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  1. When I was on the anthem of the seas last year I saw a lot of football games on the outdoor tv or at the pub onboard. I am really hoping to get to watch game 7 of the NBA finals onboard the Oasis of the seas in a few days.
  2. Does the print out have the dates of the doses you received? That was a big sticking point when I called royal Caribbean.
  3. I will be traveling to go on the Oasis OTS on JUN 17. I've been hearing from some blogs that the main parking lot that is covered is being utilized mainly for those with disable access parking and that most guests are parking out side in lot 2 or 3. I can follow up on my experience on Friday and let you know.
  4. Hello Cruisers! I wanted to know if anyone has had first hand experience with having a proctored antigen test at a pharmacy or other location. I ask this because one of my family members just recived an invalid test result. Luckily they tested on day 2 and tomorrow is day 1. So they are going to go to the same place to get tested again. While I do believe that there should be no issues, I still want to have a contingency plan. That plan is to have a proctored antigen test. I know Walgreens offers this and it is accepted type of testing as the family member is fully vaccinated. I wanted to ask the community what the test report looks like and ensure that it has all the information that is needed. If anyone has done the antigen test for cruising on site please let me know. Thank you !
  5. I also have this card. I only use it to book RCL cruises etc. I recently used the accumulated points to get an OBC. I have only used the BoA website to ensure I get the OBC.
  6. Also if you are not from the United States and hail from a country that had digital covid vaccine cards, make sure you have physical vaccine card. I have a family member coming to the US for our cruise from a country that has digital vaccine cards. They had to go to their local public health office to get an official copy. Also make sure that the covid vaccine card has the name of the vaccine, date of administration (each dose separately), and that it is in English. They initially had trouble getting their vaccine cards validated.
  7. Hello Fellow Cruisers! I checked in and was assigned a boarding time for all of the family for 10:30 for the upcoming Oasis OTS sailing out of port liberty. I wanted to know is there an earlier boarding time or is 10:30 am the earliest. Also due to logistics some family members will be there about 20 minutes prior to the assigned boarding time. Does anyone know if there will be porters there to take their luggage? Any insight would be helpful thanks!
  8. I have not sailed on the Enchantment of the Seas, but being from the new England area, I can say that it should be warm enough for the outdoor pools. However, one thing to consider is that we can't control the weather. So inclement weather may put a damper on the outdoor pool decks. Royal overall does a great job in catering to all ages. Your daughter should be able to meet friends at adventure ocean.
  9. I don't get sea sick but I know many family members do. For our JIC seas sickness kit we have 1) Ginger Chews 2) Dramamine, 3), Ginger Tea 4) wrist acupressure bracelets (Some people swore by them others say they felt nothing). 5) MQ Patch same concept as those acupressure bracelets you can find them on amazon 6) I also second the scopolamine patches. I know some family members use them. The only draw back to some of the patches is that they can irritate the skin behind the ears.
  10. I've never had this happen before the start of a cruise. However when I was on a 7 night cruise on the Allure OTS we got extended to 10 days to avoid incoming weather. We didn't have to pay anything extra for the drink package.
  11. Previously I have used one of those spinner carry on bags. I use it to put the water in there and our extra clothes.
  12. I personally always take a look at the final dollar amount rather than the % off. I've also know that they started separating the gratuities till the end. I think this started some time last year. So I don't pay attention to the numbers or percentages till I see what I am going to pay.
  13. Yay Im so excited to hear this as i'll be on board this friday!!!
  14. Mergers are really hard because the cruise lines are so large as it is. RCCL owns Both Royal/Celebrity/and Silverseas. They also have significant investments in other cruise lines. I can't really see any of the major cruise lines coming together under one group (eg RCCL and Carnival or RCCL & NCL etc). This is because each cruise group is going to be highly strained. However what I can see happen is RCCL or other cruise groups divesting some or selling off some of their smaller cruise lines or cruise investments. We have already had many cruise lines selling off their older ships. I actually found the Dream Cruises bankruptcy a real interesting case study as the cruise line tried to do too much too fast without being a good steward of their finiacial resources. Overall I would say that RCCL has struck a good balance of conserving the resources and expanding/ updating their fleet.
  15. I just bought in again. I think there are some macro and world wide economics going on driving down the stock prices. 1) Obviously still having covid around 2) Price of gas 3) Price of employees / short staffing 4) Inflation of goods in general. 5) Not having a cruise restart in Asia market 6) Overall world wide unrest. Although with all these factors considered, I still think RCCL is a good buy because inflation will not last forever and there is still high demand for cruises. Again I am not professional stock advisor, but I bought in again. Just try to look at it from the long term.
  16. Hello All just shouting out to any cruisers coming on the Oasis OTS sailing from Jun 17 to 24. I am super excited and can't wait!
  17. I am unsure about what you are asking. I have the RCCL card and I recently redeemed my points for a share OBC. I put it towards my reservation. I think a shared credit allows others in that specific stateroom to use if you get a non shared credit it is only assigned to the card holder.
  18. I would agree. I think just some one who is overall very attentive. We had an assistant waiter on anthem of the seas who was very attentive to the whole family's needs. He was very good in making sure our drinks were full and was always there if we needed anything in particular.
  19. I specifically cruise for two reasons. 1) I love the fact that I do not need to plan too many things in additional to the cruise itself. I don't need to call and figure out what restaurants to eat at etc. I don't need to worry if the restaurant is accessible. For me cruising is very convenient. Everything is right there. Essentially its a traveling all inclusive resort that moves to different ports. 2) I love the mulit-generational activities on board. I do a lot of traveling with grand parents, kids, other parents. It is nice knowing that there is something for everyone no matter the age. I personally think RCL has done a pretty good job of emphasizing this. I have family members that want to just do nothing and enjoy the sea breeze and read, while others want to go to the casino, and others who love the onboard shows. Cruises have a good mix of things for everyone in the family.
  20. I like use a sling bag. so I don't look too much like a child of the 80s hehe. Here is what I use while cruising.
  21. Hello Cruisers I know that this topic has come up before I did try to look for it so I didn't' have to post again about it but couldn't find it. My two kids are fully vaccinated and RCL has accepted their vaccine information via the app. However I still received an email for my kids to sign up for the pre boarding testing. I just want to make sure with others that this is just because of their ages and that this email was automatically generated. If I am missing something please let me know thank you
  22. My prediction is that the stricter boarding times are here to stay. I personally think it has made for a slightly better terminal experience where the wait times in the terminal had decreased. However this was prior to the increased capacity. It looks does look like with the increase in capacity 1) RCL is disembarking the previous passengers quicker ie not being able to stay in their rooms till they can disembark 2) delaying some sail always to allow for more times for passengers to embark 3) increasing the passengers at each embarkation times. I will have to see how this goes in my June 17 Oasis sailing
  23. I definitely agree. I would also add a level 2.5: Worrying about every time someone in the family has a cough! Praying its not Covid
  24. I think overall it is up to each cruiser to make that decision. If you feel that you won't get the service expected for the amount you paid, I would definitely hold off till the staffing issues become better and supply issues are resolved. However if you are willing to be flexible and would rather be on board then by all means. This was the same choice many cruisers have faced earlier in the restart of cruising. Some cruisers did not want to come on board when masks were required because it would hamper their enjoyment of the cruise, while others felt it did not impact them at all. In the end its really a a matter of personal choice. For me I booked my cruise for June 2022, knowing that there may be issues on board from covid to staffing. But I am willing to go with the flow.
  25. Unfortunately I don't think you will be able to know till it gets closer. However what you could do is possibly prepare for some rain. Maybe pack a poncho or other rain gear.
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