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  1. We doubled down and scheduled one each month for the next seven months but backed off and scheduled one every other month after. They say it only takes seven days to start an addiction. (come on Adventure OTS)?
  2. We find the little metal "animals" and attach magnets to their feet. Funny, they start on the door but seem make their way to the ceilings and different parts of the hallway.
  3. They have the same sunscreen ban in Mexico and now a number of Caribbean nations so if you are sailing there you need to have the reef safe product. They will usually say oxybenzone, octinoxate, and octoerylene free. Most sunscreen producers now make these. We get them at our Walgreens and CVS stores.
  4. Have not seen that information on the Royal website. Always had to look in my emails for the cruise receipt. If you purchase a shore excursion you can see the price you paid in the Cruise Planner under the Calendar. Scroll down to the specific date of the excursion and click on the item. It will show what you paid and you can divide that by the number of people.
  5. Have taken those on many cruises and they are fantastic and so cheap that when they run down you can toss them. They are also great for those in the room who seem to come in very late so not to have to turn on the lights to stagger to bed.? We place them on the desk with something that blocks the light from the bed and the light is low enough to not interfere with sleep.
  6. They will not let us check in to our 9/26 cruise on Liberty out of Galveston yet. She just went into dry dock in Cadiz yesterday so she will have to finish that and get a test sailing done, then they might open the registration. All I know is the sailing is "Sold out" whatever that means in terms of passenger numbers so I do not think they want to have the sailing not happen. Just want to check in as soon as possible to get an early time. It will be her first sailing out of dry dock so they should be letting us on early as they do not have to perform a turnaround cleaning.
  7. We were lucky in we saw that our passports were to expire in August of 2020 so right after our January 2020 cruise we sent in the renewal. We then booked a March cruise and sweated out the wait time but received them in Mid-February. ? Of course the March cruise was scheduled to depart the week after they shut everything down so it did not matter but were glad we decided to do it early instead of wait. Now I see that our folks on the hill are complaining to the passport office about the current wait time and want them to "step it up" as people want to travel. So maybe the wait time will decrease.
  8. I do not believe it would be prudent for RC to "open up everything" immediately on July 18th. With the appeal, if that is upheld it would take quite a bit to overturn that at a higher level. Also the "Health Emergency" declaration my expire before the appeal is even heard and if that happens the CSO is negated. All that said, it is quite a job getting crews back onboard, trained and schedules set up for cruises to restart so I believe Mr Fain's words that they would be taking it slow and easy to avoid any hiccups.
  9. If they do what they have in the past on some of our cruises, the crew cleans and paints parts of the ship when they are in port. Figure that is what they will do when they get started.
  10. Liberty of the Seas after some Disney, Princess and NCL cruises. Have not looked back since, except for a couple of free ones we were given. Were not going to turn those down.
  11. We booked Air2Sea for our upcoming trip but did have to get the transfers to get to the checkin from the airport. Would think you are on your own to get to your hotel and then to the port.
  12. On the early refunds we received from Royal in the past year they were in amounts that had no rhyme or reason. I would keep a spreadsheet (for a while it was very busy with all the cancellations) on the amounts paid and received and dates of both. Through several calls along the way I was able to get a customer support person that pulled all my cancelled dates and went over them one at a time. We were able to find where each one was and escalated the missing ones to getting processed. Happily all the refunds were received and now we are finally waiting for our first cruise in a year and a half next month.
  13. Thanks! Will definitely use that advice. Want to spend as much quality time there before we have to fly home.
  14. Good to know. We are leaving the same day but late in the evening and are toying with the Nassau beach excursion offered on the ship on disembarkation day.
  15. We only found out last Thursday and were not told and probably would have only found out when we arrived except for the wife's FB Galveston cruising group. I would talk to your TA about changing your trip as this was not in the plans when you booked.
  16. Wish we were as lucky. Our kids expect us to buy them a cruise as we did several years ago. Told them it a once in a lifetime event but for some reason they expect us to repeat it.
  17. My wife found out from her FB cruise group that our September 26 cruise out of Galveston on the first sailing of Liberty OTS is a theme cruise. ? We really do not have a problem with it as it is the Texas Country Music Cruise and as a Texas couple we won't mind the music by the pool and the wafting of tunes up from the On Air Club. The only possible down side is the possibility of getting bumped but we have had this booked for quite a while as a GTY and they assigned our JS room a couple of weeks ago. The only other down side is the closing of Studio B for the ice skating show as they will use that venue for concerts as well as the Star Lounge. We will see how it goes as most of the ship is booked out by the theme group and was removed from the RCCL website.?
  18. Don't know about the test cruise but Navigator is in Cadiz, Spain for dry dock technical updates at the moment followed by Liberty. We are on the first sailing of Navigator in November so hope all goes well as well as the first sailing of Liberty in September.
  19. The last "sale" finished yesterday and the special deals on the cruise fare changed, but on the items at which we were looking the prices did not change (stayed at the low price). Could be because they were on 6+ months out sailings. No on-board purchase pricing on our cruise in August changed.
  20. Rarely did we have to show a passport or any other ID other than the Sea Pass card to reenter the port or ship at a stop which is now not the point. The Passport book is so you can fly home if necessary when out of the country. Would not even think of cruising now without a Passport book due to the possibility of having to fly home due to a positive Covid test, even though we are vaccinated.
  21. Congrats @Matt. Well deserved and very entertaining.
  22. Did anyone take this tour on the first or second voyage of Adventure of the Seas? We have it booked and it has changed from an "All-Inclusive" to just a "Beach Getaway". We have received two notifications from Royal on changes made by the tour operator. The first was a change of time from 9:00am to 11:00am and the second to state that certain items are not included in the tour now. We can understand some items would be extra and the time due to low number of people, but they have now included beach chairs and umbrellas in the "not included". At the early price we booked that is not a big deal but we would like to know what the price they charge for the chairs and umbrellas. Since they still include local cerveza and spirits we are happy with that.? Just wondering how much they will be charging.
  23. 7 so far which is way more than usual. Will wait until a little later to book the latter half of 2022. Would not be so many but the previous ones were moved to the 2nd half of this year and all my vacation from the start of the pandemic in 2020 has been piling up and they want me to get rid of it. ? Cannot think of a better way to burn off vacation time.
  24. Was able to check in on our August 9 cruise on Adventure OTS out of the Bahamas on May 29th. I think the window was open that early since it is a known solid departure versus the sailings out of the US at the moment. Next one is still a little over 100 days out of the US and I do not expect it to open until the test sailings are complete. Makes it rough when the test sailings are only a couple of weeks before the sail date.
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