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  1. Im from the Detroit area in Michigan. Winters here suck, summers here aren't great unless you go up north to see Michigan’s true beauty. I’d take a bad day in St “whatever island” over the greatest day here! 😝
  2. Royal Caribbean Blog Drink Price breakdowns
  3. As someone newer to cruising and still only Gold, the thought of loyalty perks is pretty foreign to me. Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line I’ve personally sailed with, but at the end of the day after having heard hundreds of reviews and talking with friends and family who have sailed other cruise lines, Royal is the only one I’d want to give my money. Disney is too expensive and RC has an excellent experience-versus-cost ratio that fits perfectly for my family. I’d never consider leaving one company over another due to loyalty rewards, my money and time is better spent seeking out the best bang for my buck and sticking with it for that reason.
  4. Royal Caribbean Blog Drink Prices Guide Short answer is yes. Here’s s a super handy article answering all your questions, as well as a pretty comprehensive guide on drinks and prices!
  5. I wonder what RC thinks of this. Genuinely curious, its not stealing because you’ve purchased the cup and package but you could also slip that rfid chip to anyone else who didn’t buy a package and let em fill up, which then would be stealing?
  6. Unbelievable! I guess it makes sense on their end, it’ll likely save them from having to issue many refunds due to wind.
  7. The Royal Caribbean website can be challenging to work with, especially when trying to book multiple rooms. I never used a travel agent before listening to the Royal Caribbean Blog podcast, but boy oh boy I’m glad I found it. We just used Michelle with MEI Travel to book connecting staterooms on our next cruise. It was so easy, she is wonderful and so helpful. The rooms we booked were not showing on the website, and we also had similar issues with trying to find multiple rooms on the same deck. Michelle was able to not only find connecting rooms, but gave us multiple options to choose from. Do yourself a favor and try a travel agent! You only stand to benefit from it and you’ll be so glad you did. You can still use the cruise planner and plan out your entire vacation, the TA just takes all the hard work out of it so you can focus on the fun stuff 👍🏻
  8. Second this one, we used them and it was great. Shuttled us from the airport to our Hampton Inn hotel in Cocoa Beach, then took us to the port the following morning, and they picked us up on debarkation day and shuttled us back to the hotel and airport.
  9. To be honest, I’m not sure I’d ever pick a Nassau itinerary again assuming I can always find a Perfect Day itinerary without it now.
  10. Haha, yeah the urge to get it working would be tempting! A couple weeks ago while watching a YouTube video about RCL drink packages, they showed off the Freestyles on the promenade. The guy went to pour a drink but the stream kept stopping rather than filling his cup. I proclaimed “I know why thats happening! Why haven’t they fixed it yet?! Thats an easy repair!” Needless to say, I’ll have to resist the temptation to tinker next time I'm onboard 😝
  11. Hey there everyone, my name is Nick and I live in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. My wife Rachel and I took our first cruise on Majesty a few years ago and quickly became addicted! Its been awhile since our last cruise, we’ve been busy growing our family (we now have FIVE daughters! Its crazy, I know!) Our oldest girls are in their teen / pre-teen years and we are excited to start cruising with them. Our next cruise is on Explorer OTS in 2021, going to Coco Cay and Labadee. We had to book a couple years out since we decided not to bring our youngest girls on the cruise and wanted to wait until our newborn was a little older to leave them with grandparents! Fun fact, I work for Coca-Cola as a service technician repairing beverage equipment including Coca-Cola Freestyles and bargun dispensers like the ones Royal ships use to dispense soda drinks at their bars 👍🏻
  12. Explorer, 5 night w/perfect day March 21, 2021
  13. My family booked that 5 night Explorer OTS sailing in March 2021. Its killing me having to wait another 22 months to visit Perfect Day at Coco Cay! Last time we were at Coco Cay was 2016 and we’ve never been to Labadee, so this itinerary worked out perfectly for us. Explorer looks to be scheduled for a Royal Amplification in 2020, so we decided to try out a spring sailing after she gets amped!
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