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  1. Since its a first cruise, you could tell her that she must wear her life vest and report to the muster station.
  2. Doesn't help me. All mine sail in Jan and Feb but have final payments starting Oct 11th.
  3. As I have become ill and likely will not be able to follow the current protocols if they are in existence in Jan thru March, I am hoping that I will be able to get a full refund aa making use of the FCCs will not be an option for me.
  4. I called C&A to find out what my options would be if I chose to cancel a few of my winter 2022 cruises. Now, I know that I must wait for the protocols for those sailings to be announced, but, essentially, I asked hypothetically what would happen if those sailings were for the coming weeks and were under the current published protocols AND I did not want to sail due to the protocols. I received two different answers to my query for sailings I described as follows: All sailings are balcony cabins with NRD of anywhere from $250. to $450. and range from 6 to 11 nights All are currently paid in full utilizing: A) my credit card b) funds from an FCC given as a result of Royal cancelling my cruise c) a combination of A&B The answers I was given - I) If in the future, I disagree with published protocols for a sailing I am booked on, I can cancel and I will receive a full refund, including my NRD. All will be refunded to the original card. 2) I will be issued a new FCC for each of the sailings that would need to be utilized by whatever dates apply. (At this time, more FCC's will not work for me.) I would love to know which of these is correct. Thank you.
  5. I can not speak as to how the who and the when of receiving a booster shot will be handled by each state, but I live in NY (not the city) and received my Moderna booster last week. I had my original doses back on Jan 18 and Feb. 14 respectively. The decision as to whether or not I should get the booster shot immediately was reached by a consensus of specialists that I see regularly. My antibody levels were not tested; they used other criteria to make their decision. I think that if anyone is unsure as to if and when they need a booster or not, they should speak with their physician. .
  6. Given the recent cancellation of the Anthem TA and other announcements, I believe that once Anthem gets to Bayonne, it will only do 7 night Bahamas cruises as the CSO will likely be renewed at the end of Oct. When it is renewed, it is for a minimum of 3 months and that would cancel out 6 Anthem cruises starting with the 12 night Dec 12th cruise followed by a 9 night followed by the 3 11 night and then one 9 night. They could easily cancel these cruises (all were to stop at ports that now have new restrictions on them) and then change them all to 7 night Bahamas with Coco Cay. More money for them in the long run and they avoid having to try to sail with EVERYONE over 12 being vaccinated which is what some of the islands are now requiring.
  7. If so, there go all my my Anthem Cruises. nexxt up Odyssey 8/6/8 starting Feb 26th. If it is extended in Jan. no way am i flying down to florida for one 6 night cruise. Already have my airline tickets and hotel for Florida. ---
  8. We are still a long way off the flu season but all one has to do is pick up a newspaper or look to the news on the internet and he/she will find an article that expounds on the increasing number of Delta infections and the need to possibly reinstate the wearing of masks in many locales. The current CSO is due to expire on Oct 31st, 2021 and limits sailings out of U.S. ports to 7 nights or less. Each time the CSO has been renewed, it has been for 90 days. I am not sure if that 90 day time frame is written in stone or if it can be modified, however, if it can not be modified, it will restrict sailings at the very least until the end of January. I believe the TA's along with the 3 consecutive, eleven-night sailings of Anthem out of Bayonne will be affected along with Enchantment sailings out of Baltimore. After one nine night sailing in February, all the other Anthem 2022 winter sailings are essentially 7 night Bahamas sailings. I know after speaking with a number of people who, like myself, have lifted and shifted at least one if not more of their 11 night 2021 cruises to these sailings that we are not looking forward to another cancellation and dealing with RCG math for FCCs.
  9. Brian, 99% of the time, I am solo. I would imagine RCG is aware of that, so I wouldn't consider your sailing solo a disqualifier.
  10. Received my second invite -- this time for Independence out of Galveston --hoping to get one for Oasis - a port I can drive to as last minute airfare is outrageous.
