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    hsweat22 reacted to twangster in New Scott, Rubio bill seeks to override CDC’s cruise regulations, allow sailing soon   
    This act needs to be expanded with fresh eyes looking at the whole country.  
    The US is too big for a one size fits all approach.  Just as the CDC doesn't make rules or regulations for school health related matters these are left to each state to consider CDC guidance but in the end each state establishes their own laws for them.
    The CDC should be put back into the bottle and be contained to an advisory role with absolutely no police powers to establish blockades or bans for anything including cruise ship operations.  A one agency federal police force with no oversight from the states involved doesn't work and should be considered unconstitutional even during a public health emergency.  
    This needs to be fixed before the next public health emergency arrives.
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    hsweat22 reacted to twangster in State of Florida Sues CDC Over Cruise Shut Down   
    To illustrate the impact of one ship leaving Florida and sailing from the Bahamas, Michael Bayley recently estimated just under 2,000 guests per weekend will be sailing from Nassau. That sounds about right for a ship at 50% capacity.
    CLIA has calculated the average cruise ship guest spends $385 in the home port before boarding a cruise.
    1,800 x $385 = $693,000 per weekend not being spent in Florida bars, restaurants, hotels, taxis, etc.
    That's one ship at reduced capacity.
    Multiple it by two for full capacity and multiple it by many more for all ships across all lines sailing from Florida on any given weekend.
    That should give you an idea of what's at stake for Florida.
    And that doesn't include any of the other spend by the cruise lines for supplies and such, or other related jobs the industry supports.   
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    hsweat22 reacted to twangster in Where exactly will Adventure dock?   
    That Depends.
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    hsweat22 reacted to twangster in Only reply in this thread when you see an Adventure of the Seas sailing to book!   
    Because @Lovetocruise2002 is stuck in Canada and isn't going. 
    Otherwise she would have started one a month ago before Royal announced it.
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    hsweat22 reacted to Matt in Only reply in this thread when you see an Adventure of the Seas sailing to book!   
    Please only reply in this thread once you see a new Adventure of the Seas sailing to book!
    Many of us (myself included) want to know the second new sailings become available.
    So I've set up this thread where we can all hit the follow button to be notified when someone does see one.

    Do not reply at all until you spot a new sailing to book.
    If you do see a sailing to book, reply with what you're seeing (web, phone, bat signal) so others can jump on it too!
    Thank you in advance to whomever helps spot these all first for all of us!
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    hsweat22 got a reaction from rjac in Port Orlando & Kennedy Space Center??   
    Typically yes, and I would strongly encourage it.  I've done the tour on Anthem in Dec 2019 with the whole family and just myself in Sept 19 as a self guided when I was on Mariner.  It is an excellent opportunity to see so much space history.
    My guess is that it has something to do with COVID as to why its not showing up in the planner.  I would just keep checking back.  
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    hsweat22 reacted to Floski in Cruise Start Date Anticipated - Hyped Incorrectly   
    HOT DAMN!!!
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    hsweat22 reacted to twangster in Test Cruises   
    Miami HQ.  
    When hurricanes threatened South Florida in recent years they used two ships for employees and their families (and their pets) to get them out of harm's way.  Seems like the perfect crowd to do a test cruise, minus the pets this time.
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    hsweat22 reacted to Matt in The Pesky Years   
    I would think someone of that age might want to 
    Sleep in Sun tan Hang by the pool and see the fun there All of the above while on social media
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    hsweat22 reacted to HeWhoWaits in Cruise Bahama   
    Guess that depends on your perspective. As a Florida resident, you probably don't think of that period as hot or humid.
    As someone who previously lived just south of Lake Michigan - it qualifies.
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    hsweat22 reacted to Matt in NOT A Good Sign People !!   
    @princevaliantus you're also missing the fact other ships in the fleet are not delayed until Q4 2021.
    Very few, if anyone, ever thought the entire fleet of Royal Caribbean ships would be sailing by the end of this year.
    The question isn't when will every ship be back in service, rather, which ships will return to service first.
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    hsweat22 reacted to Leroyr55 in Smithsonian Channel Mighty Cruise Ships   
    Tomorrow night Jan 5th at eight they feature Symphony of the Seas on the show. Maybe we can just imagine for a while when watching. 
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    hsweat22 reacted to twangster in NCL Extends Suspension To ALL Ships In Fleet!   
