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  1. LOL, to Twangster’s magic 8 ball answer. I should have asked this instead: If Galveston terminal is on track, the TA departs for Galveston Oct 30, 2022. IF they suspect the terminal will not be ready for her by the Nov 13 arrival, they’d have to delay the Oct30 TA (and probably add on a couple more European itineraries). Assuming Royal has past history where this has occurred (TA moved due to new terminal delay), is anyone aware the latest (closest in) to scheduled TA date, that Royal has adjusted TA start and new terminal inaugural sailing? Just curious. thanks!!
  2. @twangsterThanks! I had been hoping they would open these up for booking! Taking a chance on the November 13 sailing with an end Boardwalk Balcony overlooking the magnificent AquaTheater. I'd made a December 4 reservation from the previous deployment announcement - with a refundable deposit. Trying to decide if I wait until Final to cancel it - so will have an informed decision whether the terminal will likely be finished 3 weeks earlier. Would Royal announce by middle of August 2022 if Terminal 10 (aka Terminal 3) would be delayed?
  3. So does this affect scheduled Florida test cruises? Are they still necessary?
  4. @Pattycruise When I had the problem with a middle name not matching passport, I called American Airlines. (This was about 3 weeks ago). AA advised it had to match, and to go back to Air2Sea to create a new reservation (International tickets can’t be modified). I called Air2Sea and the first rep said, don’t worry it won’t be a problem, repeatedly. I hung up, called back and got a 2nd rep who insisted it was a problem, and apologized for the bad info the first rep provided. He said the passenger would be unable to board the plane with incorrect name. He canceled and rebooked quickly, insuring the names were correct. If I were you, I’d call Air2Sea again.
  5. @steverk I have a booking out of Barbados, so was interested in your question. I thought I’d check entry requirements listed by other cruise lines. I see that Seaborn is cruising from Barbados. Here’s what Seaborn’s website says about Barbados entry requirements for cruisers - there is an option to fly in and go to pier without quarantine: I have to believe when time gets closer to Grandeur sailings, this will also be an option I’m really looking forward to my Barbados Grandeur cruise next spring. https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/health-safety/barbados-travel-requirements.html What requirements must be completed prior to boarding? Negative COVID-19 Test: If guests are going directly to the pier from the airport no additional testing will be required for check-in and embarkation. If guests are staying at a hotel before embarkation they are required to complete a PCR test upon arrival. Guests should take their PCR test at the airport as it will be complimentary. Guests will then be transferred to their hotel to quarantine until results come back. Test results can take up to 24 hours. p.s. I was surprised to read in the protocols Seaborn was denying cruisers requiring oxygen or dialysis.
  6. If it’s an International flight, Air2Sea has to cancel and recreate a new air reservation - no way to correct the name in the existing air Record locator. We just experienced this recently, booking a flight to Barbados and noticed one middle name incorrect (didn’t match passport) . Good luck! Try to call early in morning or later in evening,
  7. Adventure OTS, 2003, southern Caribbean out of San Juan. What a wonderful first cruise!
  8. Glad we have choices, and can respect each other’s decisions and tolerances. If Royal were to give me a free cruise, sure I’d go and wear a mask. But for me to pay to have to wear a mask, no thank you. I was thinking about why Royal is going the test route (so requiring masks) and NCL, Celebrity, Carnival are not - and they are mask free. I think it goes further than the official position of “10% of our customers are kids under 12”. I believe many canceled reservations since COVID were then Lifted and Shifted from KSF reservations. And to exclude kids means Royal would have a ton of refunds to process. They’d run KSF sale for a long time. Just a guess.
  9. After seeing the mask protocols on other ships, this weekend I canceled my October Indy trip. Sure, protocols could change by then, but maybe they wouldn’t? My trigger was to cancel prior to final payment I didn’t want to set myself up for the position where I’d have to carry a FCC over. I had a great deal on the cabin category for the October cruise. A 125% FCC would not have been sufficient, when future sailings are pricing out 200% of my reservation for same category. I’ll have to wait patiently for my previously-booked April cruise. Please, No masks by then ?? !
  10. If a solo passenger bids, is it still based on 2-people per cabin? If it says minimum bid to next category is $100 per person, would a solo passenger pay $100 or $200? thanks!
  11. Happy for both families, that you can share your first cruise adventure together. Have fun!
  12. That’s a great attitude! I hope your family has a truly wonderful time.
  13. it was earlier today - I wanted to see what rooms were left. You are right - it no longer shows ! edit: it’s possible I was looking at the wrong date. So sorry! Good luck
  14. @HtownHolly, I did a mock booking of your cruise date earlier, and it did show balconies available to be booked for 3 adults. If your TA said you can’t change because final payment has been made, you could cancel with CWC and ask for your funds to be applied to new booking for 3 in a balcony. I am not a TA, just know that there are balconies for 3 available to book right now. Perhaps a TA on this site can give advice. Or - Your TA may also say that since Royal changed your rooms and moved the daughter in a different deck, you want TA to have Royal Resolution now to consolidate 2 cabins into 1 balcony. I assume the room moved had you booked in as the adult? You’d have to cancel the other child from your room first. There is a way to do it, sounds like you may have to convince your TA.
  15. Test Cruise done - Check CDC review - ? Conditional Sailing Certificate - ? Is Freedom cleared to sail with revenue passengers in 4 days?
  16. @HtownHolly , You are on Indy’s first revenue sailing, how fun! Assuming the friend is 12 or over? Everyone 12 and up are required to be vaccinated for that cruise. If the friend chooses not to be vaccinated, she will be unable to cruise on that date. What advice exactly is the friend’s Dad asking, other than can she board the cruise unvaccinated?
  17. Wow! How many reservations did this happen to? So sad for them
  18. I wanted to quote, but Op and I are both Speechless
  19. A few scenarios come to mind. 1. Could be for traceability. In a Royal shore-ex bubble, identification of other passengers who have come in contact with an infected passenger can be determined, and further testing conducted (isolation until test is determined negative) . 2. Foreign ports of call may request a list of where infected passengers ventured ashore, and which locals did they encounter. Royal would only have those details for a report if the passengers were in a Royal bubble.
  20. This is great, Thanks! I just read the agenda item on the contract to be awarded for Parking and roadway design consultant company. Shocked to see as scope they are basing it on 2020 number and SIZE of cruise ships per week. What! Allure pax capacity will need much more parking spaces than Liberty’s pax capacity. https://www.portofgalveston.com/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/4301?fileID=6963
  21. OK - I have to admit I was wrong! With Celebrity announcing similar unvaccinated protocols from Florida, Royal’s no longer stand out. A unified approach. Sorry, folks. Can you tell that a cruise would really help me relax ?. Only 4 more months ??
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