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  1. 7 hours ago, Jim S said:

    Yes, I think RCI have created a monster that they cannot feed. The number Diamond and Diamond Plus members is increasing dramatically every year. I think RCI should introduce a new Crown & Anchor loyalty level at, say, 350 points. Access to the Concierge lounge could be awarded from that level. By the way, I am Diamond Plus with 262 points so I am not suggesting this to benefit myself, but merely suggesting the change as way to address the problem of the overcrowded lounges. The Diamond lounge could then be restricted to Diamond Plus members with less than 350 points. Diamond members would receive the normal 3 free drinks on their sea pass each night.

    Only my opinion. Hope I don’t upset anybody.

    I think RCL should grandfather in the folks who are already diamond or diamond+.....or it would be dirty pool for the folks who put the time, expense and loyalty to achieve their status before they raise the points status to 350 points.

  2. Maybe she wasn't lying, but didn't know about the Emerald pin. In either case if she didn't know she should have said so and then followed up. We stay up on 17 and Dexter in the Suite Lounge is great.....he does a fab job. The bests thing about Dexter besides doing a wonderful job, is the guy is happy 24/7 no matter what you throw at him.....


  3. Sorry for your troubles, vacations that don't work out are a drag, so I feel for you there for sure. RCC has their policies that affect everyone on the cruise when unexpected events happen to the current passengers and the next ones that are coming on board. Looks like  an issue with your follow-up and RCC's failure to do what they said they would do for you. If someone else out there was left whole after this ordeal, then you should be too. Keep at it to see if there is resolution for you, but don't expect to be an exception as they are dealing with up to 5000 guests, but defiantly get what is coming to you that is similar to what other folks on your booked cruise received. By all means find a cruise line that fits your needs so if this happens again you will feel you are being treated fairly. Good vibes for the next cruise for you...take care!


  4. We recently took a river cruise though Eastern Europe and needed 4 different currencies and ordered them from our bank. It took a couple of days to receive the funds. We had enough currency of each type, mostly for pin money. We used our widely accepted credit card with no fees for anything else we needed. It worked out great for us this way.

  5. I am Diamond and heading to Diamond +. I think it is worth it to get into the  Concierge Lounge and that perk alone makes it worth to for me for Diamond +. We always travel on the Oasis and Quantum class of ships. I think it is a matter of preference and what is important to each cruiser.....I like all the perks I am currently receiving in Diamond too and going to plus is another cherry on the cake.

  6. We have done Star Class and found that whole ship opens up to you in a special way.....in a way it is like you do have the keys to the castle. It is in a cruise within a cruise. Our Genie was fantastic the way he anticipated our needs and kept track/planned what we wanted to do on a daily basis. He just made everything simple and easy for us to navigate our trip. He escorted us off the ship through customs and literally opened the door to our cab on debarkation day.


  7. We are early risers, we brew up a cup of coffee and head out on the balcony to enjoy the morning with a good chat. Then we head to the gym for a workout, a hot tub and back to our room to clean up and get ready for the next part of the day which will start with breakfast......can't wait. 

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