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  1. There are many people who vape on board now. The same rules insofar as the areas you are permitted to do so are the same for those vaping as those smoking cigarettes. Cigars can only be smoked in the outdoor areas. Keep your E liquids and your device either on you or packed in your carry on. It is easiest if the liquid is in an unopened bottle.
  2. This is true, but be aware that if you are reserving a balcony and paying the reduced single supplement, your Crown and Anchor balcony discount is reduced accordingly.
  3. Voyager class is my absolute favorite and I always stay as near to the elevator bank as I can. The elevator bank you are near will allow you access to all the decks from the port side of the ship. Enjoy!
  4. I am hoping that one day, RC will see its way clear to offer Crown and Anchor members discounts on ALL the different types of drink packages. There are many like myself who either can not or choose not to drink alcoholic beverages and are left only with the sales open to everyone. I would like a discount as a thanks for my loyalty.
  5. Some don't -- case in point - my stateroom reeked of dog urine on embarkation day. It took a huge effort to get the room cleaned so that it no longer smelled.
  6. The shows do not cost anything, and yes, if you prepay your gratuities, you can end your trip not owing anything.
  7. I sincerely hope not. I've been around cruise ships since I came into this world; correct me if I am wrong, but I don't remember ever seeing screens in windows on open decks on any cruise line. Now, I only go back as far as the 50's, so I could be wrong. Both the parents and the attorney state that the open window is in the Kids Zone, but the Kid's Zone is centered over the keel. It does not include the area that the toddler fell from. I understand we need to have compassion for the family, but we also have to be just and realistic in assigning the blame for this situation. I have yet to hear if this was the first time on a cruise ship for this family and yet, they talk about it being unimaginable that a window would be open on a pool deck. They speak as though having fixed windows is the norm, which it is not.
  8. As a person who does not drink alcohol, I would like to see a tiered C&A discount on the refreshment package.
  9. 1) I would like to see the reciprocity of loyalty status between sister lines be more realistic: Currently, the top reciprocal status afforded on Celebrity to someone who is Pinnacle aboard Royal Caribbean is Elite, the same status afforded to those who are Diamond. Surely, someone in the Executive Offices realizes that equating 80 loyalty points to 700+ when arriving at a reciprocal status between sister lines is truly an egregious insult to their top tier loyalty members. Given that I am a lover of the quieter, smaller ships, I am slowly being pushed towards Celebrity (which may be RC's intent) and would readily make the shift away from ships that are fast-becoming amusement parks at sea if my loyalty amenities were more in line with what I currently am being given when sailing Royal Caribbean. 2) I also agree that a diversity of ports/itineraries is needed. Looking at February of 2020 and 2021 out of my home port of Bayonne, one 8 day and the remaining 7 day sailings visit Port Canaveral, Coco Cay, and Nassau. Personally, I love to cruise to escape the New York winters and would love to eliminate flying from my cruise budget but it has been years since I have been able to do exactly that. I usually fly to and cruise out of PC so I can hit the longer sailings and frequently do 3 to 5 consecutive sailings on ships offering longer itineraries or ports I favor. I would love to see an 11/8 or 12/7 schedule out of Bayonne in Feb and not necessarily one that stops at Coco Cay which seems to be the new port "all" for RC. I liked the beachcomber feel to the old Coco Cay and having been to the newly commercialized Coco Cay would welcome Labadee for its ambiance.
  10. Twangster, Logically, it doesn't. However, no one ever said that RC's canned responses that employees are told to give in reply to questions asked by passengers are logical or for that matter, truthful.
  11. I am Pinnacle and was staying in a balcony cabin. My friends are Diamond Plus. No one has ever asked to see my card, much less swipe it in the Suite Lounge, however I was told that as of a few months (it would have had to have been since Feb. 2019 - as I went in there then and no swiping was taking place) cards are being swiped for drinks in the Diamond Lounge. As of my sailing, there was no restriction placed on the Diamond Lounge # of drinks, but there was definitely no swiping going on in the Suite Lounge. I just looked back at your comments...the concierge (who I know and he did not ask to see my sea pass) --- only the servers in the Lounge asked for it and swiped it when I ordered my diet coke.
  12. I walked into the Diamond Lounge on Adventure of the Seas (June 28 to July 6) to visit with friends who did not have access to the Suite Lounge. I was very surprised when I ordered a diet coke to be asked for my sea pass card. I questioned why they were swiping cards in the Lounge and was told it was for "inventory purposes for the Loyalty Department" and that it had been going on for some time. No such swiping for Pinnacles in the Suite Lounge, so I guess Loyalty doesn't feel there are enough of us to impact their inventory. I did see a woman who was with friends asked to leave when she could not produce her sea pass card and didn't want the Concierge to look up her room.
  13. If your ship is one of ships supported by the RC app, it is not necessary to print out set sail passes. They can be scanned directly from your phone when you are at the port. Current supported ships Adventure, Allure, Brilliance, Enchantment, Harmony, Independence, Liberty, Majesty, Mariner, Navigator, Oasis, Quantum, Serenade, Spectrum, Symphony and Vision
  14. I was recently there on Adventure. We were the only ship in port. By 10 am the lines for all of the slides with the exception of the four that you can race down were a minimum of a 45 minute wait. It only got worse. I would imagine with more than one ship, you can plan on more waiting than riding.
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