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  1. I'd like to see this in one of the pods of the seaplex aboard Anthem. However I believe I saw a rendering of playmakers being put in that area on Odyssey.
  2. Isn't the lack of UK passengers being able to reprice was a matter of law as opposed to policy? Just like in certain regions, the gratuities are part of the fare paid and cannot be separate.
  3. If you use a travel agent, many times you can get the guarantee price and choice of room. I book 9-12 months out or last minute. Of course booking less than 6 months out i've seen that option disappear.
  4. I'd agree with that considering NCL has upped theirs to $99pppd if not chosen as a perk. (Likely so they can get the higher 18% on those who do choose as a perk)
  5. The newer ships tend to have nightlights in the restrooms. If you have a virtual view or virtual balcony, you can leave that monitor on. There is just enough light from the monitor that I have had to turn it off at night. (but the virtual options would be on Navigator and newer ships anyway) Also, if you do decide to bring a small light, you can get a small one and put it inside a shoe so as not to take up space.
  6. I called a few years ago to ask about credits for a solo sailing adjustment, they said that they weren't retroactively changing everything to the new standard.
  7. I don't know, the "ship within a ship" trend for new builds is growing. I wouldn't be surprised with the Quantum Ultra having something like that in China and the new Icon class ships going forward.
  8. Cruises taken before the change in the program around 2013 were only 1 credit per cruise. At that point a calculation was made to translate your credits to points based on how far you were to the next level. My 4 cruises were translated to 27 points. Exactly 1 cruise needed to reach Platinum just as it was before the conversion. Should hit 💯 this year. Still years away from 💎➕.
  9. I got charged for those little bottles once.
  10. You don't have to prepay gratuities with MTD, it's just that they will be charged to the account and cannot be removed. Of course if your TA offers gratuities as a perk, then you're covered either way.
  11. Loved your Oasis blog. Hoping to see the changes when she comes to New York this spring.
  12. As a general rule, there are no fees to experience ripcord or northstar (except in Asia). However, reservations are needed for both and you're limited to one reservation per sailing (standby is available for additional times). Also keep in mind that during Alaska itineraries the northstar is offered as an excursion at the best viewing times.
  13. On Anthem Johnny rockets is an Express counter on the pool deck (like guys burgers on carnival). A la carte pricing $5.00 for burger and fries. I hope they change it throughout the flee (Navigator also?). They can use the JR space for another venue or 2 with outdoor seating (smaller version of NCL waterfront)
  14. Already decided that there is no benefit whatsoever to the "sale of the week" by RC. The $20-$30 isn't enough of a deal breaker. They're all variations of the same theme. The only one that is worth anything is when the 3&4 sail free. Royal's math isn't fuzzy, it's the old shell game 🐚 🐚 🐚.
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