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  1. You should be able to do that on the phone with Royal, they can manage your existing stuff much more than the website allows you to (assuming that their policy lets you do that, which I don't know off hand).
  2. As Matt said above, you will still need a passport or the birth certificate + acceptable ID to get on the cruise- the government doesn't care that you never left Royal property, they care that you're going to/went to the Bahamas (or Haiti). At the island itself, just your SeaPass card will do for getting on & off the ship.
  3. Yep, my kiddo mostly ate kids menu items but usually picked dessert of the adult menu, but did have a couple adult entrees too.
  4. Perhaps not the same thing, but a thunderstorm closed everything when we were there last week. They gave a pass to everyone in line at the time, and they got front-of-line access when the slides reopened.
  5. I warmed up to Dennis as the week unfolded, and he certainly was enthusiastic and upbeat, just..not funny. We loved Bobby Broughton on Enchantment, Dennis was just fine. Other than the pool and right after shows let out, Harmony never felt crowded. We'd wander through the promenade or central park and just be amazed by how uncrowded it was. The neighborhood system seems to work. Even Guest Services kept the line moving fast, and I had to stop in on Day 1 and the last night. Oh, one other moment of insanity: the first hour of the $10 Cruise Junk sale. Just wow. But hey, the line was ext
  6. It's a fantastic itinerary, I'd love to revisit each of the ports in due time, but there's also a dozen more Caribbean ports to try too!
  7. GoPort was, ultimately, fine. Don't panic if you see a long line, they have two stalls so they can clear a hundred people out pretty fast. I think it was $15 for just me, about the cheapest I could find. My TA didn't think Royal would book me on their transfer, because at the time the earliest flight they'd accomodate was 12:30. I think they moved it back to 12, but didn't know that until after I'd booked GoPort. Really looking forward to Indy & Labadee. Indy has most of the features we loved on Harmony, and some new stuff to try. We were looking at the 2x CocoCay itineraries, but the d
  8. I'm actually looking forward to a new departure port (Port Everglades for us)- too many ships and ports to only sail from one place, in my opinion anyway.
  9. Day 8: Disembark I had a 12:10 flight home, and signed up for Luggage Valet, meanwhile A & E would stay in Titusville a couple more days. Bags went out at the appointed time Saturday night, and on Sunday we got down to breakfast around 7:45. I ate quickly and walked off the ship around 8:05, right into...an 80 person deep line for GoPortCanaveral, which I booked a month ago. This was looking dicey. Fortunately, they had two buses pull up a few minutes later, so other than being hot & sweaty, by 8:40 we were westbound to MCO. I cruised through security, picked up a second breakfast
  10. Day 5: Sint Maarten I originally had big plans to rent a car and make a lap of the island, but now halfway through the cruise, energy levels were starting to dip and we decided to cut back to a much simpler day. We instead took the water taxi into town and made a lap of the beachfront and Front Street, doing some shopping along the way. Eventually, E and I split off to That Yoda Guy’s museum, while the ladies finalized their shopping. The museum was really neat, perhaps a little on the small side for $12 adult/$7 kid, but unique enough that I was happy to pay. We did get to meet the Yoda
  11. Day 2: Coco Cay! Perfect Day is the real deal. Everything you’ve read is basically true, so I won’t belabor it too much. However, everything you’ve read probably includes long lines for the best slides at Thrill Waterpark. Those are true too. I wasn’t queued up at the gangway, but we were ready to go pretty quickly when they made the announcement. I reached the back of the line for Daredevil’s Peak at 8:23, and walked off the bottom of the slide at 8:46. By that time, the line had doubled. Anyone arriving after 9 AM would be looking at at least an hour in line. From there, I met up with A
  12. Just got home from 7 days on the Harmony of the Seas, and while live-blogging wasn’t an option, I tried to keep a few things in mind to recap. I’ve pre-written most of this, and it got a bit long, so I’ll post in chunks today. Also, this is gonna be photo-free, because honestly between the main blog and the actually good live blog gang, better pictures of all these places are readily available. The cast: Me, late thirties, live in North Carolina, moved after 15 years of living in Orlando and never actually going on a cruise. This is my second cruise, the first was this time last year on E
  13. I would go so far as to say I suspect most of the prices you see have never been set by a human. The humans set the base prices, and launch the sales, but everything else is almost certainly adjusted by the computer in real time. Nobody could hire the staff required to set the prices for every item on every cruise, it has to be automated. So essentially, nobody is out to cheat you...but they are out to sell their stuff for the most money they can get while filling up all available space. It's a remarkable system, especially when it's not your money on the line.
