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  1. I find it more about atmosphere -- the food at the MDR is usually good and the service is great but it can feel a little busy and loud at times- depends a lot on where you are seated. A dinner at one of the other specialty restaurants is more date-like. When I cruise with my sister we always end the cruise with lunch at Chops. It's a relaxing last sea day.
  2. The Escape Room was so much fun. Well worth the $
  3. I went by myself on Symphony and had a great time. There were some groups & couples but also a couple singles.
  4. I did the galley/brunch on the AOS and Serenade and had a great time both times. Maybe because it was a smaller ship, the tour was at least 1/2 hour- we stopped and talked to the different stations, asking questions etc. I agree that the brunch itself was not extraordinary- it was good. Had a few mimosas and met wonderful, interesting people. I think the staff/guide can really make a difference- if they're into it and upbeat the experience can be worthwhile.
  5. You should be fine. I always throw in a a pair of earplugs in my travel bag. Keeps out all the possible noise.
  6. You can go to Guest Services with the "owner" of the credits and they sign a form giving you X amount of OBC. There's usually a long line at Guest Services the first day so you may want to wait.
  7. what day in Dec. I'm on her 12/1 & it's out of Miami.
  8. I'm wondering about a RC excursion- it's a boat ride to a coral reef "near Coco cay" Has anyone done this? Is it worth the $? Thanks.
  9. go to the top of this page and find the Cruise Compass. You then can select the ship ( Harmony ) and if you'll be on an Eastern or Western cruise. These are past Cruise Compass' so your sailing might be slightly different but it'll give you a good idea of what is offered. The briefing is usually about 1 or 2 pm the first day.
  10. Yes, Harmony of the Seas. It's the first one I've ever seen on a ship. Oasis is getting one in it's Amp this fall. I'll be on her in Dec. and definitely want to give it a try. It's $20 but, to me, it was worth it.
  11. On my 4/28 sailing the Escape Room never did appear in the cruise planner. We went to the Box Office ( a table set up outside of the Theater- Deck 4) on first day to reserve our spaces. It was great. highly recommend.
  12. On the Harmony last month. Over 6000 people aboard and I had the Solarium hot tub to myself for over 30 minutes. It had an infinity edge and was overlooking the mountains of Haiti. Beautiful. I had to leave before I fell asleep! There were nooks in Central Park where you could sit by yourself surrounded by plants. Also behind the Aqua Show pool - great Aft viewing and few visitors. The bars have differing venues and you can find "your" spot.
  13. I'm getting excited. On the 12/1 sailing. Glad they are adding an escape room- tried the one on HOS and it was a blast! Can't wait to see what the cover band will be like.
  14. I have seen others talk about different groups/clubs on cruises and even experienced the Elvis Tribute birthday celebration this past Jan. Is there a place to if there are any groups on a cruise? Thank you.
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