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  1. Hopefully everything will work out well. Good Luck!
  2. The dogs are looking for fruit. It really is such a shame that they have to throw out big garbage bags of fresh fruit that people take form the ship....we see this every time we visit Cozumel.
  3. Mine have never changed, sometimes I will look a couple of weeks later and they have not changed.
  4. The only way I know of is thru the Casino and they charge a 5% admin fee to do this. I guess the main reason for doing this is to get points on your CC or deferring the charge for the 45 days your CC gives you to pay...
  5. We are about to embark on the Radiance of the Seas to Hawaii and just got a letter informing us there will be so many C&A members that the Concierge with be for Pinnacle and Suites and that the whole Viking Crown Lounge plus the Diamond Lounge will be for Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle. Plus they will be adding a Free coffee each day. So to alleviate your wait time, we are loading a voucher for one specialty non- alcoholic coffee per day onto your SeaPass card. This can be used in the Main Dining Room and Café Latte-Tudes. So my question...does this expire like the 3 drinks loaded on the SeaPass card or would they accumulate? If anyone can give me some insight with this it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. My wife always has both with her, the regular scissors are not huge but we carry a small first aid kit with us and they are in it. We have never had any problems with either of them.
  7. Are you flying out to Baltimore or driving?
  8. It does seem like not everyone at Royal is on the same page....
  9. Hopefully all will have passed by then and things back to normal, enjoy your cruise!
  10. On all my Royal flights it shows 2 booking/confirmation numbers but I have never booked an Easy Jet flight thru Royal. I always get these the day I book and with the carrier code can log into the airline site to book my seats.
  11. Yes it's like getting double your money back only the FCC must be applied to a cruise within a year normally.
  12. It looks like the 5 day Bermuda cruise leaving this morning was canceled because of propulsion problems. It seems the ship left the port on time but shortly after had to return to port with this issue. It seems they will give everyone a full refund and 100% FCC plus the normal flight change fees. Not sure if anyone can give more details....
  13. It's interesting that they are on Grandeur of the Seas a much smaller ship but not on the Liberty.....
  14. I guess the main thing is are you happy with the extra perks each category offers....I know many people that just can't sail in anything less than JS...they need the walk-in closet and bathtub....others say it's because of the double points.... Lucky we have lots of different categories on ships so everyone can buy what suits them best. It's great to have a choice.
  15. I would not risk it. We were on a cruise a while back the some guys all got arrested when they got caught during a routine inspection by US Border guys, not sure if they had info on them or just random....but they got arrested for pot and the room attendant told us it was just a small baggy....
  16. That's great news and kinda makes sense that it's part of the cruise fare....how come the Supervisor did not know that?.... Royal UP is even commissionable....so should be part of the cruise fare.
  17. This is because the algorithm Royal uses to set prices works on a supply and demand basis...if no one books Balcony's they drop the price and raise the price of the what is selling. On the Oasis Class ships there are so many Balconies that this can happen a lot.
  18. Too many generalizations.....I know many Pinnacle Members that only cruise in Suites, to have sailed 700 days deserves perks and that's why RC have the most repeat customers and the most high cruising passengers. The whole reason Diamond Members got access to the CL back in the day started because the Suites were not using the lounge....they sat empty....CK is the same, many times they limit Pinnacle Members access....then it sits empty and they start booking the Pinnacles again.... I don't think Royal has created a problem, they created an amazing business model that fills there ships with a diverse population and each year the build another ship and fill it too....this in part is there loyalty program....and they way many many people chase points to the next level.....it's actually quite genius. I'm not so sure a Suite generates more revenue....it's the passengers that actually generate the revenue and it's easy to see that volume works with revenue generation because the ship have been carrying more and more passengers. Lets look at this way...... Suite is 500sqft (Premium Realestate plus perks) and 2 people pay $6000 or to have 3 Interior rooms at 150sqft (space that cant be used for anything more than storage, no perks) that pay $2000 each cabin (2 passengers)...so 450sqft brings in $6000 plus you have 4 extra people to buy drinks, shopping, tours and specialty restaurants...I think the sweet spot is about 5000 passengers…. I think Royal know exactly what it's doing and that's why they own a few different brands, Celebrity, Azamara, Silver Seas etc. each one has it's following and cliental. Just my 2 cents.
  19. This was thru the cruise planner, it was cheaper then buying on the ship....I don't have anything booked on the Symphony now but in my cruise planner of the Navigator sailing I have it shows Jamie's Dinner at $34.99
  20. I agree we did the 12 Night Christmas and New Years sailing a couple of years ago and had a great time. Nothing like being in 80 degree weather in the Caribbean during Christmas and New Years. They had a group aboard that does Christmas carols every year, they had a great gingerbread town set up. The staff were great and it has an indoor pool and solarium so if (when) it's cold you can still swim and jacuzzi.... Santa handed out gifts (RC mug) to the kids....they had eggnog and Charleston, SC is a very cute town to visit. Enjoy!
  21. I read about this on CC and someone spoke with C&A and they insisted it was not gone and the they were going to make sure the ship that removed it was set straight. Not sure what ship this was about. I am hoping to use ours on the Radiance in a few days.....
  22. Remember the days when you were B2B but on different ships they would transfer you to the other ship if it was the same day or even put you up in a hotel if it was next day sailing...all at no cost to you. It would be nice to see a solid partnership with a hotel chain and Royal....
  23. Congratulations it really is the best perk Royal offers in my opinion....access to the Diamond Lounge. Inside you will meet some great people, they offer a breakfast in the morning, snacks throughout the day and a great social event for 3 hours in the evening with drinks and appetizers. There is a great espresso machine for lattes all day and the lounge is available 24/7 for you to enjoy, read a book and the view from many Diamond Lounges is amazing. You will also have access to the Diamond Concierge who can help you with many things and save you so much time as you will never need to go to guest services.... Enjoy your new status!
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