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  1. On this note, my hubby and I cross pack our bags: an outfit or two in the others luggage plus a change of clothes in our carryons just in case. It’s nice to be able to get by for a couple days.
  2. I really like the Renaissance. It’s a great location and I found it far less hectic the morning of the cruise compared to the embassy suites. Easily walkable to lots of restaurants including La Bamba and shopping. I also have a soft spot for Gilbert’s burgers.
  3. I love my catalina tote from Lo & Sons! It holds a lot and slides on to my roller carry on. Good luck to you! I'm not sure I could ever travel with just a carryon, my need for copious amounts of conditioner and sunscreen requires checking luggage.
  4. Just wondering how you planned dining around entertainment? Seems to me on the symphony it all starts around 8PM but ideally if we ate lunch at a speciality, we would dine between 7-8PM. Would we be missing out?
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