  14. Anyone else regularly get sale e-mails that don't actually show up in the cruise planner? I know sales vary by sailing, but I'm starting to think that the emails do not (I got one today, but there are no discounts in the planner).
  15. 1: Yes! this has been clarified by Royal recently. My only caveat is that we haven't done it yet- we're also sailing very soon and will have assorted sodas, waters, and wine within their limits with us. 2: Has to be in a carry-on, sort of. From what I've seen here, if it's in the checked bag, it'll get held by security. They don't search your stuff quite like TSA does, they'll make you come down and open your bag and show that it's permissible stuff. 3: Not sure on this one, but probably? Might be a heavy bag, but I think it should be ok. The blog post with confirmation: https://www.
  16. We did an Atlantis dolphin visit + waterpark day last year, and frankly weren't impressed with the water park. The rides were good, but there aren't really enough of them and the lines were looooong, even on a random weekday. I haven't been to Coco Cay since the Perfect Day opening, but I suspect it will be as good or better than Atlantis' waterpark. That said, the dolphin interaction was great and we'd do that again for sure, and the aquarium they have in the hotel there is pretty incredible.
  17. Incredible! Was it this visible with the naked eye? We have forward facing rooms on Harmony next month and I'm hoping we get some nights like that, but even with the forward lights dimmed, I'm expecting too much light pollution.
  18. Yes, the governor announced late last night that he was resigning effective 8/2. Hopefully that means the end of disrupted itineraries, although they may be cautious around the late evening departures on or around that day.
  19. I've only cruised once, and only to Nassau & Coco Cay, but they were checking photo IDs in Nassau at the port security check when we re-boarded, before you got into Royal's own area.
  20. My take is that if I'm in a foreign country, I'm going to carry my passport. The only exception might be Coco Cay, where I'll probably just carry my license.
  21. This seems like most importantly, it's good for the people of the island, and secondarily, good for upcoming itineraries to San Juan: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/07/24/puerto-rico-gov-ricardo-rossello-expected-resign-today/1812315001/ Been looking forward to our stop there all summer, hopefully it will go smoothly now.
  22. Our August Harmony sailing opened the shows 107 days before sail date.
  23. We booked our August 2019 cruise on Harmony last October, and I check prices every time they have a sale. The Black Friday sale last fall beat them all, except the waterpark at Perfect Day, that went down about $4 each in March. The prices we locked in: Refreshment Package (non-alcoholic)- $17 per day + service fee. I haven't seen it below $20/day in the last 3 sales. I think the lowest I've seen for the Deluxe was $49, maybe 47, but we don't drink enough over a 7 day span to make it worthwhile for us. I'll get a handful of drinks along the way a la carte, and am hoping for a drink card.
  24. There isn't one currently or anything announced officially. Right now, everything on the island is available to anyone (wallet size notwithstanding). I imagine there's a fine line between adding perks for suite guests, and antagonizing the majority of people in non-suites.
  25. The short answer is that it probably won't affect most people at all. This is a fairly small portion of the island, and while it could push a few more people into other parts of the beach, all the reports I've seen are that the beaches are much less populated, with crowds distributed to the big pool and the waterpark. The vast majority of the island remains wide open. (the full map from Royal: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/perfect-day-at-cococay-wayfinding-map.pdf)
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