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  1. Okay all, here I am yet again throwing myself at the feet at my far more experienced travelers! We're starting to plan for a bucket-list cruise to Alaska, and I could really use some feedback from those who have done an Alaskan Cruisetour. As East Coast residing public employees, this could well be the only time we ever make it out to Alaska, and it will almost certainly be the only time we get out there with the kids. As a result, I want to do it right. For background, we'll have a 12 year old (who loves rains!) and a 9 year old boy in tow, and we're definitely doing either a Jr. Suite or
  2. So far this Black Friday has been a bit of a dud for me. The All Access Tour went from $130 to $90, so that was great, but no savings to be found anywhere else. That said, I had already repurchased most of my items back during the past CP sale (I can't recall if that was last month or September) and found some really terrific deals then. So while this year's deals seem to be inferior to last year's, there was no huge sale prior to Black Friday that I could take advantage of last year either, so it's not exactly an apples to apples comparison.
  3. Can confirm; was the correct number as recently as August.
  4. As a glass half-full kind of guy, I think @Matt may have accidentally provided RCG an invaluable service: a database of individuals who should ABSOLUTELY 100% NOT be involved on a test cruise due to an inability to process information and/or follow directions. I'd think Dr. Johnson, Dr. Gottlieb and the rest of the Healthy Sail Panel would appreciate dodging this entire magazine worth of bullets.
  5. Okay, took me a hot minute. 20 from the flight. In my defense, I did list missing something as the 1st option...
  6. Either I'm missing something (which, let's be honest, would not be terribly shocking), there's a typo here, or this 133% infection rate is going to seriously mess with someone's data...
  7. Within an hour to Cape Liberty, so that's a no-brainer for me. As things stand right now, if I were cruising out of FL I would almost certainly take the Auto Train down. Shave a day of drive time (and arrive well rested) and have my car there for an emergency return trip. After the cruise I'd probably just drive back home over two days, saves money and there's less of a real hard deadline as to when I get there. It's not like my house will leave me at the pier!
  8. Good looking out, friend! Was $46 on my August Oasis cruise, just nabbed it.
  9. (But seriously, this is why I love it here, too!)
  10. We're now at $189 adult and $169 for children for Oasis next August. Luckily, I also got in at $79/$59. I've seen huge jumps in almost all of my CocoCay options. Waterpark up to $102, Waterpark Cabanas went from $599 to $999, all the other cabanas jumped between $300 and $500. Looks like about the only thing that didn't spike are the good ol' beach beds, still holding down the fort at $199...
  11. I hadn't ever thought of this until you asked the question! After a little digging, I found a deck plan of Quantum that shows the interior door location (indicated by the diagonal line) at https://www.seascanner.com/deckplan-quantum-of-the-seas. In the example you gave, You'd want 11213 to pair with 11210.
  12. Great googly moogly, the Cruisetour prices are just listed in the "Find a Cruise" searches?!? I'm not sure how I missed that, but I appreciate how polite you were in responding to my ignorance!
  13. Can any of you wonderful cruise experts give me a general ballpark figure for how much adding a Cruisetour to an Alaskan Cruise would run? Specifically, I'd be looking at the 10 Night Family Tundra Express (9 A/B) for a family of two adults and two children, probably in July. Obviously I know there are way too many variables for any sort of precise costs, I'm just looking for a ballpark figure, and I appreciate the fact that the ballpark will be Dodger Stadium sized. This lack of going anywhere all summer has me thinking about what my travel plans might look like for 2023 (not a typo), and
  14. Maybe they reduced maximum capacity for mitigation purposes and that sent the algorithm all in a tizzy? Just a guess. Also possible that a particularly distractive squirrel ran by an intern's window...
  15. Seeing as the industry will probably have to completely rethink the entire debarkation process once cruising resumes, I'd think that it will be impossible to estimate how long it will take to get off the ship, clear customs and make your way to the airport until a few cruises have been completed. Even then, I'd imagine it will likely be a work in progress, with constant "tweaks" to the system.
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