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  1. We booked our next cruise through an agency that had group rates for 2021 secured pre-covid 19 and it was comparable to our current rate. There are deals out there you have to seek them out. Also, airline rates are the same way. Much much higher for next year. Flights for the cruise we booked are astronomical right now so we’re waiting it out. We all have to remember how unprecedented of a time this is, these companies are trying to stay afloat. Many among us have lost their jobs and are facing uncertainty. Cruising is a luxury. I for one am looking forward to embarking again
  2. We’re in the same boat but for reading week. We booked the Freedom out of San Juan. Flights have opened up and they’re astronomical. More than the cruise. typically flights are cheapest on opening. We’re going to hold off and hope for a price drop.
  3. Royal did say they were protecting commissions on both the cancellation and the rebooking that an FCC is applied against. The TAs are under a lot of pressure and uncertainty, I’m glad that Royal is doing right by them.
  4. Exactly, WestJet’s policy is also a limited window. Which means we lose money.
  5. You can’t apply the fcc to the same cruise it was issued on. It could also take weeks to have it issued. If the price drops further we may just cancel for the fcc and rebook with payment if we decide to go.
  6. I booked through an agent who said she gave it her all today and they wouldn't budge.
  7. As generous as Royal is being about cancellations, airlines and hotels are not and insurance isn't covering it so many people like ourselves are out a fair amount of money if they don't cruise. I'm more frustrated by the significant price drops on our sailing that are available to new bookings only. It would be nice if Royal actually allowed us to upgrade or gave onboard credit for sailing. We'll see what the upcoming weeks bring and will make a decision about our April sailing.
  8. This is what had my husband concerned and while we can easily cancel our cruise portion for FCC. Westjet isn't allowing cancellation without penalty and loss of points redeemed. We have some time so we're going to wait on making a decision.
  9. We used porters on disembarkation and it made a world of difference. I think it may be that we had bad timing so there were too many people. I think we’ll show up early and leave early too.
  10. Has anyone purchased the Key on the Freedom? What was the experience like? we were on the freedom last December and were a little disappointed because we didn’t utilize the ship much, we couldn’t get into the ice show at 45 minutes before, embarkation and disembarkation was pure chaos. I’m wondering if the key is worth it or if I save money since it is so port intensive and people can offer some tips?
  11. They had mini bottles on Symphony too (Not sure if they get replenished but there was also the shampoo/conditioner/body wash combo in the shower). However, I have very curly hair and between the ocean and pool there’s no way that would do the trick. Conditioner is very much needed. I find it easier to bring what I like than fight with my hair all week.
  12. We paid almost double what we usually pay for our Florida flights in November (and they've gone up exponentially since) and cancelled Barcelona for the May 2020 because of the insane price points of flights.
  13. +2 We loved Deck 8 on Oasis and booked deck 8 again on Symphony. We have cabin 8190 which is supposed to be slightly larger at the end of the hump.
  14. That’s not actually true. I just booked the escape room for our nov cruise. It popped up under activities 2 days after the entertainment was released in our case
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