  11. I had a B2B an 11 night and an 8 night scheduled for January into Feb 2021 which were eventually cancelled. I L&S the eleven night to Jan. 9 of 2022 but could not L&S the 8 night as only a 9 night was offered for 2021. Instead I had to lift and shift to Odyssey out of PC which entailed a flight, a hotel, etc. so I added two more cruises to that one as to fly, etc. is not worth it to me for one cruise. Royal never stopped selling my 2021 cruises until they cancelled them. They also have never stopped sailing the 11 night on Anthem or the 8 nighters on Odyssey as these sail after the CSO is due to expire. Who knows what will really happen at that point. I just know that I am very tired of dealing with FCC's.
  12. Has it really gone away? History shows us that just because Royal is still selling cabins doesn't mean they will actually sail. As we slowly inch our way to January, and though it is still five months away, i am concerned about my B2B2B sailings on Anthem out of Bayonne, NJ, as they are 11 nights each. In addition, I have a B2B2B (8/6/8) starting in Feb. on Odyssey.
  13. Renewed mine back in January along with my Global Entry. Passport took 4 weeks and I was lucky enough to have had my Global Entry renewed without having another in-person interview.
  14. It's my understanding from reading on another website that RCG has limited the number of consecutive cruises to TWO on some of their Celebrity ships. Passengers who were booked 3 or more consecutive cruises received a notification mid second cruise that they would not be able to board for a third cruise and others who have yet to sail received an email notification. Apparently you can do an 11/11 but not a 4/3/4, so the number of days does not appear to be the issue. Nothing was reported regarding the same for Royal Caribbean ships. I have found no official press release. Can any else confirm or refute this?
  15. My older granddaughter was 14 and quite shy when she cruised for the first time. We had to convince her to give it a try and go the first night. She met up with a few girls and a couple of boys that evening and spent the rest of the cruise doing things together with them. That was ten years ago and she has maintained the friendships with the girls. p.s. She especially loved the scavenger hunt!
  16. Was in the same boat. Never received my July2nd FCC's and I get everything in my email from Royal. I think that is a bunch of bull....too many people didn't receive them, but if you call, they have the cert. #s. Double check their math for the amounts you should be getting. I had to argue with them about being $250. short. on my certs. After speaking with a supervisor at the Pinnacle desk, the right amount was issued. ps. I won.
  17. Out of concern for the following, I messaged Mr. Bayley via a group that I belong to as does he: Michael Bayley Typically replies within a day Public Figure You sent Yesterday at 6:50 AM I have 33 nights coming up in Jan. on Anthem and then another 22 on Odyssey. Booked my usual Spacious Balcony on 12 for Anthem and basically the same cabin on 13 for Odyssey. I will not be happy if I have to trudge down to the DL for my 5am coffee. I don't drink nor with the exception of a piece of fruit or some cheese eat anything during the HH; the CL, which now is likely an SL, is my haven during the day and a place for me as a solo cruiser to see the same faces and make new friends. The idea of not being able to count on that amenity is really disturbing to me. Booking a GS for just myself will cut back tremendously on how often I will be able to sail and if I have to do that, I might as well catch a good sale on another line with different itineraries that I haven't done time and time again. I sincerely hope Royal does not make excluding Pinnacles from the CL/SL the new norm. 5:40 AM Michael Bayley sent Today at 5:40 AM Hello. We haven't made any changes to your Pinnacle benefits . Thank you for your loyalty .
  18. My 125% FCC says "to book a new cruise by April 30, 2022." It is supposed to be issued by July 2, 2022 if I do nothing. However, at this point, I would prefer to apply that FCC to cruises I am already booked on this coming winter. I know they were allowing you to do that as well as split any FCC across multiple existing sailings. Do you think this wording "in bold type, no less" is a change in that policy?
  19. I also never heard back from either the Mayor of Bayonne or the Dept. Of Emergency Management of Bayonne. Both were mentioned in the quote. As of now, like Loops, I am staring at yet another final payment for Oasis, Aug. 22 on Monday. ? The Pinnacle Desk at C&A knows nothing or is not saying anything either.
  20. Since Matt was reaching out to RC for confirmation, I decided to go the other route and have emailed Mayor James Davis. As he is the one quoted in the article, I have asked him to confirm the validity of its content and/or to furnish the name and contact information for a second primary source who can do the same. What will come of it, who knows? Will post if I hear back.
  21. Sure by next week most all cruises through August will be paid in full.
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