform the life jacket demonstration for those of you who are seated inside. Then...once the drill concludes and everyone begins to surge towards the elevators, just remain seated and enjoy your seat for a while longer until the crowds clear out. Not only will you avoid the mass of humanity but you get to sit down in the cool bar area while everyone else is cued up outside. Of course, on Allure your muster station might be inside anyway but you can avoid the crowds by being elsewhere.
  5. No, I would not be expect this to work in reverse. If you are dining in a specialty restaurant they will bring a lobster tail to you there (as long as it is already being served in the MDR) but I would not expect them to bring anything from a specialty restaurant (such as red velvet cake) to the MDR.
  6. I have stayed in both rooms and I think you will love the ATS especially if you are on deck 8. My primary objection is the walk all the way aft. It is a LONG way back there. But the views and the balcony are second to none. There is some exterior noise in the ATS during performances but it’s not excessive and I find the activity of the ATS very exciting. Your reasoning about having a second bedroom is sound. It’s much nicer to have a private bedroom (even though it is small) than to have a made up couch downstairs. I don’t know if you’re considering having a party but there is nothing as impressive as a deck party from the ATS. The Star Loft is impressive but does not come close to the WOW factor of the ATS. We choose deck 17 now for the convenience but we have never regretted out cruises from the ATS (3)
  7. Yes, you are able to change travel companions however at least 1 original person must remain on the reservation. You can change the second person as many times as you want and at any time up until the last couple of days
  8. The price that is posted on the website is the “base” price for the UDP. On top of that you must prepay the 18% gratuity. Once you pay the full price (base + gratuity) you are fully paid. If you purchase drinks one at a time (no package) you will pay the cost of the drink + 18% gratuity.
  9. The Concierge didn’t even try to get you into Jamie’s ?
  10. ...and do do Russia and China and anybody else who wants mine...
  11. If you are on a ship you can ask the LoyAlty Ambassador or if you’re not going to be on a ship any time soon, just call the Crown & Anchor Society and ask them to send them to you
  12. I’ll bet he ends up loving it ! My husband did not want to go on our first cruise. His mother (a world Class world traveler) had convinced him that cruising was frivolous and cultureless. She was wrong. I was right. 😉😁
  13. Congratulations ! What’s the date of the RPT sailing on Oasis in 2020 ? We are on Oasis on 6 Dec 2020. Hadn’t even thought about the fact that it might be a poker cruise ! Matter of fact, we are on Oasis THIS year Dec 1.
  14. I have transferred my older-than-60-days reservations from Royal (or the casino) to MEI many times. It can take a few days longer but I have never been unsuccessful.
  15. This is the second such posting I have read today. Maybe things are changing !!
  16. The facial recognition thing is only for FINAL disembarkation at Customs. The ports of call do not use facial recognition. With the refreshment package and the soda package you can purchase it for one or more people but everyone in the cabin does NOT have to purchase it. The "everyone must buy" rule only applies to the Ultimate Beverage Package (alcohol).
  17. I believe the BOGO package has been replaced with Chops +1
  18. Good news !! All of the electronic poker tables are now GONE !
  19. I LOVE this about kids. They're just kids. They don't care about anything. Why can't adults be like this ?
  20. I never play roulette so I have no idea what the minimums are but my GUESS would be $10 as that is the minimum at most of the other table games. Good luck !
  21. Anyone who is a Club Royale member can book through the casino (you automatically become a member when you put your seapass card into a slot machine or have the dealer scan your card at a table game). From what I understand, unless you are at least Prime level, the casino prices are not significantly different from regular prices. In other words, I believe you are unlikely to get much of a discount as a Choice player HOWEVER, there are some exceptions to that "rule". When the Cuba ban first happened, they had a LOT of rooms to fill from cancellations and it is my understanding that even some of the Choice players got offers for those sailings. Obviously, the higher you are in the program the more offers you receive and the more lucrative they become. Prior to 1 April 2019 (the start of the new CR "season") the upgrade rates were excellent. Since April, not so much. They still save you money but not like last year.
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