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  1. I've "quit drinking during the week" about 5 times since this all started.....
  2. Thanks! I hope it goes well. Next, if I can just get these kids out of here!!! I like to PLAN....and now that I know Im here full time, it alllows me to do so a bit more. The constant uncertainty was weighing on me pretty heavily. Now I just have to set up my "office" and get off the kitchen table.....and away from the pantry.
  3. I hate you lost your cruise. Cant wait till we can all talk about actual, real, happening cruises, again. As for the weight loss journey....dont feel bad. As long as it took and as easy as it was to gain weight, its equally hard to lose it. Set backs are just part of it. Over the past 3 years, I started at 270, got down to 195, and have gone between 215 and 195 at different points based on how strict ive been in my routine. ROUTINE IS THE KEY. Since Covid19 struck, Ive gained 13 lbs. No gym + stuck at home with all the food (and increased alcohol intake) = weight gain. Our office had a
  4. we rebooked our canceled April sailing for March of 2021 thinking "thats pretty much a year.....NO PROBLEM.....now, weeeeeeeeeell......a little nervous!
  5. I thought the same thing. When this all started, Dec. of 2021 sounded like PLENTY of time for my FCC......now its not so hot considering I may not get to use it in 2020, or maybe not even some of 2021? Thats obviously speculation.....but.....not unreasonable speculation.
  6. We went there while in Key West last Feb! We enjoyed it, thoroughly, especially the rum tasting at the end. lol Key West, in my opinion, is best experienced best by having no strict schedule or plan. Pick out one thing, go do it, then wander. Drink, eat, drink some more....JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET BACK TO THE BOAT ON TIME. One of the funnest days of my life was spent in Key West.....and we did nothing more than sit outside by the water at Conch Republic Seafood, eat, drink, listen to music....then stagger over to Duval St. to Sloppy Joes, and then to Irish Kevins.
  7. I would THINK they would extend everything till at least the end of year, and I would think they would extend some form of both L&S and CWC into 2021? At this point, if everything goes best case, there are only 3 months of sailing window remaining in the year. Into 2021 things still wont be NORMAL all of a sudden. ALL of our return to normal is going to be gradual....
  8. Kelley! Good to "see" you here! I, and everyone else (I speak for everyone, now) thanks you and all your colleagues for your effort and sacrifice of time and energy. Brighter days ahead!
  9. Keep the faith. The alternative is no way to live.
  10. Hate it for you. Really do. I have to imagine the people answering the phone find out like us. Twitter, news, RCL Blog, etc.... Thinking the people on the front lines know the orders of battle before they need to be carried out isnt how it works.
  11. Stewart Chiron, on Twitter, stating CDC is extending No Sail Oder till Sept. 30.
  12. In honor of its being decommissioned by Pullmantur and sold (likely for scrap)...here are some old photos of my (now) wife and I at OLD Coco Cay, with the old girl. Id love to see any photos of Sovereign that anyone else has?
  13. I was talking to my neighbors at the pool this weekend (while drinking....so keep that in mind) and they explained that they had several bookings on NCL cancelled. They said that each time theyve been canceled on, theyve gotten 125% of their fare as FCC, and just booked for the soonest date possible. They said by now theyve got nearly double of their original fare in FCC. It was my understanding that, with ROYAL, if a cruise gets canceled on you and it was paid for using FCC you just got the value of the FCC, and not 125% more. Am I mistaken? Is NCL doing something different?
  14. Heres something for ya....my wife, when she gets a Pumpkin Ale, always asks for brown sugar and cinnamon on the rim of her glass.
  15. Does anyone actually drink frozen margaritas? Im an on the rocks, slice of lime, no salt guy..... This past weekend: I dont know what youd call it...a pina colada variation, i suppose.....but Saturday by the pool i drank a good amount of coconut rum, white rum, pinapple juice, and coconut water with a lime slice, followed by a few Trulys from the wifes citrus pack. I credit the coconut water and hard seltzers with no hangover the next morning....WIN!
  16. If our March sailing on Harmony is cancelled (again), our back up plan is to go visit the mouse in Orlando (since thats obviously so much safer). We will use our TA for that, as well. I really feel for them all, and ours (Kelley Hardy with MEI) has been amazing.
  17. But....CRUISE SHIPS are the problem......... https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2020/07/13/delta-air-lines-passengers-test-positive-covid-19/5426856002/
  18. Id be surprised if there IS a Royal Up program, and if there is, it wont be a big savings. Probably wrong, as my wife points out, I usually am.
  19. Oh, no....I was referring to me dodging people being irrationally against cruises. I typically find I don't enjoy the company of the types of people who are anti cruising, anyway.....so it works out, just fine.
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