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  1. Yes. On Oasis, Allure and Harmony, you get to choose between the pole or an OS that is connected to an adjoining room. Finally on Symphony they eliminated the adjoining room OS so now there is at least an OS without the pole OR a connecting door.
  2. I purchased the Coco Cay Beach Club passes for $53.99 PP many months ago. Of course, that is for the 9-13-21 Mariner cruise which is now cancelled (along with the 9-17 and 9-20 ones, too).
  3. You really have the most important aspects already identified. It comes down to 2 things (for me). 1. Do you want to be up on 17 ? 2. Do you want stairs ? If you plan on eating at the Coastal Kitchen a great deal of the time, then being on Deck 17 is extremely convenient. It's just a few steps down the hallway and you're there. An OS would mean an elevator ride. It's kinda like the difference between staying "on property" at Disney or having an "off property" hotel. If you don't want to be climbing stairs all day then you may want to steer clear of the CLS. I, personally, prefer the OS to the CLS. I feel like I have more room and I don't have those stairs to worry about. ...but I am also not a die-hard fan of the CK (sorry Sabrina !!). One thing's for sure though....as great as the OS is, you will never EVER get that BIG view anywhere except for the 2 level suites. There is a WOW factor there that you just can't get anywhere else. In general, the OS is usually a few bucks more than the CLS but not always.
  4. Not sure how they're doing it since the restart but in the past room service for "continental" breakfast was always free of charge. Any cooked meal incurred a service charge unless you're in a Grand Suite or higher, in which case room service was complimentary.
  5. I’m so with you on sitting in the back for the Comedy show. No way do I want to be human fodder for everyone’s entertainment.
  6. LOL. Nothing quite as exciting as you would be interested in.... Just what they call a screened patio enclosure in these parts... It will cover the entire back of the house.
  7. Everything went well with the walk-through, but as I said before, we knew exactly what still needs to be done and our Construction Manager is taking care of all of it....not that there's much. Apparently the builder does not have the gas turned on prior to closing. I was not aware of this so I need to call the gas company tomorrow and make arrangements for them to come and turn on the gas and check all of the gas appliances. Not a big deal...just something that I hadn't been aware of before. I guess that's what final walk-throughs are for... I mentioned before that we are having some post-closing work done....there are a lot of things that the builder just doesn't do so we are contracting those ourselves to be completed once we are officially the owners. We are having an epoxy floor coating put on the garage floor, sealing the tile throughout the house (which is all we have...no carpet of any kind), built-ins for the closets, office, entertainment center, garage storage, a very nifty jewelry cabinet for me !, additional kitchen cabinet installs, BIG bird cage fenced enclosure on the back of the house, fans throughout the house, new lighting fixtures (some pendant lights and a new foyer light), whole-house water treatment system, and emergency generator system. All of this has to be done AFTER the year-long wait to complete the actual house ! Some of it can be done soon, some will take a while. The bird cage, for instance, will most likely take several months to complete. They are THAT booked up. So we will be looking forward to another few months of post-construction, construction. It's going to be a while before we are truly "settled".
  8. LOL. I didn't even know PSL had a Club Med ! LOL We love it here.
  9. That's such a great idea. I wish they would have a rule like this in Costa Maya. I absolutely love going to CM but the vendors are so annoying.
  10. I certainly have no particular insight here but I am going to guess that the "extra" day for unvaxxed is b/c unvaxxed must do a PCR test which can take considerably longer to process than the antigen test. Just a guess.
  11. Resurrecting this one b/c we are about to bring this saga to a close ! Today is final walk-through for the new house. So excited and yet have the stomach butterflies... Today is final walk-through and next Wed (9-15) is closing. We have quite a bit of "stuff" to do after closing so we will not move in until 9-26 but closing will trigger a flurry of activity. Of note...we are closing almost exactly 1 year to the day from the day we signed the contract. We signed on 9-19-20 and we will close on 9-15-21. Closing is EXACTLY 6 months from the day they "broke ground" on the new build. They started putting in forms for the foundation on 3-15-21. This is the first new build I have ever done...so I really don't have anything to compare it to, but I will say that I just don't think things could have been any smoother. Our timing (pure accident !) must have been perfect. We managed to get most of the outside construction done during the "dry" season so we missed almost NO days to weather. Those who are in the "outside" phase of the construction right now are missing nearly EVERY single afternoon due to heavy rains. During the initial phase of the development there were considerable problems with delivery of appliances. There was much wailing from people who got the dreaded "appliance" letter. We waited, thinking we would surely get one, too....but apparently they had solved the appliance "issue" by the time we came along b/c we had no problems or delays with delivery of ANYthing. (Apparently they got a new appliance vendor somewhere along the line which solved the delivery problem). So, off we go to do the final inspection. Wish us luck !! PS. We really don't need any luck. We have been over at that house EVERY f'n day for the past 6 months. I probably know more about this property than the builders do. I know where every speck of drywall dust went and Dan has picked up every pebble out of the yard both pre-sod and post-sod. HA !
  12. IF (big IF) we are allowed to cruise in Nov (11-21-21) we are on Allure in SC...so MAYbe we'll finally get to meet Alan. This cruise is a western Carrib so doesn't go anywhere near St. Thomas, The Bahamas or Coco Cay. There is really no reason to restrict this cruise to vaxxed only but I'm sure they will. This is the second leg of a B2B on Allure (11-14 and 11-21). Right now we're not permitted to do B2B either so that reduces the chances of our getting on EITHER one of these cruises. Oh well....still booked. Not giving up yet.
  13. What a great birthday cake. Alan is a gem. I have never had him as a Genie but I've heard only good things about him...and now, even more. @CGTLHyou may be a sake bomb failure, but you have the rest of the drink repertoire down very well !
  14. Oh.....I'll bet if he had held out he could have gotten at LEAST 2 large pyramids !
  15. Also concur that the interview is pretty simple. Make sure you have 2 forms of ID.
  16. Ashley, so sorry to ask you to do this....if it's too much trouble, don't worry.... I am reading on CC that beginning next week the 11-11 beverage service on Allure will be eliminated and the only beverages that will be available are during HH. Could you please ask Alan if this is true ?
  17. Thanks for the intel on the SL beverage and food situation. I am VERY happy to hear that all is [almost] normal in that regard. I hope it stays like that !!
  18. Happy Birthday to your mom !! I hope she enjoyed her cake. You know what I like most about this picture ? Alan is not wearing a mask ! That is awesome !!
  19. Are they offering beer, wine, sodas and water from 11-11 in the Suites Lounge or is it only during happy hour hours ? I've heard mixed answers on different ships.
  20. That little swirling water thing always looks like fun to me but I'm too chicken to get in with the kids !
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