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  1. Price changes can happen anytime, not necessarily on a day basis but on an hour basis. I just noticed that prices in the Cruise Planner have changed, some up and some down, possibly because of the holiday approaching. As others have said, buy your item when you are comfortable with the price and watch for reduced prices.
  2. What we use when we were traveling internationally was Across the Body bags especially designed for travelers. They have steel reinforced shoulder straps, RFID pockets, room enough for a point and shoot camera, and most have a water bottle holder. Wife has a BeSafeBag by Daymakers and I have a Travelon Anti Thief Classic Bag. Both on Amazon. Mine is a bit larger than hers and can hold a 10" tablet to her 8".
  3. After purchasing an excursion, etc. the purchase will be in your "Order History" but the excursion will also be in the "Recently Viewed" option. The "Recently Viewed" option is where I watch for price changes as it is updated with new pricing as they happen. Just delete options not bought but viewed. I also keep a sheet of paper with the price history of my excursions and other purchases (Key, Drink plan, etc).
  4. Actually what RCL is doing is to give an OBC. The amount is dependent on what class of cabin you have. We had booked 3 Spacious View Balconies on the Grandeur on Thursday when on Friday morning I noticed the offer, called our TA and each cabin got an additional $75 OBC. Call you TA or RCL and ask for it.
  5. One thing to remember if a trip to Disney World is contemplated don't wait until the last minute to leave the park because Murphy lurks. The traffic leaving Orlando from mid afternoon on the Central Florida Greenway (417) to the Beachline (528) and to Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach gets quite heavy and unforeseen things do happen. If we had young children, for the Disney experience, I would go to Disney Springs, having made reservations for early afternoon at T-Rex restaurant (they can be made on Disney's website) or try at the entrance, and the kids will love the animated dinosaurs that perform every 20 minutes or so. Then leave about 3ish so not to watch the boat disappearing into the sunset. OH yeah, our "kids" are in their 50's and we have been to T-Rex several times.
  6. We have 3 adjoining balcony cabins for 24 Apr 2020 on the Grandeur to Bermuda. Are the dividers between the cabins able to be opened to have one large balcony? Thanks
  7. We just bought the Refreshment Package ( no booze) and will buy the hard stuff if and when we want to. This package had been $20/pppd for a long time and about a week ago jumped to $26/pppd. Just this afternoon it dropped back to $20/pppd saving us $108. It pays to watch the packages of interest as they do change.
  8. Interestingly I have been watching the Refreshment Drink Package for our 13 June cruise on the Grandeur that has been, since I began watching, $20 pp including this morning. However, just checking now, the price has jumped to $26 pp. Just saying.
  9. I understand what you are saying Matt but I find it kind of sloppy of RCL to send official documents 4 days ago (45 days out) that are incorrect. I was aware of the new policy of RCL to allow 2 bottles of wine plus 12 cans of ..... I hope they have not reverted to back to as it was. We will see.
  10. There seems to be a bit of misconception about what types of drinks may be carried onboard. We received our Guest Ticket Booklet for our 13 June cruise on the Grandeur out of Baltimore several days ago and the way the official word is printed is that only 2 - 750ml bottles of Wine may be taken onboard, anything else could be confiscated. Read the first 4 1/2 lines. We do plan to still bring 2 bottles of wine, 12 cans of soda and two sturdy but empty water bottles. Let the Games begin.
  11. Just bought this one. Going on the 13 June cruise on the Grandeur out of Baltimore. Fingers crossed !
  12. We (wife and I) had our first trip overseas in Summer of 1978 spending the Summer with relatives in East Anglia, England. Since then we have visited Hawaii over 10 times (wifes parents lived there) and since then we have been to England (several times), Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Holland, France, Germany and Italy . So this is our first cruise. Taking the Grandeur of the Seas out of Baltimore cruising to Canada on 13 June. We are both 78 and the rigors of international flying has taken it's toll on us. Now it is time to try something else that we always wanted to do but never got around to doing it. Have learned a lot of the ins and outs on here thanks to all the informed posters and their postings. Now it is time to cruise, LOOKING FORWARD TO IT ! 😎
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