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  1. When it happened to us last week, I immediately thought of your previous comment which I had read and remembered. My guess it was some ILU job action although I don't know that for a fact. As an aside, right next to the RCL luggage tag was an ID tag with my last name and cell number. That was untouched and remained on the bag. Gotta love NYC!
  2. My wife and I just returned from a 6 day cruise on Adventure, out of Bayonne to Bar Harbor, ME and St. John and Halifax in Canada. It was only our second summer cruise, the first being on Lady G to Bermuda a few years ago. I mention that because the crew on Adventure reminded us of the Grandeur’s crew; they were genuinely happy, pleasant and went out of their way to make our trip as pleasant as it could be. As an example, Canada has a regulation that ships in port can only have one bar per deck open until the ship sails away. The second port we visited in Canada (Halifax) had a sailawa
  3. The children should have a passport card (cheaper than the book) and a notarized letter from the mother, allowing them to cruise, naming you, the ship and dates. The letter should also authorize you or another adult to act if the children need medical attention.
  4. I am in the identical situation and I have NEVER had a problem buying my wife a wine or something else alcoholic using her seapass card or charging the $$ to mine and paying at cruise end. Even with an exemption, she can purchase as much alcohol as she wants ( or can handle!! Lol!)
  5. That's a shame WAAAY, we have thoroughly enjoyed each Thanksgiving dinner in Brilliance MDR every year we've sailed! Different ships, different tastes!!
  6. I think you will really enjoy that class of ship, not too big but big enough to keep adults occupied and interested. Aft of the WJ, there is a fairly large open-air seating which is perfect for breakfast or a morning coffee or lunch or just about anything. Lots of glass, you can see water from almost any inside location, and the Schooner Bar is perfectly located for a drink and a view. The crew is really friendly and helpful. We've done Thanksgiving aboard her for the last three years and have a fourth planned for 2019. Enjoy your Trip!
  7. Same for us, Poo-bah. We sail frequently on Brilliance as we live across the Bay from Tampa. Can't beat the convenience, out of our condo, up the Interstate and on board in an hour!
  8. That surprised me also...maybe somebody at RCL discovered the Chesapeake and Tampa Bay bridges around 1998!!
  9. My wife swears by the sea bands and has never had a problem.
  10. We are also on this cruise next November. Having cruised over Thanksgiving the last three years on Brilliance, I know you will enjoy the ship. Unfortunately, the Christmas decorations generally don't go up until the Friday after turkey day, so we probably miss out on that. Also the the Tampa-Miami trip is not too bad until you pass FLL, and that last part down 95 is pretty awful...but, you are headed for another cruise, so you have that workin' for ya!!
  11. Also, the shuttles are right there as you exit the ship and drop you off right at the entrance at the beach. No worries about getting to the bus stop, getting on the right bus, etc. When your day is done and you are all in your wet sandy swimsuits with your wet sandy towels and flip flops, the shuttles are waiting right outside the entrance and drop you off right at your ship! Easy peasy!! Out teen granddaughters asked why every beach wasn't like this!
  12. For our upcoming Thanksgiving cruise, I called and got the deluxe package for myself and the refreshment pkg. for my wife as her meds significantly restrict alcohol. Later, I saw a price reduction special, called back and got the cancellation/repricing with no problem! Seems Royal is responding favorably to customer demand in this case, at least
  13. Can't speak for Symphony but, last two Thanksgivings, MDR on Brilliance had a special turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. We are on her again this year and looking forward to another!
  14. Just got an email today from Bank of America. The mobile banking app on your cellphone along with the location finder can be used to verify credit cards when traveling. "Activate Verify Your Visa® Card Is With You in your Mobile Banking app.1 We’ll match the location of your phone with where your Visa card is used to help us approve transactions when you travel away from home." Haven't set it up yet but it looks a lot easier than typing in your itinerary every time you travel!
  15. We have sailed multiple ships and classes but prefer the Radiance and Voyager classes the most. Have not sailed above Freedom class so cannot speak to the mega-ships, but the two classes I mentioned seem to be the right combination of size and "fun" for us. We particularly enjoy the outdoor WJ seating and R-Bar/Centrum seating on Radiance class and the Promenade on Voyager. You cannot do wrong on any ship/class, you just have to try them all!!
  16. Completely agree on the Brilliance and the sailaway, especially under the Sunshine Skyway. However, sailing in December, it will be dark, the Skyway lights are fun but Edgmont Key is probably impossible to see at that time of night.
  17. Spectacular GPoobs!! Where did you find this? Must have been taken from the north fishing pier, the casement for the original Skyway bridge, destroyed in the early 80's (late 70's?) when hit by a ship entering Tampa Bay. Many lives lost...so sad.
  18. +1 for Brilliance...Vision class is fine but Radiance class ships do not have the Centrum noise/casino smoke problem (sailed on both)...and the ocean view from almost anywhere on board the Radiance class is fantastic!
  19. Cruised to Bermuda two summers ago with our granddaughters on Lady G...agree completely, going under those bridges is also a lot of fun!
  20. Love the Brilliance and sailing out of Tampa and going under the Sunshine Skyway bridge, a fantastic start to the cruise (apx. 2 hours after leaving the dock). Wholeheartedly agree with the previous poster about the valet parking also, well worth it IMHO for the convenience factor alone!
  21. If I remember correctly, RCL carries the Caribbean or cruise ship version of ESPN, which does broadcast NFL games from FOX and CBS/NBC during the afternoon and evening. But it also carries soccer, cricket and other sports of that ilk throughout the day. So you will be at the mercy of whatever The Worldwide Leader decides to stream!
  22. Been on a number of RCL cruises…have seen a number of shows (best was the Beatles cover band on Serenade)…while most were entertaining, have NEVER seen a SINGLE one I would have been willing to pay for, let alone $79 !! These entertainers are Broadway, Nashville and Hollywood hopefuls who are trying to pad their CV (God love'm for their enthusiasm!) while waiting for their "big break." For those of a certain age, think "Summer Stock." On land, think flippin' burgers and cocktail waitresses, the day job to pay the rent. Not to knock their dreams, but not willing to pay to see their journey.
  23. My wife and I just completed a 9 night cruise on Navigator to Labadee and the ABC islands (the cruise was in CBA order, though! Lol!). It was our first time on Voyager class, after being on Vision, Radiance and Freedom classes and it was the perfect size for us, not too big and plenty of venues to enjoy or just do nothing. The ship and crew were fantastic! Everyone seemed to enjoy their job and went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed our vacation. The food ranged from very good to excellent in the MDR (we did MTD most nights) and the service was top notch. Curacao and Arub
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