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  1. I will be sailing on Friday on Oasis and posted earlier about the parking. Based on what I gathered, they will direct you to the overflow as they let the previous cruise passengers leave. There is a possibility they open the garage once a good amount of passengers leave the multi-story lot.
  2. I am scheduled for 11am check in and planned to get there a little bit earlier as well. I heard majority of the guest chooses the later time to check in which is why I choose an earlier check in time.
  3. Thank you!! I will be looking forward to your experience.
  4. Hi All, I am booked to go on Oasis of the Seas on 7/1 and been doing a lot of research regarding the parking situation. In some of the research it seems there is a total of 3 parking lots at Cape Liberty. Parking lot 1 is the multi-story parking, Parking Lot 2 is the outside parking lot and Parking Lot 3 is a further away parking lot. It seems it really depends on which day you sail out will indicate which parking lot you will be parking at. As of June I know Oasis of the Seas started to sail out of Cape Liberty on a Friday instead of a Sunday. I believe currently the port is utilized by Oasis of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas and Celebrity Cruise Summit. My question would be would anyone know which parking I would be parking at on 7/1 sailing since it's a Friday? Thanks in advance!
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