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  1. We paid almost double what we usually pay for our Florida flights in November (and they've gone up exponentially since) and cancelled Barcelona for the May 2020 because of the insane price points of flights.
  2. +2 We loved Deck 8 on Oasis and booked deck 8 again on Symphony. We have cabin 8190 which is supposed to be slightly larger at the end of the hump.
  3. That’s not actually true. I just booked the escape room for our nov cruise. It popped up under activities 2 days after the entertainment was released in our case
  4. The ABC islands are actually very easy to navigate and we never felt unsafe or like we didn’t have enough time to get back to the ship. If you’re using independent tour operators they are also dependent on cruisers for their income. They’re diligent about getting you back on time and protecting their reputations. In Aruba, we spent the morning at eagle beach (just took a bus there and back $5) and then in the afternoon booked a utv excursion with ABC tours which was sooo much fun! It was a highlight of the trip! In Bonaire, we did an island tour in the morning through Bonaire Vista tours. This allowed us to see parts of the island we never would have through the cruise line or on our own and it was great. Afterwards, we snorkelled with Woodwind which is just fabulous. If I was returning to Bonaire again I would likely just take a water taxi to Klein, lounge on the beach and snorkel on our own. Finally in curaçao, we rented a car through Celestino at advanced car rental and this was probably my favourite island and way to spend the day. He gives you a gps, a very detailed map and recommendations and you’re off! I would 100% do this again!
  5. I really like the JW Marriott Marquis. We’re staying there again in November. The Intercontinental and the kimpton Epic are also very good.
  6. We always stay at the JW Marriott Marquis but have always gotten what we consider really good rates (under $200). There are a ton of properties, you just have to shop around and jump on a deal when you see one. I always keep a bag with me that has anything I might need before 8pm (swimsuit, change of clothes, my tsa bag with toiletries and meds).
  7. We also enjoyed Southport - really laid back and good food!
  8. On this note, my hubby and I cross pack our bags: an outfit or two in the others luggage plus a change of clothes in our carryons just in case. It’s nice to be able to get by for a couple days.
  9. I really like the Renaissance. It’s a great location and I found it far less hectic the morning of the cruise compared to the embassy suites. Easily walkable to lots of restaurants including La Bamba and shopping. I also have a soft spot for Gilbert’s burgers.
  10. I love my catalina tote from Lo & Sons! It holds a lot and slides on to my roller carry on. Good luck to you! I'm not sure I could ever travel with just a carryon, my need for copious amounts of conditioner and sunscreen requires checking luggage.
  11. Just wondering how you planned dining around entertainment? Seems to me on the symphony it all starts around 8PM but ideally if we ate lunch at a speciality, we would dine between 7-8PM. Would we be missing out?
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