    This may not be precise but the gist of it is...
    I've heard something to the effect that if the federal government were to "detain" a US Citizen or deny them the ability to freely travel domestically even for public health reasons, that citizen has a right to appear before a court to argue their case.  Every single citizen has the right to freedom including freedom of movement within the US and when that is challenged they can have their day in court.
    A person who is known to be infected (positive test result) is clearly a risk to others and the court may likely side with the government.  A person who is not yet infected poses no risk to society so it becomes a lot less clear if the court would side with the government in their attempt to limit or restrict the freedom of a US citizen by applying a domestic travel ban to anyone who hasn't tested positive.  Congress could enact new legislation or the constitution could be amended but that is a process that would take a long time.
    In theory if the CDC shutdown a domestic flight or airline, that is essentially hindering the freedom of US citizens and every one of them has a right to present their case before a judge.  A person who is infected or has tested positive is one thing but to apply mass restrictions to citizens with no evidence they pose a risk to another person is a different matter even if the federal government is trying to protect the individuals impacted.
    International movement is another matter and by definition all mass market foreign ship travel is international in nature.
    The small US flagged cruise lines including river cruises on the Columbia, Snake and Mississippi that have ships with less than 250 capacity are not subject to the CDC order but they are members of CLIA and have agreed to abide by CLIA's shutdown.  They likely know that becoming a mass spreader would likely not end well for them right now but as this moves forward and numbers begin to decline they could be some of the first passenger ships to sail even before the CDC lifts or modifies their cruise ship order.
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    hsweat22 got a reaction from Ashleyb in Couples Swedish massage   
    Like others have said, its a great experience.  They tried to push stuff on us before and after but it wasn't to the point that it ruined the experience.  If its a special occasion I would go for it!  We always get one on a port day morning.
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    hsweat22 reacted to bhageerah in Face masks at sea.   
    At this point I really do not want to wear one while on a cruise, but if it meant that I would be able to relax on a cruise ship again, I would wear one.  I will say that the requirement would make having a balcony room far more important than before! Being able to grab some food and go back to the room (or have room service deliver it) and just sit out there and relax would be good enough for me.  I would spend some time around the ship and would wear a mask but I would also truly appreciate the time away from the public and on the balcony.  
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    hsweat22 got a reaction from USCG Teacher in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    hey @CHRIS WONG, 
    Are the crew cabins any different on Oasis? Curious how they may have changed from Mariner to Oasis.
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    hsweat22 reacted to CHRIS WONG in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    I've been vlogging around the ship today. You's guys are going to love my Oasis ship tour video. Almost finished editing.
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    hsweat22 reacted to CHRIS WONG in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    Just arrived! Waiting to sign-on the ship.

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    hsweat22 reacted to CHRIS WONG in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    I'm currently in my hotel in Miami, resting, before joining Oasis tomorrow. It feels like I'm on a mini-vacation. It's so nice to have a little break in the middle of the contract. This is also a great time for me to edit all my YouTube videos.
    Anyway, here's the new vlog.
    How long is my contract?
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    hsweat22 reacted to CGTLH in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    Slots, 1 point for every $5 of play. For video poker it is 1 point for every $10 of play.
    Tables, bust out the Ouija board for an answer.
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    hsweat22 got a reaction from MoCro in 5 Night Western Caribbean can't decide   
    I picked the GC/Cozumel one....GC is one of my favorite ports!
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    hsweat22 reacted to CHRIS WONG in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    Who here likes the 70s show onboard?
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    hsweat22 reacted to CHRIS WONG in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    Is cruise ships just for old people?
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    hsweat22 reacted to twangster in Number of Ships at Coco Cay   
    When Oasis class was announced people forecast dire warnings.  "2 hours to get a drink",  "3 hour line to use the restroom",  "4 hour line for the MDR", etc.
    Oasis class handles the numbers quite well and better than many other ships.
    CocoCay was planned for two ships at the same time, including the biggest ships.  Yet people will forecast dire warnings.  "3 days in line at the BBQ" .
    One thing Royal does quite well is traffic engineering and flow.  
    Sure, there will be some people who will convince themselves it's a problem before setting foot on the island.  Having pre-determined that outcome they will find examples to prove their assertion.  That's simply human nature.  
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    hsweat22 reacted to CHRIS WONG in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    Today's topic! Do I get sea sick?
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