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  1. I just got off the phone with Casino Royale and they said canceled sailing are only until April 10th.
  2. Bonaire- www.Roadrunner-Bonaire.com Twizzy cars were so much fun. One of the best excursions we have done.
  3. The last time we sailed out of San Juan, we flew into Ft Lauderdale the day before, stayed overnight and took the first flight out of Ft Lauderdale to San Juan the day of the cruise. It was a lot cheaper breaking up the flight. You may want to price airfare per segment. Sometimes the price is better. You might even be able to use two different airlines depending on prices.
  4. Hi, has anyone done the Canada itinerary in July? We are looking at the Adventure, July 2020. Is it generally a smooth sailing or really rocky? Thanks.
  5. We stayed in an inside cabin with my two kids only once. It wasn’t for us. My youngest wouldn’t sleep on top bunk. Therefore, my husband had to climb up there each night. The bed is much harder than the bottom ones. He said he would have rather slept on a lounge chair for the week. Ha. We have found the balcony with the pull out sofa to work best for us. Balcony gives a place for everyone to go while one is getting ready. Also makes room feel not too cramped.
  6. Instead of staying the night before in San Juan, do you think flying into Ft. Lauderdale the day before, staying overnight and then taking first direct flight out to San Juan day of cruise would work?
  7. I agree with all of you. Im just curious as I was offered a free cruise from Casino Royale. As tempting as it is, I wanted to get some feedback from other cruisers.
  8. Anyone up to date on cruising conditions out of San Juan? We are looking at Cruising November this year. We would fly in the night before. Not sure hotel situations, etc.
  9. Any word who the major headliner will be?
  10. feb 17, 2017 Navigator August 20, 2017 Oasis
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